Judge in Texas blocks enforcement of federal employee vaccine mandate nationwide

A Texas federal judge on Friday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for federal employees, dealing another blow to President Joe Biden's campaign to increase the country's lackluster vaccination rate.

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1/21/2022 11:00:00 PM

A Texas federal judge on Friday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for federal employees, dealing another blow to President Joe Biden's campaign to increase the country's lackluster vaccination rate.

A Texas federal judge on Friday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for federal employees, dealing another blow to President Joe Biden's campaign to increase the country's lackluster vaccination rate.

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famous dj KYGO was pushing to have sex with 13 years old childgirl his fan.when she told she scare he said for him its no problem That's TX for ya Biden will appeal with one of his judges and win again. No sweat GI. Almost 90% of Federal employees are vaccinated according to news reports. So too late to matter now. 🗑📖👀😎

What was the true purpose of mandates anyhow? Were they a bona fide public health measure or were they a political maneuver? Why not increase information campaign re facts about CoVid and incentives, let people decide instead of forcing against own will. Also push 4 healthier lifestyle and eating campaign, make America healthier!

The President tries to save the lives of the population, but the conservative courts rather let people die. DOGELONMARS $1 ❤ I believe we should all do our part and be vaccinated but I'm against all mandates. People have the right to choose what goes in their bodies. Let’s go Brandon 🤡💉🐑

Hunter Biden, former Biden aide invested in Chinese company tied to Communist Party, NBA ChinaHunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Eric Schwerin, sent him an email in March 2017 breaking down the ownership interests of Rosemont Seneca Advisors, which included a 5% stake in Harves Amusement Parks and ownership in Harves Sports and Entertainment. I'd rather see Nancy Pelosi's portfolio than Hunters. every company is tied to communist party in China. Hello? NO President was more tied to China finiancally then Trump and his children. How many Patents did they give Ivanka while Trump was in President? 70 something? All ties to Communist party arent they And now the leadership can invest in the market as needed.

That’s yet another defeat for Brandon, dude hasn’t gotten any right, what a shame. Texas be like , Biden broke his to stop the pandemic Why do call it a 'blow' when it's clearly another case of obstruction? Call it what it is, a judge overreaching and trying to obstruct the administration's effort to right the country.

Thank you President Moon aka Jaclynn Whitehead Texas-filling the morgues and hospitals one by one. Dont call it lackluster if you dont know the numbers already vaccinated. CNN is gone to dogs! Please support us.. with your letters, with your words, with your voice There is a people in Yemen Siege kills him Saudi and Emirati planes kill him Because he refuses to surrender to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi Peace to Yemen.. Peace to Libya.. Iraq.. and Syria.. and Palestine

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This is the best thing for America. Well we could get rid of omacron ron and FloriDUH.

Texas congressional Dems call for Justice Department to monitor election audit in 4 Texas countiesAUSTIN — Ten Democratic members of Congress, led by Dallas Rep. Colin Allred, on Wednesday called on the Department of Justice to monitor the ongoing audit...

Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me If the Supreme Court is blocking Biden’s demands left and right maybe that should be an indication to some people that there’s a damn good reason the mainstream medias blocking there knowledge of it.

Oh Gilead…I mean texas, no, Gilead…such a backwards state What not block immunizations of school kids. We can have Measles, mumps and smallpox. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s the same thing. This is not about freedom it’s about health and life and death. If you think you are free in this country well you are not.

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Is anyone still wondering why we can’t get over the pandemic and have multiple problems because if it like supply chain issues, inflation, etc? Don’t complain if you’re ridiculously stubborn and defiant. Why does this not surprise me one bit! Our judicial system has gone to crap. Where the hell r the adults in the room

President Biden Speaks on COVID Response As He Marks First Year in OfficePresident Joe Biden addressed the nation while marking his first year in office. NBC10’s Lauren Mayk takes a look at his first year, his future goals and his continued pandemic response. Laurenjmayk CNN quotes Ukrainian official saying: “This remark potentially gives the green light to Putin to enter Ukraine at his pleasure. Putin senses weakness.” Laurenjmayk Complete disaster. We are in trouble as a country. Laurenjmayk China and Russia, like a shark, are smelling blood. They will act before a stronger president comes.

Puppeteer and the puppets...😄😄 Omg everyone in the comments. This was a FEDERAL judge, not a state judge. They work for the FEDERAL government, not the State of Texas. Christ learn some civics please. Perhaps we should move the NASA program from Texas and just sell Texas to Mexico... We are tired of the ignorance of Texas and would be glad if they just left America with their foolishness. 🤠👏

Angry, no wonder tbis shit exists they keep passing it without consequences death isnt enough huh? Metals of all kind disturb mans vibration. Listen to your soul. Listen to what is eternal in you. Wake up my children. wow. but Biden will claim its a victory God Bless Texas a bad day for biden harris is great day for Americe!

Texas is now the Lone Cell (brain) state instead of the Lone Star state.

Ukrainian President pushes back on Biden: 'There are no minor incursions'Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly pushed back Thursday on US President Joe Biden's comments that a 'minor incursion' by Russia into Ukraine would prompt a lesser response than a full-scale invasion, in an implicit rebuke of Biden's comments. Zelenskyy is right. That was a mistake. Would POTUS say the same thing if the Russians would initiate a 'minor incursion' in Alaska? There is no such thing as a 'minor' incursion in a sovereign country. They are all major. Please type 'total number of stars in universe' in GOOGLE......an average of 100 billion stars per galaxy ? Are you crazy ? P.S. Dear GOD, Where are you ? VY Canis Majoris/UY Scuti/Andromeda Galaxy ? Human on ur planet are fighting based on Nationality, Religion, Race , Color ? Please type 'total number of stars in universe' in GOOGLE......an average of 100 billion stars per galaxy Are you crazy ? P.S. Dear GOD, Where are you ? VY Canis Majoris/UY Scuti/Andromeda Galaxy ? Human on ur planet are fighting based on Nationality, Religion, Race , Color ?

Lackluster, that's a weird adjective to describe vaccination rates. Sounds like someone has a personal opinion on the subject! I just got my seventh booster. I'm doing my part. If potus had released every available treatment for covid and pushed early treatment as much as he pushes the vaccine, we would all have been better off! It’s all political!

Because it’s not legal 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m so done with mandates. If you’re not vaccinated you get what you get Damn when even CNN isn't riding the 'we're doing great at vaccinating' bandwagon, you know it's bad The USA will drag this into a third and fourth year. Can't do it's temporary bs Let's hope the actions by judges, Abbott, Cruz, Paxton and other fools that somehow came to power in TX will disappear in the next couple of election cycles. Their decisions appeal to a niche audience, which is hopefully shrinking. Better candidates, please!


'There are no minor incursions': Ukrainian president rebukes Biden over remarks on Russian invasionUkraine's president appeared to rebuke President Joe Biden Thursday after Biden suggested that a 'minor incursion' by Russia into Ukraine would not merit a strong international response. A pandemic for 2 years is not enough but now they’re stroking their need for war.

That's right, we Veterans know, and no,I don't wear a mask unless im in a doctor office, never have and don't need too, do I Research Scientist and those that report to the government? Want to see the money CNN? Or,do you want to understand the brain and gvt making you fear? I wonder if this Federal Judge is one of judges that Pres. Trump appointed? Congress needs to write new laws that change power of states! Or else it's Democracy starting with wretched Electoral College will continue to only help just a few US Citizens!

..all this administration efforts are lackluster..incompetent and not thought through..any lawyer with 1/2 brain knew it will get blocked... Did you say a Texas Judge. So funny. Not the sharpest in Texas Excellent news! Thanks for sharing something worth reading. So much winning jrpsaki Was the federal judge partisan?

Well! Texas, just another Florida. A pity! Ahahaha

President Biden stresses party unity at DNC eventPresident Joe Biden said Thursday the Democratic Party was united despite a high-profile rift with two senators that blocked sweeping voting-rights legislation a day earlier.

It's not President Biden's fault COVID is still surging, but rather than the idiocracy of Americans. Some courts, politicians, & citizens want to do their own thing despite finally having someone who wants to lead the fight. United we stand, divided we fall. I pray we get it! i can’t believe I am liking a CNN tweet.

America is failing because federal judges just can’t get it correct I'm realizing if you are a fan of CNN it's highly likely can't think for yourself and you're working with limited brain capacity. It's Texas, what do you expect The problem is this vaccine became “politicized.” The flu shot was never considered a political stance…either you got it, or no one gave a shit otherwise. This is beyond stupidity.

Oh, I think that will change…the key word in that story is “Texas”… BuT wHy HaVeN't We BeAt CoViD yEt?! Well, a few more trumpets gonna die.

Another Trump enabler disregarding the danger of the COVID 19 virus. Well if that the decision of the Texas Federal judge, then the federal government should stop sending them money, and the citizens of Texas should start paying for their treatments if they get sick, and health insurance should not be paying for people that are not vaccinated.

Fine, Texas shouldn't get federal covid relief money or support. And health insurance companies should push medical bills to those unvaccinated. How is it lackluster? He literally just reported 75% fully vaccinated. So is he telling lies or what? All you media need to start working together to report appropriately. Absolutely ridiculous that people have to see all your BS headlines with no actual proof

CNN =FOX News 2 MAYBE WE NEED A ROSTER ON INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE VACCINATED AND NOT TO GIVE OUR OVER WORKED DOCTORS AND NURSES SO THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO TO SAVE THEMSELVES Too bad Texas. The state where men are allowed to spread their seed and their viruses to whomever they like with zero consequences. What hasn't been struct down by the courts that Biden has done?

But somehow it's Joe's fault there is a raging pandemic...

not surprised it was a Texas judge Find a higher court to override them. He can do almost anything he wants to federal contractors. They work for him. Baby world pop 1 This would be comical if it weren't true. Great, another victory! 👏🏽👏🏽 👍🏽 Abortion vigilantes Frozen cities Prolonged pandemics Texas… the gift that keeps on giving.

A shame these judges are qualified for nothing, especially managing through a pandemic. MaskUp GetVaccinated GetVaccinatedNow GetBoosted GetBoostedNow TrustScience yet republicans will continue to blame him for the virus killing so many and hobbling the economy. smh BREAKING: 98% of Federal Workers are already vaccinated! MANDATES WORK You did not point that out in your summary CNN.😠

And “ANY” request by TX for pandemic aide should be “BLOCKED” as well⏰🤷🏼‍♂️ President Biden is doing just fine without Texas! I thought they were going to secede? Of course, this judge was appointed by Trump

(CNN) Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown called the mandate an overstep of presidential authority and cited the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down a separate administration mandate that had applied to private sector workers."The President certainly possesses 'broad statutory authority to regulate executive branch employment policies,'" Brown wrote."But the Supreme Court has expressly held that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate is not an employment regulation. And that means the President was without statutory authority to issue the federal worker mandate."Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses, allows health care worker vaccine mandate to take effectThe Justice Department immediately appealed the decision to a circuit court.The federal worker mandate, which applied to some 3.5 million workers, required full vaccination by the end of November, although the administration said it would first counsel employees who resisted vaccination rather than discipline or fire them. On December 9, the Office of Management and Budget said that the federal workforce was 97.2% compliant with the mandate -- a figure that includes people who had a pending or approved exemption. Read MoreA Nevada-based group called Feds for Medical Freedom filed the lawsuit in December. The group says they include 6,000 members who are employees or contractors for"nearly every federal agency." In his ruling, Brown, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, said he encourages people to get the coronavirus vaccine."The court notes at the outset that this case is not about whether folks should get vaccinated against COVID-19 -- the court believes they should," Brown wrote. The Supreme Court's secretive nature takes center stage "It is not even about the federal government's power, exercised properly, to mandate vaccination of its employees," he added."It is instead about whether the President can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment. That, under the current state of the law as just recently expressed by the Supreme Court, is a bridge too far."At a briefing Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the White House was confident in its legal authority.