JPMorgan sees Italy coronavirus cases peaking in seven days

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JPMorgan said on Tuesday it expected 'active' coronavirus cases in Ita...

A man wearing a protective mask on an empty Rialto Bridge on Sunday with an unprecedented lockdown across of all Italy imposed to slow the outbreak of coronavirus, in Venice, Italy, March 15, 2020. REUTERS/Manuel Silvestri

LONDON - JPMorgan said on Tuesday it expected ‘active’ coronavirus cases in Italy to peak in the next seven days based on its internal models.JPMorgan defined net change in ‘active’ cases as new infections less the change in recovered patients less the change in deaths. The U.S. bank said for the European Union’s biggest countries — Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK — it expects active virus cases to peak by the end of March at close to 80,000 infections.


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Thank goodness the bankers have figured it out. Shewww we just missed a big one, the hero bankers saved the day.

The population of Italy is 60 million. They expect 80K or 0.1% to be the peak!? Something wrong here.

Those individual are better off staying away and keep their hands off other countries.

RemindMe_OfThis tweet in 7 days

Now suddenly JP Morgan is a Covid-19 experts? Just as they were experts in CDOs which they created, packaged and sold to the world. Another time, another Pandemic!

and the Italian news was saying it would peak the 18th. Just say you don't know and move along

JPMorgan? Can anyone from WHO, or the Italian Health Services confirm this?

seems to me, this is weird flex by a non health related entity

if an insurance company doc says you are fine, then you are fine. Im reliefed.

Si limitassero all'andamento dei subprime...

What does 7/11 think?

Thank you Dr Morgan

Thank God the bankers are here to guide us.

Is that all the PhD & Masters Degree holders in virology or epidemiology at JPMorgan?

Those research doctors over at JP Morgan are really good too.

Because they’re total medical experts....?

Resist Italy 🇮🇹 🙌🏼🙏🏼💪🏼

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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