Joy Reid on Trump's coronavirus response: We have no president

Trump’s coronavirus response is criticized by Joy Reid, who says, ‘We pay the president to manage emergencies for us… America, functionally, at the moment has no president.’

3/30/2020 6:29:00 AM

.JoyAnnReid: 'In a time of calamity, a president is the ultimate crisis manager. We pay him ... to manage emergencies for us, to plan for emergencies.' 'And by that job description, at the moment, America, functionally, has no president.' AMJoyShow

Trump’s coronavirus response is criticized by Joy Reid, who says, ‘We pay the president to manage emergencies for us… America, functionally, at the moment has no president.’

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JoyAnnReid amjoyshow he's extremely capable of creating crises . When is somebody call him out as mentally sick, and push for someone to invoke the 25th A? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow How about: how much money will it take to get him out of office? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow April 2009 - Swine Flu found in U.S. October 2009 - Pres Obama declares a national emergency. Trump declared a national emergency, cut China travel, all in January. Does this matter to you Joy? (No)

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Agree. Problem is AFAIK he can only be removed by impeachment (which we tried) or coup. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow News Flash - President Trump doesn’t get paid. He donates his salary. There’s going to be a lot of crow sandwiches coming your way soon. Wear a bib. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Amen!

perlmutations JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Ron said it all months and months ago!! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He isn’t getting paid moron JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Trump and HIS Dr. Brx... have ignorantly presented facts to blame others bcuz of TRMP failure. Never honored or respected her opinion/info. She is a TRUMPER. BLOOD on Trump hands! No Deflecting!!! We need a new leader - we know who NY! Trump fears him.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We have no media that can be trusted to tell the facts/truth without putting their own 'spin' on it. You're NOT helping. You ARE making it worse. Say something positive or just shut up. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow How does a man who hasn’t been in office plan ahead for a pandemic that hospitals knew for 100 years could be coming at any time?

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow May I ask what the WHO thinks? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Pardon my language but bullshit! We didn’t have a president in 2009 during the Swine Flu pandemic! Millions of Americans infected, thousands and thousands died! The administration didn’t even care enough about the people to call for “quarantine and social distancing”!

JodieMoss76 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Can’t miss this one! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Do your job report the news not your opinion. You should be fired. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow joyreid How does someone as stupid of you actually get paid to spew nonsense. Your one of the most brainless persons in the media. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy save your disdain for all the governors that failed to plan and stockpile. States have a responsibility here. It's more honest reporting to say we failed across both sides of the aisle at all levels.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow ...only because you have no brain.... JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Do you remember when Obama waited until 1,000 people died before acting!?!? Depleted all stocks of N95 mask and ventilators. Never replenished stock. Love your EX President who destroyed country JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What else would the liberal MSNBC media say😂😂😂 MSNBC is a joke.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What a racist fool with awful hair! No, not Trump...Joy Reid. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyRied when November arrives if America vote this crazy ass Trump back in office well they deserve what they vote for, which is nothing. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow It would be nice if media covered this instead of shooting inanities at it all the time. Who wants to do it? Who wants to truly cover it?

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We have not had a President for the past 4 years! This is it's own crisis. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow But his ratings... JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Are you talking about Obama and his pandemic when he was president because our President now is doing a great job during this crisis starting with stopping all flights from China in January when you called him a racist for it but he saved 1000’s upon 1000’s of lives

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy the BIG hater. She's exactly what the country doesn't need right now. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow All modern day President’s have just happened to be over qualified for the most important job on this Continent, Lawyer’s, Veterans or Politicians on Capitol Hill for Years. Trump arriving where he has is a “System Failure” requirements never Amended since the 17/18th Century!

JodieMoss76 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Democrats should take lessons from Trump on leadership! NP should be ashamed of her self! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow The best thing I have seen about what the current occupant of the White House should be doing. Trump flunked US Government 101. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This! I need JoyAnnReid to win an Emmy a Pulitzer or whatever’s appropriate for this piece right here!! Bravo!!

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Criminal Negligence....Remove from office !! Then SUE KatrinaHagen2 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Trump is emotionally abusing already traumatized American citizens EVERY DAMN DAY with his barrage of lies and taunts. He is attacking US not the virus. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow The media is utterly despicable right now, a new low, and JoyAnnReid is the Grand Marshal of the lunatic parade. Well done, a-holes.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow How doo you sleep at night with all the venom & lies you spew on a daily basis? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Ya right your paid to report the news not make the news. Ya little racist. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy Ann is just another ‘media’ talking head with severe TDS. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We the American people don't see functionally. In the democrat's and Republicans and news media. You all have American people blood on your hands.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow It is amazing what MSNBC does not say. 3 term Governor Coumo says it is President Trumps fault that New York was not prepares. I hope he does not break his neck kissing himself on the butt. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Excellent summary and evaluation of “Dr. Bonespurs”. Your thoughts gives clear direction and reflection that all Americans should consider when evaluating candidates running for office in 2020. WeAreBetterThanThis Time4Change Vote2020

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow BwAhahahahahhashhahahahahahahhahahaahH!! 😂😂😂😂 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow STFU JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He is not Up to the Task ? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow You aren’t a journalist, you are just a paid propagandist at this point. No one gives a DAMN about your Bought and PAID FOR Choreography for the left.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Worse. He makes it harder. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow The President believe, he shut down the border. So Coronvirus is lock out! That explain a lot about his literacy. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow The quintessential Racist, Race Baitor, Race Profiteer and Democrat Media Whore JoyAnnReid is Unfit to judge President Trump who inherited a crisis of epic proportion due to Obama's failure to prepare for Pandemics he was warned about all his yrs in office.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Maybe that’s why he doesn’t accept his paycheck! damonbethea1 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow The best best thing that trump can do to flatten the curve, is to go golfing everyday and have parties at mar a lago every night. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow America at this moment have an impeached president who is not only angry with the people who impeached him but angry with the media for showcasing his flaws. America right now is counting on a President who is out for revenge.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He will be re elected because of people like Joy. Their hate over rides everything. Go to bed angry and wake up pissed off. JodieMoss76 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Well to be fair Joy Reid is soulless, so... JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Now do journalists. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow U are a racist

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Sad but true. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow TDS to the extreme. No wonder your network ratings are terrible. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Anyone who had hoped that Trump would become a head of state worthy of his name in these times is mistaken. The USA is currently governed by governors, mayors and scientists.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Cause anyone listens to Joy Reid ... JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This is FakeNews we need to hear from realDonaldTrump because we can not trust the FakeNewsMedia ! You keep proving it with shit like this and the bullshit “ You people” Hoax. We all watched the same thing on TV you can’t spin this !

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow It's been about dereliction of duty all along. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow In this time of crisis you and your buddies are sitting there spewing garbage while our Coronavirus task force is working 24/7 to help us . JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Wow is she really Headphone and informed or just hates the president too much in a lot of ways

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow STRONG!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow MSNBC is letting these 'anchors' make a mockery of them. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This is an example of why MSNBC has lost all credibility. Rather than be productive & assist healthcare workers or first responders they chose to be critical, 55% of the public believes the President has done a great job addressing Covid-19. Hate has blurred their judgement.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow While Trump revamps the outdated CDC and FDA processes the media whines and complains. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Lies JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What America has is a media that lies to us day after day. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He never was. He ran to make money for speeches and appearances.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What are bold-faced liar you are he is the best president we've ever had you are so blinded JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Wrong again joy, go back to the drawing board and try to figure it out JoyAnnReid amjoyshow That’s not true. Governor’s are responsible for their states. This ridiculous blame game is getting really old, especially during this trying time. Pray for our President, instead of spreading lies and hate.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Media stupidity knows no bounds. Reid is pathetic. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Wow what a surprise this kind of BS coming from msLSD? Who knew? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We have a president and his last name is Trump. Just a reminder. He is YOUR president. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow So what are Governors for?

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Ummm what? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He should be thrown out of office. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Democrat Pelosi’s pet pea projects, of millions given to Kennedy Art, is laying off there people anyway’s, so where is the money actually going? This money Democrats added in Corona Bill.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What are you talking about? We haven't had a president since Obama left in 2016.. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow No President would’ve been any better with this virus so quit pointing fingers and come together. 🇺🇸 Noticed you don’t have anything to say about Democrats holding up relief bill with all kinds of crap attached that has nothing to do with virus 🦠, just saying

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy Reid is the most unreliable journalist in America. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow No we don’t have a president!We have a narcissistic white supremacist not a good combo.. can we just stop reporting what he says isn’t it costing America lives? I never thought I would live long enough to whiteness a person in the White House that’s child like behavior took lives

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We have a great President. We also have a shitty Joy Ann Reid. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow More propaganda straight from the DNC to Joy Reid to us. Tune in tomorrow for another emotionally pandering DNC episode of the JoyAnnReid Show on MSDNC. AndyPopeInTheW1 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Trump and Pence need to go now by any legal means. Emergency legislation, emergency petition, emergency removal. Lives have been lost. Lives are in danger.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow No, we have govt agencies for that. Trimps job is to manage them, a job he is doing well at. The media wants him to fail so you spin the words. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Since 2016! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow 🤮🤮🤮 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This was a powerful and truthful ending to her show.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Indeed... JoyAnnReid amjoyshow MSNBC: Making Sure Nobody Blames China JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This sounds very similar to treason.Treason against this nation and against our POTUS. Show us your unequivocal evidence with footnotes. An opinion regarding such an important subject by you is grounds for your firing. Msdnc can you do any part of your job? Of course you can't

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Shut the hell up woman! You don't know what you're talking about!! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Orange man always bad JoyAnnReid amjoyshow How could she know what president looks like. She has been looking the wrong way since 2009 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow He works for free while you spew your hate!

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What will you then say for Nigerians. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Boring JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Fake journalism. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Everyone around him has to figure it out themselves, solve their own problems, while he stands there taking praise and patting himself on the back in order to win votes.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We finally have a great President. He is working like no other for our country. MSNBC won't even air him speaking to our country. Secrets and Lies station. Obama should have been prepared. 8 yrs. of nothing. What a shame! We should have had Trump sooner. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow MSNBC should know we turn to anything else when Trump comes on or whenever you let some Republican have Airtime. Period.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow In a time of calamity, the news media is the ultimate source of important information. We subscribe to them to provide us information clearly and honesty. And by that job description, America functionally has no news media. FIFY JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Lol. This liar again. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Trump’s supporters were all in with the crude behavior and at times the mischaracterization of facts. But now his lies are costing people their lives. It’s no longer “trump being trump”. His attention span, which is of a 3 yr old, has put US in peril.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow I agree JoyAnnReid amjoyshow /2 He even lies about something he said 5 mins ago. And u want that as your president.? We have to demand more, especially in this time of uncertainty. Being that MC of a game show isn’t going to cut it. Demand more....Demand better JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy Reid is an example of why people think Black folks are stupid. Thanks Joy!

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Partisan comments JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Soon he’ll claim that Obama refused to give them on the job training😱😂 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Presidents approval rating handling the crisis 62% fake news media 40% go fck off fake news. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow dangerous comments, JoyAnnReid. Why are you going there? Oh, I know, the election is around the bend. You and others always accuse Trump of dividing our country. What are you doing, but causing division, with comments like this?

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Joy needs to go back to 'doctoring' audio tapes in Florida. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Disrespectful! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Yes America has a President. He was elected by my vote and the majority of the votes in the voting districts across America. And it is going to repeat again this November. So Joy had best learn to live with it or better shut up and sit her fat ass down.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow All criticism no solutions MSNBC adding stupidity to this pandemic. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This nonsense again? Can you say one trick pony? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow No it is worse than that. We have Donald Trump JoyAnnReid amjoyshow No Its the GOVERNOR'S jobs to manage their states in an emergency, and the Federal Government is supposed to back them up if necessary. Amazing you now DEMAND Trump be the Dictator you've been accusing him of being for years.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow What a demonstrably false and idiotic statement. Did any of you honestly finish high school? JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Please leave? I mean the country. Just get out. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow I miss the daily media freak out over Trump colluding with Russia, instead of our current freak out over Trump murdering Americans with a virus.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Fact check, he never take his payroll. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Right ! Not merely a President, but he's been an emotional compass guiding the USA. Good point, Joy ! Spot on ! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Thank you for speaking the truth. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Reckless endangerment of the lives of Americans is a crime for this administration.The WH can not use the covid 19 as a political tool, like he is doing With the NY Gov and the Michigan Gov.

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow You have to be kidding me : 3 trillion dollar stimulus : army engineers building hospitals in days : daily crisis briefings : our auto industry making ventilators : our sneaker industry making masks : surrounded by the best medical minds in the country. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow This👇👇

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Worse than nothing is what comes to mind. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow We haven’t had one for three years. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow They need to change his diaper. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow 1,000% agree JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Oh shut up! JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Excellent piece this morning. Spot on...

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow She's right. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow So, this bright star of the media lists the four duties of a president then decides to add that he's responsible for the states' emergency preparedness?!? No wonder media approval is so low! Try putting down the DNC water you're carrying & DO YOUR JOB!!

JodieMoss76 JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow JoyAnnReid amjoyshow BREAKING: FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization Of Trump-Touted Drug To Treat Coronavirus JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Get out from under your rock. What else can the man do? Instead of spouting stuff like this do something yourself!

JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Disgusting vindictive tweet. Hatred and racism all in the same breath ! . MSNBC are there to report facts and truth , of which you do neither!! . You will be remembered for tearing the country apart because of your hatred of Donald J Trump President of the United States. JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Keep doing what you are doing Joy! Speak truth. God bless you and hope you and your family are safe.

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JoyAnnReid amjoyshow Hair looks fucking ridiculous tho

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Analysis: Trump's approval rating is rising amid the coronavirus crisis. What could it mean for November?'There's evidence of a rally effect — a kind of rally around the flag,' said Jeffrey Jones, senior editor for the Gallup Poll, 'which is a pretty reliable historical pattern that we've seen in presidential approval historically.' It's unbelievable that Americans think that Trump has been anything but a colossal failure. That he failed them, their country about as bad as can be. How about stop pre-emptying local news when Trump comes on for his 2 hour briefing rallies? Let local news continue, then add a couple comments about what Trump said. MSM are getting Trump re-elected! Be prepared for Trump's reelection in November.

Trump demands appreciation from governors for coronavirus responsePresident Trump used his daily coronavirus to attack Democratic governors who in his estimation had shown insufficient gratitude for his administration’s response to the pandemic. he's like a teenage girl mad at her boyfriend who won't give her attention and lashing out. Vote him out They should kiss his ring or whatever.