Joy Reid: Breonna Taylor’s killer is turning her death into ‘personal profit, right wing stardom’

Simon & Schuster will not be publishing the book written by one of the Louisville police officers who shot Breonna Taylor. “Lord, please grant me a country where killing Black people… doesn’t make you a right wing celebrity,” @JoyAnnReid says.

4/18/2021 9:01:00 AM

Simon & Schuster will not be publishing the book written by one of the Louisville police officers who shot Breonna Taylor. “Lord, please grant me a country where killing Black people… doesn’t make you a right wing celebrity,” JoyAnnReid says.

The Louisville police officer who fired at Breonna Taylor during the deadly raid on Taylor’s apartment is writing a book, but it won’t be distributed as planned by publishing giant Simon & Schuster. Joy says, “Lord, please grant me a country where killing Black people and those who support our right to survive to old age doesn’t make you a right wing celebrity … Jonathan Mattingly, who apparently will now seek to graduate from being a guy who ended the life of a young Black woman to a vampire who turns her death at his hands, into personal profit and right wing stardom.”

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JoyAnnReid Easy. Self publish. thereidout JoyAnnReid False narrative JoyAnnReid No it doesn't. JoyAnnReid And please grant me a country where those who have reached the pinnacle of their fields and who happen to be black stop complaining about how racist their country is. If only we mere mortals had the strength that these folks must have to overcome such an obstacle! (heavy sarcasm)

JoyAnnReid The Yale University Skull and Bones are behind all this chaos, it started in 1984ish, and black Americans have not been able to fight these former slave owners, because they control the gun system, and that's it, they are the president, no matter who is in office, trump ? JoyAnnReid As a former reserve PD officer, I can state that the last thing any decent officer would do is write a book about someone he shot. This guy is the kind of officer that needs to be 'weeded out' from the ranks of law enforcement.

JoyAnnReid Man that’s some forehead!! JoyAnnReid i've had enough with these left wing agitators.i'm changing my status from democrat to independent JoyAnnReid When will this woman do BLM's Patrice Cullors and her suspected usage of donations to fund her lavish lifestyle? The woke crowd has gotten to Simon & Schuster to bully them into refusing to publish the book.

RandomUTFan JoyAnnReid Why was this even a possibility JoyAnnReid People of all colors die when in criminal activity. There is no country that gives criminals safe havens

Joy Reid: Biden proposed ideas that will be very hard for Republicans to oppose'A lot of what he said President Obama said, but because Joe Biden is Joe comes across differently to the country, to the people who are the most triggered by people like Obama,' JoyAnnReid says. JoyAnnReid Joe Biden plagiarizes everybody you should be arrested JoyAnnReid Qasim’s dream of 2005, a big comet on its trajectory to the Sun will go past earth, and disrupt the axial balance of the moon and earth. The world will be in complete darkness. Qasim has seen many events for the future of Mankind, many are coming true. JoyAnnReid What a word salad. As always Joyless Ann Reid came close but missed the point: both Biden and Obama made promises they had zero intention of keeping 😂

JoyAnnReid Why do all of her posts make her looks mean and scary?

Joy Reid: The GOP is obsessed with lying about critical race theoryOn GOP efforts to ban the teaching of critical race theory, Joy says “None of this should shock you. Why would the Republican Party want to have a factual conversation about race, gender, and equity when their most pressing issue today is pushing ‘the big lie?’” JoyAnnReid Blog JoyAnnReid YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS. didn’t 2016 teach you anything. JoyAnnReid The GOP has downgraded to a personality cult of white supremacists instructed to obey violent attacks on others. There is no Party. It has imploded.

Joy Reid Takes Tucker Carlson's 'Race Lady' Dog Whistle, Throws It Back At 'Tuckums'“Oh, honey, honey. Tuckums. Is this really about me fixating on race, or is it about you fixating on race?” the MSNBC anchor asked the Fox News personality. I watched her and she was brilliant! :-) trash news. A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. — Eleanor Roosevelt

Joy Reid calls the Chauvin guilty verdict ‘an exceptionally rare event’Here’s what Joy Reid has to say about the Chauvin guilty verdict: 'You're seeing a very rare sight, the family of George Floyd ... on a day in which that does not normally happen happen: The conviction of Derek Chauvin, former police officer in Minneapolis for killing George Floyd. An exceptionally rare event.' What I say to you so called Republican Senators, “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” Our justice system is back and doing well “FOR ALL” Americans, so watch out Trump and any of you Republican Senators that want to make up your own laws, justice will prevail!!!! This is not rare… When cops get in trouble and break the law they get arrested too, but don’t add that into your racist post

Joy Reid: True justice requires going further than the Chauvin verdictOn what’s next after the guilty verdict, Joy says “True justice requires more than that, right? It requires that going forward, Black and other nonwhite people be treated as human beings. As Vice President Harris made clear in her statement.” JoyAnnReid WE THE PEOPLE is not just Blacks it also Whites and others. I want to hear all voices say we want the Rule of Law to apply to everyone. DeSantis of Florida sign a bill today saying you can use your car to run over protestors and not be prosecuted. It what what we want? JoyAnnReid I say as a black liberal, what about the injustice that we do to ourselves? From the FBIs database in 2019, 7,543 blacks were murdered, 6,788 by other blacks. These are yearly numbers! Check my figures on the FBIs UCR. For every black killed by a cop 25 are murdered by our own! JoyAnnReid 1. kkk in police, form slave owners {Yale University Skull and Bones men} are behind all of this {Mellon Banking family-Russell Index-George Walker/Bush-John Forbes Kerry heinz/ Kraft-Whitney/Pratt slavery by another name-Harriman family-Bundy family-Baruch-dodge-Mallon}