Joy: GOP does nothing about problems wrought by Trump's attacks on USPS, 'it doesn't seem like they care'

With Trump’s attacks on the Postal Service, Joy says 'Republicans do not care the destruction that it has caused to ordinary people, to senior citizens, to their own constituents, as long as Trump clings to power.'

8/15/2020 5:01:00 AM

'Republicans do not care the destruction that it is caused to ordinary people, to senior citizens, to their own constituents, as long as Trump clings to power,“ JoyAnnReid says, discussing Pres. Trump’s attacks on the U.S. Postal Service.

With Trump’s attacks on the Postal Service, Joy says 'Republicans do not care the destruction that it has caused to ordinary people, to senior citizens, to their own constituents, as long as Trump clings to power.'

Share this -copiedWith Trump’s attacks on the Postal Service, Joy says "Republicans do not care the destruction that it has caused to ordinary people, to senior citizens, to their own constituents, as long as Trump clings to power." Read more: MSNBC »

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scooterdawg JoyAnnReid The Republicans mail is slow also, so he's hurting his party also. But you also have a ram in the bush.. JoyAnnReid Always remember the media gets paid good money to tell good stories. In the past few years none of them have been true. JoyAnnReid USPS HAS BEEN LOSING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS EACH YEAR FOR THE PAST TWO DECADES BUT DEMOCRATS NEVER CARED UNTIL IT GOT IN THEIR WAY OF VOTER FRAUD BECAUSE THERE IS ZERO ENTHUSIASM AROUND JOE AND KAMALA AND THE DEM PLATFORM.

JoyAnnReid AND MSNBC WONT REPORT IN THIS EITHER.. JoyAnnReid Republicans care about three things: Money, being perceived as good christians, and keeping minorities in their place for a great white christian america......of course they fail at all three. JoyAnnReid democratsareimmoral MSNBC JoyAnnReid QueenOfVoterFraud brought to you by CCP Chinese communist party that gave us the coronavirus CNN Communist news network also MSNBC news broadcasting communist propaganda SiliconValley identitypolitics

JoyAnnReid What does cnn have against saving the children? SaveTheChildren JoyAnnReid Time to hit the Republicans big time on this all Republicans or go home to a banana Republic. Well done Joy, please do not stop. Sadly the Sunday talks shows will not follow suit letting R’s change topics. That’s why I never tune in, because the fix is in.

JoyAnnReid Joy must be totally ignorant if she thinks the problems with USPS started with Trump. They have hemorrhaged money for 30 years due to expansion of management and reduction of workers. They have closed distribution centers and slowed down delivery of mail for years. Research JoyAnnReid I would like to hear the media's answer as to why they decided in 2016 to support a TV show host guy instead of an experienced politician in the first place. It's like replacing you people with 3rd graders to do news and interviews. Think that would work? So did this work?

JoyAnnReid Remember, only once since 1992 have the majority of Americans voted for a Republican President, ONCE. This is not about fraud, it is about fear - fear people voting. For years GOP's members have said that if everyone votes, they lose. fearnotfraud JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid From nov 2008- present!! GOP only wants power/$$$ not to govern the country!

JoyAnnReid Looks like the Russia holds has begun to unravel. First FBI guilty plea yesterday. More to come. This network promoted the dem propaganda. RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA Such a network of clowns JoyAnnReid The real thugs destroying America. JoyAnnReid I don’t think trump has done much of anything since he has been in office!! Time to vote him out because we deserve better. Vote Biden Harris

JoyAnnReid It’s not about just Dems. His constituents are suffering. The poor urban whites and the farmers. He doesn’t even want them in the suburbs. Sad 😢 JoyAnnReid A president rigging an election is the worst crime imaginable. All news networks need to be cross-examining the president on this topic every single time he takes questions.

JoyAnnReid Apparently..... JoyAnnReid 🔥 🔥 🔥joyannreid JoyAnnReid Donald Trump is stopping Democrats from CHEATING. Cry your liberal tears. JoyAnnReid Mad Magazine JoyAnnReid Wrong, we want transparency and accessibility. Anyone asking for one without the other is looking to undermine our country.

JoyAnnReid “Limited Government” JoyAnnReid Listen, If I Gotta Walk My Damn Vote To Washington D.C & Place It On The Doorsteps Of The Freaking White House, That's What I'll Do! I know what this vote means, I picked my side. I took no oath But I Swear Now, I Will Protect This Country, Its Qualities & It's Fate With My Life!

kurtbardella JoyAnnReid All the trumplicans care about are their own jobs. They don’t give a crap about us. It us up to us to vote to put them ALL out if work. JoyAnnReid ’Life Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness.’ Jefferson & Franklin were not touting goals of personal bliss or euphoric experience. They were installing a political civil context where the reigning power/govt cannot come seize property that has been acquired via honest effort.

JoyAnnReid Republicans Or Democrat don't care. They will go on break knowing people are on the brink of losing their place to live and they still haven't done anything why is it that other countries put in place stimulus package for 6 months for their citizens?

Trump says he opposes funding USPS because of mail-in votingPresident Trump said Thursday he opposes much-needed funding for the US Postal Service because he doesn't want to see it used for mail-in voting this November, fueling allegations that he is trying to manipulate the postal system for political gain. Remember early on Trump said USPS needed to charge Amazon more? Anybody? Thankfully I can just walk and go cast my vote. I’ve had this thought that maybe Donald Trump no longer actually wants to be President, but has become slave to the seat and his constituents. Does that shed any different light on his rhetoric or motivations? politics

Trump‌ ‌says‌ ‌he opposes‌ ‌USPS‌ ‌funding‌ ‌in‌ ‌an‌ ‌effort‌ ‌to‌ ‌block ‌mail-in‌ ‌voting‌President Trump said Thursday that he opposes funding for the United States Postal Service and election security grants in an effort to stymie mail-in voting for the upcoming presidential election '**. B'h thank you president trump on your historical peace deal. It's unanimous, the Trump cult45 don't want their mail. and the house responds with harsh tweets... DOSOMETHING🤯 TrumpKillsUSPS 🙄 TermLimitsForCongress

Trump opposes funding USPS in bid to block vote by mail, critics suggestPres. Trump suggests he is unwilling to strike a deal with Democrats that includes desperately-needed funds for the ailing U.S. Postal Service, further fueling allegations that he is seeking to manipulate the postal system for political gain. So the president is committed to preventing a legitimate means of voting Treason Illegitimate Why are taxpayers forced to subsidize each and every Amazon postal delivery?

Kamala Harris makes 'her-story' and President Trump ramps up attacks on the USPSFollow TheNAJournal for non-partisan journalism. Real news, no bias. The Dems, for the second presidential primary in a row have decided that they could care less what voters want. I have no intentions of voting for yet another Neo-liberal Democratic ticket. Thanks to COVID, I have lost my job, my partner and about to lose my house. I have two young boys and no income. If you can help, my cash app is $athastings07. Thank you and God bless.

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Trump suggests he'd oppose USPS funding to hurt mail-in voting, then says he won'tPres. Trump says he would accept $25 billion in funding for U.S. Postal Service, including billion in supplemental funding for election resources, if Democrats concede to series of of funding asks as coronavirus relief package stalls in Congress. BEWARE OF THIS CALLOUS, RED TIE MAGA THUG! 81 days to go.... Eject him from Oval Office 2 million people who clicked on this short video could not have been willingly wrong: Trump did this presser in order to beg SpeakerPelosi to come to the table!! He is trying to look like he cares about the people but really he knows this is bad for him and so he NEEDS the dems to negotiate a deal. Pelosi and SenSchumer must NOT fall into his trap!!!! So he hasn't stopped funding, it's all part if bigger deal and Dems don't want to make a deal when they can use it to push propaganda. ALWAYS political games with Dems and Trump is calling them out in front of everyone!