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Joy Bauer's protein-packed smoothie bowl is worthy of an Olympic athlete

Joy Bauer's protein-packed smoothie bowl is worthy of an Olympic athlete

7/28/2021 11:18:00 PM

Joy Bauer's protein-packed smoothie bowl is worthy of an Olympic athlete

This smoothie bowl is a perfect blend of protein, high quality carbs and heart-healthy fat.

1sliceround fruit (for the gold medal), fresh chopped strawberries, shredded coconut and wild blueberries, to decorateChef notesThis smoothie is a perfect blend of protein, high-quality carbs and heart-healthy fat. If you'd like to bump up the protein, simply add in Greek yogurt or protein powder.

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Technique rip:You can choose to save the peanut butter for your gold medal décor. Simply soften in the microwave for about 45 seconds and squiggle it over the round slice of fruit.PreparationPlace everything (except for the decorations) in a blender and puree until thick and frothy.

2.Pour into a cereal bowl, give it a good mix and stash in fridge for at least an hour to allow the chia seeds to thicken in consistency.3.Decorate with a slice of fruit (for the gold medal) and fresh chopped strawberries, shredded coconut and wild blueberries for the ribbon.


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