Joshua Bassett Wants His Music To ‘Live On Its Own’

Joshua Bassett hopes that his debut EP will refocus the conversation.

2/25/2021 11:55:00 PM

Joshua Bassett hopes that his debut EP will refocus the conversation.

Joshua Bassett hopes that his debut EP — which won’t include an eagerly anticipated Sabrina Carpenter collaboration after all — will refocus the conversation.

 “You have to roll with it and not take things too seriously,” he says. “I’m still navigating it all.I don’t really know what I’m doing,and keep taking it a day at a time.” nearing the end of what has been a “wild journey” filming season two of

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, alongside Rodrigo,in Utah;throwing “50 ideas a day” at his managers about what comes next for his music vision; and when he gets some free time,completing another re-read of Michael Alan Singer’s Read more: billboard »

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joshuatbassett I hope it is a new start for him and better times are comming for his career. He's still young and doesn't deserve so much drama and hate around him. After all he is still a human with feelings and I believe also a caring person. 🖤 joshuatbassett yep. yep. yep. as he should joshuatbassett Oh, Joshua.

no one is streaming This guy is so sweet ❤️ SO PROUD OF HIM joshuatbassett He has acted so mature during all this 'drama'. it is actually crazy how he did not break from all this hate and still find a way to act like this. 🙏 joshuatbassett joshuatbassett We DO care 💕 we don’t car e

Joshua Bassett Really Wants You to 'Feel Something' on Nostalgic New SingleJoshua Bassett dropped his new single, 'Feel Something,' on Friday (May 7), along with a feel-good video in which he lets loose with his friends. Listen here. joshuatbassett 🆘🇨🇴🆘🇨🇴 joshuatbassett STREAM rina_bassett joshuatbassett STREAMING NONSTOP BABY

best human being Proud of you baby! Can't wait to listen to your EP! Love you! joshuatbassett joshuatbassett doesn't deserve the hate he has been getting either. He & Sabrina have been so mature about the entire situation. I'm proud of him. I wish him the best w/ the success of his album. I hope fans on all sides (Sabrina's & Olivia's) stop the BS. He seems so kind.

joshuatbassett March 12th joshuatbassett Its a 12 day late birthday present for me :) joshuatbassett we love u josh🤍🤍joshuatbassett joshuatbassett i'm so proud of uuu joshuatbassett i'm so proud of you, congratulations on being so honest joshuatbassett i love himmm joshuatbassett i love him

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joshuatbassett you deserve everything J, really joshuatbassett Very excited for him ☺ joshuatbassett so true joshuatbassett Literally can't waittttttt!! joshuatbassett ❤️❤️❤️❤️ joshuatbassett favourite human ever joshuatbassett YOU WILL SMASH IT JOSHUA i can’t wait for the ep!!!! i love u xx so excited for the EP !! :)

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joshuabassettmx YASSSSS, his music makes my days better 🤍 joshuabassettmx love you so so so much joshuatbassett 🤍🤍 cutiepie ! joshua🥺🤍 can't wait for the ep🤍🤍 brinasbassett great article!! he needed to say this and people need to hear what he has to say. i'm so excited for the EP! no one cares about this flop fad.

i love him sm he’s coming to save the music industry with his ep can’t wait for the ep it’s going to be so good🤍 Who is he? Never heard of him lol sorry

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we love you josh!❤️

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