Josh Hawley used lots of tech to hawk his book blasting big tech

MSNBC's Brian Williams details how 'insurrection enthusiast' Sen. Josh Hawley took to Twitter using an iPhone to tell you to buy his book about the tyranny of big tech... on Amazon.

5/10/2021 9:34:00 AM

“Josh Hawley is using an iPhone, going on Twitter to beg people to buy the book on Amazon, his book called ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’ ... Josh Hawley isn't stupid but he apparently thinks we are,' Brian Williams says.

MSNBC's Brian Williams details how 'insurrection enthusiast' Sen. Josh Hawley took to Twitter using an iPhone to tell you to buy his book about the tyranny of big tech... on Amazon.

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Guess’s who else is part of the monopoly, MNBC and CNN! Orchestrated by the radical left! Those who mentioned insurrection and Jan 6th! The media and the big tech are the influencers and the campaigners of the radical left! is this a joke Hey just cut off his oxygen don't even put his ass in the news there is nothing worth repeating here

Isn’t this highlighting the big tech monopoly? In order for Facebook to become a giant company they bought all of their competitors. You had a my space and next day gone! You Twitter and now it’s part of Facebook! You Instagram and gobble gobble and it’s part of Facebook! American politics gets rid of one loser (TRUMP) and with wackamole consistency another one (Senator Hawley) pops up! To fix American roads, water supply, and health care? No, to recount already multi-checked ballots for non-existent cheating to support TRUMP’s BIG LIE! wakeup

Love how Brian has started to sneak in a bit of snark here and there. Exactly! 🗽🐼🦅😧 HawleyMO should be in prison not selling books POS ExpelTheSeditionists ArrestTheSeditionists NeverForgetJanuary6th Trader and heinous animal. Nazi NeverNeverNever I was suspended on Twitter for stating a fact the other day about cop killings....

Josh Hawley Says He Doesn't Know If He Saluted Any Rioters, So We CheckedThe junior senator from Missouri has been saying he waved to peaceful demonstrators who had nothing to do with the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. There's literally video. So my suspicions about this guy have been confirmed. He’s a weak, cowardly back tracker when he suddenly realized there may be serious consequences to his participation in the January 6 insurrection plot.

You forgot to mention he’s on Fox News 3 times a day shouting about being silenced. With 10 million people watching. Toilet paper a better buy This is just as dumb as saying AOC shouldn’t use electricity since it’s mostly powered by fossil fuels. The best thing about this book is it can be used as toilet paper if you run out. Otherwise, save your money.

POS Boebert, Gaetz, Hawley, Cruz, Greene, and the rest of trump’s gop Sedition Caucus are surely vipers at the breast of democratic American national governance. Democrats need to stop letting the GOP write the narrative. Make 'Stop the Steal' their own. That'll take the wind out of GOP sails! And who tried to steal the election via sedition anyway? It wasn't Democrats on those Capitol steps!

Did Tucker Carlson come up with this bit for Brian? Holy shit. Hawley is a desperate for attention trumpette!

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ericgarland The Wrong Side of History is whiny, opportunistic terrorism. ericgarland NeverForgetJanuary6th No, he just knows how ignorant and gullible his base is. GQP is a party of narcissistic criminals. They think they are smarter than Americans. Criminals are criminals bc they believe they can outsmart cops & the criminal justice system. Mo' money mo' money mo' money. regards to you...he is spot on. 😆😆😆😆😆😆 Vote democrats and send the republicans to Trump world No, he’s pretty stupid lol I wouldn’t use it for toilet paper Hawley should be indicted for fomenting January 6. And every single member of the GOP should be compelled to denounce the BIG LIE and tell America the truth! That Biden won fair and square. And the MSM needs to acknowledge that the GOP seeks a dictatorship and oligarchy.

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That's exactly what his strategy is. He knows people are stupid enough to listen to him. He’s a PUTZ! I will never buy his garbage! He won’t be silenced, like he said on Fox News 😂😂😂same people he’s fighting against 'Sieg heil, bitch,' says the slimeball. I'm not buying. 😎 As I’m watching morning joe while they are talking about the job market let us not forget a lot of people that died from Trump’s pandemic will not be going back to their jobs!

So MSNBC decided to plug book for this 'great American'..incite Insurection , we'll promote ya ? Hawley wasn't and isn't qualified for leadership positions in cub scouts, but in US government he's trying to overthrow, sure ? Lol

Apollo co-founder Josh Harris to step down from his day-to-day roleApollo Global Management Inc (APO.N) said on Thursday co-founder Josh Harris has decided to step down from his day-to-day role as managing director on completion of the private-equity giant's deal with Athene Holding Ltd (ATH.N).

These guys are all ridiculous. Traitor! Who was his ghost writer? The title of his memoirs, whenever he gets someone to write that should be 'The Tyranny of Me, & My Fellow Republicans'. What a freak You just gave him the publicity that you're scolding him for. 👍 irony Hawley doest think we’re stupid, but he KNOWS his and Trump’s followers are.

A good many American are since they voted for him or have blight his book. A very dangerous mind, using hate, anger and the emotions of the conspiracy theory's for self advancement.

Apollo Co-Founder Josh Harris to Leave Day-to-Day RoleApollo Global Management said co-founder Josh Harris plans to step down from his day-to-day role at the investment giant to focus on his personal investments. I am recently in your country, looking for new friends Thank you for your service Josh. zionsshouldcompensateforallthedamagedtheycausedoveryears zionsarecriminals zionsshouldbeheldinchargeoftherecrimes gazaunderattack palestine غزة ethniccleansingagainstmuslims zionsshouldbeguigdebytheworldpopulation

HawleyMO Yes, he DOES think Americans are stupid-it shows in his tone, his actions, & his words. His craven power-lust drips from his furrowed brow. He tried to overturn the government. We remember. insurrectionists Truth GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPVisionForAmerica Trump USA All of the liberal snowflakes are scared of someone who speaks a little too much truth.

Never buy any books from insurrectionists because they will used that money to write more books about insurrections to incite more insurrections derail the economy , buying books from them like screwing your own jobs Brian Williams is clueless. He needs to retire. Would not waste a penny on him That Brian Williams? Vietnam helicopter Brian Williams?