“Joseph Thee Stalin” and Other Secret Hotties from History, According to Twitter

12/4/2021 1:37:00 AM

We're not saying Chekhov was the hottest...but we're not NOT saying it...

Hot Men From History, Joseph Stalin

We're not saying Chekhov was the hottest...but we're not NOT saying it...

A viral Twitter thread has us in a frenzy over flashback snapshots of historical hotties in their prime.

— FunctioningSadaholic (@JacobDisagrees) November 29, 2021  — FunctioningSadaholic (@JacobDisagrees) November 30, 2021  — fulana de tal (@unseeliebae) November 30, 2021  — feral housewife (@tinypwrmouse) November 30, 2021  — Caroline Collins, Ph.D. (@carolineimani) November 30, 2021  

(I know his politics are repugnant.) pic.twitter.com/YtZcJfRXHO Have they seen young Joe Biden yet? He brought wine. 👍 pic.twitter.com/LocfPKgm6Q Every semester, my students label Rorschach a thirst trap. pic.twitter.com/542Hg1meG2 Richard Nixon pic.twitter.com/EF2cg6aMkF

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Like most amazing things, it all started with one viral tweet.photo shoot , posting a series of shots from her non-conventional college celebration.In a follow up post, she wrote:"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay thee.including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Megan Rapinoe, Naomi Osaka, and Hailey Bieber) is particularly surprising considering her history with the lingerie company.

"Help, my students are referring to Joseph Stalin as Joseph the Stallion after I showed them pictures of young Stalin," a hapless 10th grade teacher Tweeted. Since then, Twitter has been in a frenzy sharing flashback photos of some of our favorite (and most hated) historical figures in their physical prime because, let's face it: many of those grey-haired, middle-aged men in our high school history textbooks were once… hot!. Showed my a– and still went to class,” Meg wrote on Instagram. Here’s a compilation of the top-tier historical hotties that made us do a double-take: ADVERTISEMENT 1. Josh was arrested in April 2021, and charged with one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography."Joseph Thee Stallion" Help, my students are referring to Joseph Stalin as Joseph the Stallion after I showed them pictures of young Stalin. 11 graduation party. — FunctioningSadaholic (@JacobDisagrees) November 29, 2021   2. And perhaps most importantly, to ensure their voice is always heard,” Raul Martinez, EVP and Head Creative Director at Victoria’s Secret said in a statement to MC .

Charlie Chaplin Alright, this tweet is exploding, it’s a historical hotties thread now, here’s Charlie Chaplin: pic. In 2015 In Touch published a police report from 2006, which showed an investigation into accusations Josh molested five underage girls, including some of his sisters.twitter.com/Ps0Cy6SjjU — FunctioningSadaholic (@JacobDisagrees) November 30, 2021   3. Fidel Castro Come on and get that Dick-tator: next up Fidel Castro pic. I would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions.twitter. There was a type of way that, I think, a lot of us women who used to work with Victoria's Secret felt.

com/hcPx9W05E4 — fulana de tal (@unseeliebae) November 30, 2021   4. FDR Junior Haven't seen young FDR make the thread yet pic.twitter.com/hQqjQFrPLV — feral housewife (@tinypwrmouse) November 30, 2021   5. James Early Jones Does voicing Darth Vader qualify young James Earl Jones for this Stalin thread?😏 pic. MC said in 2019 that you “never felt powerful on a runway, like, in my underwear,” referencing the three years you walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

twitter.com/EoFyRbvKAW — Caroline Collins, Ph.D. (@carolineimani) November 30, 2021   6. Lewis Thornton Powell One of the guys in the Lincoln assassination plot (I know his politics are repugnant. I think the beauty of what Victoria's Secret is as a collective is about the conversation.

) pic.twitter.com/YtZcJfRXHO — Arianrhod (@Arianrh14052591) November 30, 2021   7. President Joe Biden Have they seen young Joe Biden yet? He brought wine. 👍 pic. I just look around [on set] and I feel empowered again.

twitter.com/LocfPKgm6Q — Nathaniel Gardner 🇺🇸🏜️🏔️🎃 (@tkdcoach) November 30, 2021   8. Hermann Rorschach Every semester, my students label Rorschach a thirst trap. pic.twitter. But they came to me with a big presentation about everything that they've changed, the way that they're moving forward with not only body diversity, but diversity of women in general.

com/542Hg1meG2 — Professional Secret Keeper (@Brain_On_FireTX) November 29, 2021   9. Richard Nixon Richard Nixon pic.twitter.com/EF2cg6aMkF — Hsquared Studio. (@Hsquared_Studio) November 30, 2021   10. [It was] also important to me that the world knows that [what I said previously] was not an opportunity to take a company down for me.

Dalai Lama This is super sacrilegious but he has a good sense of humor, so... pic.twitter. That's really important for us as women, because sometimes, going into these sets, we do lose our boundaries.

com/yx094L8nVc — sujatha baliga (@sujathabaliga) November 30, 2021   11. Anton Chekhov Anton Chekov, I suffered through a few books and plays. Still don’t know what he was on about LOL but he was apparently a hottie. pic.twitter. Like, ‘How can we make ourselves feel  more empowered within this business?’ I don't think shooting lingerie in general is comfortable for anybody—I want to make that very clear.

com/Cg1jWCSfGK — Luanne ☕️ 🇬🇧🇬🇷🇺🇸 (@CafeLatteLu) November 30, 2021   12. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Atatürk killed it with a beard when he was younger pic.twitter.com/L3BihBVUEG — Ali Sarıbaş (@Ya_Ali03) November 30, 2021   13. Che Guevara This guy…. What lingerie has been to the world is just like, this unattainable, super uncomfortable way to be sexy for your man.

pic.twitter.com/9scAj9SyVl — Laureena (@laur_kerr) November 30, 2021   14. Czar Nicholas II & George V You need to show them one of the pics of him with George V of the United Kingdom (their mothers were sisters). pic. But I know firsthand how Victoria's Secret used to make me feel, and now, going onto set every day, there is just an energy that's switched.

twitter.com/YO6xUB81Ls — David J. Hensley (@d_j_hensley) November 30, 2021   15. Zhou Enlai Here's a young Zhou Enlai. He was considered really good looking, especially later in life. But I've really learned that beauty for me is about that confidence within.

Women (or women I've met, anyway) especially had a thing for his eyebrows. pic.twitter.com/gYXMRPvHXn — MFinChina (@MFinChina) November 30, 2021 Top Photo: Gaeneric / Wikimedia Commons Elizabeth Safaryn is a fourth-year student at New York University, studying Media & Communications. She lives in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and enjoys learning/writing about feminist representation in cinema and social media. You know, I think energy is beauty.

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