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Comics, Marvel

Jordan Peterson Is Shocked to Discover His Resemblance to Nazi Supervillain the Red Skull

And Ta-Nehisi Coates is to blame.

4/7/2021 8:49:00 PM

Their YouTube channels are nearly identical, except for the whole Red Skull thing.

And Ta-Nehisi Coates is to blame.

Captain Americabooks, Cap’s enemies are recruiting disaffected American white men, just like certain political movements we could name, and the Red Skull’s YouTube channel is part of that effort. Unbeknownst to the Red Skull’s fans, he’s using them as cannon fodder in an effort to ruin Captain America’s reputation, at one point detonating a bomb designed by Agatha Harkness—yes, the witch who appeared in

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WandaVision—in the middle of one of their protests. Coates has two issues left to resolve the story, and Marvel is promising “,” so expect the Marvel Universe’s answer to Jordan Peterson to be back in prison or suspended animation or temporarily dead very, very soon. Meanwhile, our universe’s Jordan Peterson has decided to lean in:

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