Jonah Hill Is Really Enjoying His Fake Feud With Baby Yoda And Has 'Officially' Challenged Him To A Verzuz Battle

One time Baby Yoda punched Jonah Hill in the face...?

1/26/2022 8:15:00 PM

One time Baby Yoda punched Jonah Hill in the face...?

One time Baby Yoda punched Jonah Hill in the face...?

Michael Ostuni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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Philadelphia Police Officer Has Strong Message For Son's Killers After Hyram Hill Killed In Targeted Shooting'My son did not have a record, my son has never been arrested, my son had a license to carry and a legal firearm. My son was not exempt,' Philadelphia police officer Edwenna Ferguson said. ARobertsCBS reports ARobertsCBS Sorry for your loss. ARobertsCBS Entire story is flawed. If he was bouncing, why not mention the club? Cameras should be all over broad st including septa busses. No mention? ARobertsCBS Why wasn't he married to the girl who was havin his baby?

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Hyram Hill, Son Of Philadelphia Police Officer, Killed In Targeted Shooting In North Philly, Sources SayThe son of a Philadelphia police officer was shot and killed outside a corner store Monday morning. Police sources believe he was targeted. NewsWakisha reports. NewsWakisha How sad is this! Not only our police, but their children are being targeted! NewsWakisha Media seem to run on autopilot with the decades long tag “no motive, no suspect”. If this news outlet and others go back in their archives and count how many times that tag has been used, perhaps they will produce called “No Motive, No Suspect” asking city leaders why. NewsWakisha RIP young man. My sympathies to the officer and his family.

Hyram Hill, Son Of Philadelphia Police Officer, Killed In Targeted Shooting In North Philly, Sources SayCeaseFirePA, whose mission is to stop the gun violence epidemic, says the city is on edge. 'There's not a part of the community I think where people feel safe in anymore and our city is bleeding to death,' Adam Garber said. KerriCorrado reports KerriCorrado For good reason KerriCorrado Larry Krasner is losing over 75% of Philadelphia violent crime cases. These are cases where Krasner reviewed and approved the charges. He is losing 3 of 4. Violent crimes. It’s a revolving door. Krasner should resign. KerriCorrado Hitting close to home.

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and jokingly accusing the media of"literally trying to create beef between [him] and Baby Yoda," Jonah returned to the platform this week to formally challenge the sci-fi character to a DJ battle courtesy of Verzuz TV. Michael Ostuni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images "That being said I do officially challenge Baby Yoda to a @verzuztv battle," Jonah captioned a selfie video, where he assured viewers that a surfing incident caused his black eye, not"a fist fight [he] got into with Baby Yoda because of [their] falling out."