Jonah Hill and Girlfriend Sarah Brady Clap Back at Haters Who Claim He 'Ruined Surfing' - E! Online

Jonah Hill and Girlfriend Sarah Brady Clap Back at Haters Who Claim He 'Ruined Surfing'

10/20/2021 6:04:00 AM

Jonah Hill and Girlfriend Sarah Brady Clap Back at Haters Who Claim He 'Ruined Surfing'

Jonah Hill has a powerful message: He said he will 'never stop doing things that make me happy' after online critics poked fun at photos of him surfing.

his "childhood insecurities" have been exacerbated by "years of public mockery about my body."But Jonah isn't letting the haters get him down. "I will never stop doing things that make me happy," he wrote on his Instagram Story on Oct. 19, "no matter how insecure my happiness makes you."

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Keep surfing, Mr. Hill. There’s nothing like it, as you know by now. When the waves are good, + you’ve built enough skill, it’s magic - and you’ll never forget your best rides. Or the waves you let get away, but still always worth it! Any haters are only lessening their own joy. ❤️ him as actor. Un relevant news

I wish people would stop body shaming. It would help if the media stopped supporting it.

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