Jon Stewart Admits Why He Was Wrong About Trump

The former 'Daily Show' host missed one key thing about the ex-president.

9/16/2021 10:48:00 AM

The former 'Daily Show' host missed one key thing about the ex-president.

The former 'Daily Show' host missed one key thing about the ex-president.

.When Trump first announced his candidacy for president in 2015, the then-host of “The Daily Show” dubbed the reality TV personality and businessman a comedic “gift from heaven.”But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday, Stewart said he’d missed that Trump’s “certainty, his ridiculousness, his shamelessness is what made him dangerous.”

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“I thought it made him a buffoon, and I thought that’s what would disqualify him,” said Stewart, whose new Apple TV+ show “The Problem With Jon Stewart” debuts on Sept. 30.“What it did is made him the perfect vessel,” he continued. “You have to be shameless to do shameful things.”

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The beloved Clinton family are the most shameless people in the history of politics. And the Democrat party was well aware of it, and with the media they covered up for them at every turn. Who gives AF you don't know how to even take care of your own serendipitous free form platform we don't even need one and we feel complete eat by working so hard and lighting lighting it fall at our feet

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Trump lies about 9/11 again.Lawrence: 'It is all a lie. He was not down there right after the event. He did not help. He did not hear any creaking building.' Lawrence As Gomer Pyle would say Surprise surprise surprise. Of course Trump is lying. That is what he does. Lawrence Correct. Ask Trump for pictures showing the time and place of being at the Towers. Lawrence McCarthy threaten Companies, not to turn over data concerning Republican and Trump or else. Representatives Johnson of Texas wants to execute a general of the giant chief of staff. (Millie). GOP and Demo are refuting what GOP are trying to lie about the telephone conversation.

Seven Of The Most Common Anti-Abortion Arguments––And Why They Are WrongSeven Of The Most Common Anti-Abortion Arguments––And Why They Are Wrong “There’s a waitlist of people wanting to adopt children.” Oh, let's chat. There’s literally approximately 2 million couples waiting to adopt…so already it looks like this article is inaccurate. Lol, you're gonna use a phrase that has NOTHING to do with abortion as an example of a common argument against abortion? Great job proving that you didn't talk to a single abortion opponent before writing this trash. Trying hard to find any truth in this article. All I’m reading, however, is a rationalization for killing your own child. And that is actually the 1 pro-life argument; it’s abhorrent to kill your own child.