Jon Meacham: Trump makes Richard Nixon look like Mr. Rogers

Trump 'seems to be congenitally incapable of acknowledging that anything could be done better, much less that a mistake was made.' - Presidential historian Jon Meacham

5/23/2020 9:02:00 PM

Trump 'seems to be congenitally incapable of acknowledging that anything could be done better, much less that a mistake was made.' - Presidential historian Jon Meacham

Reacting to the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, presidential historians Jon Meacham and Michael Beschloss detailwhat they see as self-centered behavior from Trump.

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jmeacham Helicopters are flying over Hyde Park jmeacham MSNBC!! Do not be misled by VIOLENT PROTESTS to conclude that Mr. Trump should declare martial law... ...because there will be NO MORE MSNBC after THAT! jmeacham Obama makes Nixon blush with the level of treason he has comitted. FactsFirst ObamaGate FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople

jmeacham MSNBC, “ Paid China Propaganda”🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 jmeacham The Von Crap family. jmeacham reaDonaldTurnip makes Richard Nixon look like Jesus. I'm sorry, but I was there. There has been nothing worse in my lifetime.

jmeacham Wut? jmeacham jmeacham 😂😂😂 John Durham very soon jmeacham jmeacham More Hatespew from MSNBC.. What would MSNBC be without their Hate? jmeacham jmeacham The Cathedral is terrified. jmeacham Yup..A DILLUSIONAL..NARCISSIST.. jmeacham You spelled Obama wrong jmeacham You never get anything right.

jmeacham Don the Con!!! jmeacham jmeacham Let’s vote Donald out of office and maybe then he’ll begin get the many messages that he’s not wanted. jmeacham ANYTIME DEMOCRATS ARE INVOLVED THERE IS A BETTER WAY jmeacham Why oh why don't the American people trust the political class? Well...because they protect each other while killing us.

jmeacham jmeacham Mr. Unaccountable. jmeacham ❤❤❤❤ jmeacham Malignant narcissism. jmeacham jmeacham Exactly, & when this virus goes out of control again, which is real soon, Trump will weaponize it & use it to his advantage , rather than admit any fault that he didn’t take this serious enough & failed to keep America safe from harm. It’s really all about him, $$$, & power !!!

jmeacham This sounds like mumbo jumbo. 🗽🇺🇸 jmeacham Dunning-Kruger effect. Why the reflexive, not rational. jmeacham Tests unreliable no vaccine no antivirals CDC... the experts... couldnt offer Trump any options but masks and distancing cant understand media issues with Trump on this. jmeacham The American people deserve better than Trump he is loser

jmeacham The media is the enemy of the people. jmeacham Why does he need to? Lying FakeNews calls everything bad either way. Enemies of the people seem congenitally incapable if actually reporting straight news! jmeacham you are just so predictable these days, just hate, no chaser jmeacham March 15th, stay-at-home, to lockdown, to social distancing, to isolations, to wear a mask, in between that, he kept insulting people through his tweets...except the leaders of the rest of the world. That he kept his mouthpiece on. The American people are dying in every States.

jmeacham Speaking of mistakes, how’s Scarborough? jmeacham Nancy Pelosi ripping his SOTU speech in Feb... In early March Trump visited India for the first time ever. He came back and had his briefing and he gave VP Pence card blanche to handle the novel coronavirus. March 15th - everyone was ordered stay-at-home, to lockdown.

jmeacham jmeacham Trump is filth and a lying “_unt” realDonaldTrump jmeacham Wait til he loses the election....then you will see just what a nasty obnoxious and dangerous man you elected... He will lose it completely. Dont be surprised if you have a real crisis on Nov4th.. jmeacham TY, Mr Trump for working FOR America (w/o pay) instead of trying to tear down Republic---see democrat party/RulesforRadicals activist like BHO, HC, all blue state gov., corrupt dem politicians, etc.--aided by propaganda media like MSNBC

jmeacham I agree,china could have warned the World much sooner & not arrested those Doctors etc that tried to warn us. They could have accepted fault. WHO could have done better warning us all. CDC also could have told us it did pass between humans & it was a pandemic earlier... jmeacham He's not going to admit to the world, HE WAS WRONG ABOUT THE INVISIBLE VIRUS COVID-19. And January he was at the World Economic forum while they kept interrupting our daily programming for his impeachment trial by Congress. Then Trump was acquitted on a technical Nancy

jmeacham STOP HARASSING YOUR PRESIDENT FFS. jmeacham jmeacham Democrats are the mistake jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham jmeacham Which mistake? Shutting down travel from China? Turning factories into PPE manufacturers? Activating military support? Sending two hospital ships to hot spots? Signing Trillions in relief funds? Providing daily briefs from the CDC & WHO? I'm not getting your point I guess.

jmeacham No, he can't. He is a sick individual. There is no hope for him. Things that just come natural for most people evade him. It's so sad. Yet, worse when millions of people still defend everything he does. jmeacham Shit that was blatantly fucking obvious BEFORE he was elected!!!!! jmeacham Trump lies. Bone spurs. Trumpgate

jmeacham jmeacham Trump: '100,000 deaths? Not my problem. I have an election to prepare for.' jmeacham jmeacham realDonaldTrump is not our ruler. Individual Governors are supposed to manage their own states, and the federal government is there to provide assistance. POTUS did his job, but there’s a few governors that could have handled nursing homes infected with Covid better. Ask them!

jmeacham Remember Biden called him President Tweety 📲❗ jmeacham And your hatred for him makes you irrational loons. biasedreporting jmeacham Ever notice when he rips out a big lie his hands go out like in this picture? Body language is key. jmeacham If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. -Joseph Goebbels

jmeacham The only mistake was the blue state governors killing their elderly in nursing homes. jmeacham Let’s now forget liberals were in the middle of fake impeachment when this virus came to America. jmeacham Deflection is your forte. A SHAMEFUL reflection on your name. America is watching 👁👁 Truthprevails

jmeacham jmeacham Yep. jmeacham What's new? He's never wrong, never at fault and never has been held accountable for ANYTHING he's ever done in his pathetic, miserable life. jmeacham He like one of those rats looking for food and willing to eat anyone jmeacham CommunistMedia FakeNewsMedia jmeacham Trump doesn’t make mistakes. He is the mistake!

jmeacham MostUnmanlyPresident realDonaldTrump jmeacham A mistake was definitely made, or else why would he have ended up a billionaire TV star president of the United States that half the world is obsessed with? Do better, realDonaldTrump jmeacham FakeNewsMedia jmeacham He IS congenitally incapable. This should not be surprising.

jmeacham Media seems to be congenitally incapable of acknowledging that anything Trump has done well, much less that a s much a complement. JuddApatow jmeacham He has severe dementia. He’s incompetent. He needs to be removed for the sake of the country. He’s done nonthing right at all. jmeacham You’re a complete waste of a tweet.

jmeacham Yes, it is true. You do not 'have to care' about Honesty, Integrity, Facts ... Truth. What is Life for you, then? jmeacham And Liberal MSM seems to be congenitally incapable of acknowledging that this President is doing a great job, given the unprecedented circumstances. jmeacham MostUnmanlyPresident has no clue about his cluelessness

jmeacham Those GOP swamp creatures are the personification of true evil & corruption & if we weren't in America, they'd unleash more of it on us‼️ No doubt, they are the direct descendants of evil men & women like the kind Hitler & the African slave traders were made of and proud of it‼️ jmeacham That's a defining trait of narcissists.

jmeacham he will not cover the losses if they go wrong: It’s America, and perhaps the world, that will pay, in both lives and money. jmeacham Yea right, communist net network jmeacham How about the Obama shit about to land!! jmeacham The only thing 'hole-y' Tronald Dump visits on the Sunday preceding Memorial Day is the golf course....where he worships himself.

jmeacham Vote Trump out! Pass it along! jmeacham jmeacham 🤨 tRump's incompetence is why 98K Americans have died in 11 short weeks. jmeacham Meacham fancies himself as an elitist but he's the guy who drove Newsweek into the ground as its editor and is nothing more then a pompous blow hard. jmeacham What’s wrong you people at MSNBC: are your ratings really bad? The press ( Morning Joe) is one of the reasons the lying Orangutan is sitting in the Oval Office. Stop it with Joe Biden! Stop pretending you are different from Fox News.

This guy is now old and can't be swift to help emergencies. Larrykenn realDonaldTrump Joe Biden wants to save the soul of the nation.He can’t even save the soul of African American&try to fool them to get their votes.Joe took the job as a VP out of fear being a racist&hid behind Obama for 8yrs&did nothing for black comunity.

O foolish Galatians (Evangelicals). Galatians 3:1 (Paraphrased) President Trump is back to his “church” (Trump Golf Course) worshipping golf. What do you worship on Sundays? You seem incapable of putting out honest news! MSNBCIsFakeNews Ignorance in the face of scientific data, is not acceptable global warming is another real problem with overwhelming circumstances to come, and of course more of the same , damns bursting, unprecedented rain fall, and ignorance, great combination for disaster, again!FJG

He knows more than almost anybody. 🤪 Lol What's with the jazz hands It strikes me, that I’ve never ever seen Trump apologizing or admitting that he might be wrong. Other leaders, 🇺🇸 or internationally have recognized that they have made mistakes & they try to correct them & they apologize. I haven’t seen much leader not failing at a certain point

Main Street Media Twisted, Biased, Partisan, Mouthpieces of the democrat party. Abusers of 1st Amendment IF TRUMP WALKED ON WATER...the gutter swamp Left Liberal Media would Complain !!! MSNBC is the WORST 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Appears most of mistakes were made by Dem states Trump probably smiles when he looks at the mirror and would pat his own back if not for the rolls upon rolls of fat. It's time his puppet masters cut the strings and like Howard Baker, tell him to Resign.

Meacham is a HYsterical HACK!! How low the bar has become. For the president to be the center of attraction. The media should cut through the noise and report on the real news. Leave the clown to play on the golf course Mainstream media is paid by China and so they are obligated to support their Anti-American narrative. The democrats only exist today because they bait people with subsidies. If it weren’t for the minority vote they’d be extinct. DemocratPlantationParty

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