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In The Heights, Jon M. Chu

Jon M. Chu on How ‘In the Heights’ Captures Dreams of Hardworking Families: “That’s What Movies Can Do”

Jon M. Chu on How ‘In the Heights’ Captures Dreams of Hardworking Families: “That’s What Movies Can Do”

6/12/2021 8:14:00 AM

Jon M. Chu on How ‘In the Heights’ Captures Dreams of Hardworking Families: “That’s What Movies Can Do”

Following the release of In the Heights, director Jon M. Chu stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon about the musical drama. The director said it was “super important” fo…

In the Heightsaccurately captures how hot it gets in New York during the summer, as well as the mentality of “don’t forget where you came from.” Chu said, “That’s why we connected, Lin and I.” He shared that he grew Northern California in a Chinese restaurant that his family has had for 51 years. “I knew what it felt like to grow up there, to be raised by not just your parents, but your aunties and your uncles, and the hardworking people who take care of their families.”

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Chu continued, “We should be looking up to these people. That bodega owner on the corner, he does not have a small story. He has a dream bigger than any screen that you can put in front of him. he has hopes and dreams, and to me, that’s what movies can do, that’s what movies can say. If you see it, you can’t unsee that.” Of the film’s hopeful story and message, Chu remarked, “I’m going to take that for the rest of my life.”

Among the directors’ previous films isCrazy Rich Asians, which Fallon and Chu briefly talked about for the fact that it helped create career opportunities in the U.S. for many actors in the film including Henry Golding. “The box office is one of the only places where people can say: We want this,” said Chu.

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Just as long as those hard working families don’t work for a real estate firm.

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