Joaquin Phoenix, Sunday People

Joaquin Phoenix, Sunday People

Joker Joaquin Phoenix's sex cult childhood was no laughing matter

Joker Joaquin Phoenix's sex cult childhood was no laughing matter


Joker Joaquin Phoenix 's sex cult childhood was no laughing matter

Hot new film, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix portrays a failed comedian who turns to crime, but the troubled star grew in in a sick cult

Hotly anticipated Joker, out next month, about a failed comedian turning to crime, has won an award at the Venice Film Festival.

A Christian family living in ­harmony, helping the needy and performing music.

Joaquin’s eldest brother, tragic actor River, was just four when he had sex.

Sex was deemed the most glorious way to praise Jesus and members were instructed to “share” their husbands and wives.

Child abuse was rife. Berg’s own ­stepson, Davidito, was a victim.

Unable to escape his memories, he fatally stabbed a woman who allegedly abused him then shot himself dead. He was 29.

Juliana, who co-wrote the bestseller Not Without My Sister about growing up within the cult, said kids considered disobedient or rebellious were beaten by adults and often not protected by their parents.

Joaquin has said his parents joined the sect with good intentions, believing “they’d found a community that shared their ideals”.

He still will not talk about the death, saying only: ‘I’ve come nearer ­acceptance – I’ll never ­understand it.”

Five years later, Joaquin was in Quills with Kate Winslet, a film about the Marquis De Sade, and was Oscar nominated for playing depraved emperor Commodus, in Gladiator.

The star, who lives with actress Rooney Mara, is a vegan who shuns the glitz of Hollywood, once describing the race for Oscar as “total utter bull****”.

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