Join as NASA’s DART Mission Intentionally Crashes into an Asteroid

8/14/2022 3:09:00 AM

Join as NASA’s DART Mission Intentionally Crashes into an Asteroid


Our DARTMission will soon collide with a non-hazardous asteroid as a test of planetary defense. Know someone who should hang with us at JHUAPL for the main event, and share behind-the-scenes details? Tag them! Is it you? Apply by Aug. 15:

Join as NASA’s DART Mission Intentionally Crashes into an Asteroid

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JHUAPL Вроде сами и написали с неопасным. Значит неопасен. Честно говоря я не особо понимаю о чём идёт речь. 🙄🤔 Либо я ещё не проснулась 😊 Доброе утро 👋 Всем отличного дня и удачи во всём! 🥰♥️💋 JHUAPL Lmao. More NASALies Anyone who still believes this crap better wake up soon. NASA bs is about as real as the scamdemic

JHUAPL If they change the orbital characteristics of Dimorphos it will also change the orbital characteristics of Didymos. They don't know what will happen to Dimorphos or Didymos they only can predict. JHUAPL Fill Rockets with Gas. Control Gas flow,outbursting from the upper Layer of the Rocket trough a sucking pipe with connect to the Comet. When the Gas flow is controlled it can explode.

JHUAPL y en efecto dominó, el asteroide desviado por nosotros chocará a otro, y este a otros y a otros, y así, los que no alcanzarían a la Tierra, terminarán impactándonos. JHUAPL Hi JHUAPL The solar system is brilliant. Other life forces out there in life. JHUAPL when do you think a asteroid will hit earth?

JHUAPL Jacobmilly1 JHUAPL Não fará cócegas! 🤔😥 JHUAPL I would but there's no washing away stuff I've said. Should could woulda

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JHUAPL DARTMission JHUAPL Nopor? JHUAPL Is it real clip? JHUAPL Y los fans pendientes de los resultados de éste experimento. 'La guerra de las galaxias' a menor escala. JHUAPL It’s one small small step toward asteroid mining JHUAPL 👍💪 JHUAPL Sacriel is a proper physics and space nerd - (in a nice way) I’m sure he’d love an invite

JHUAPL Or will collide with both asteroid and moonlet simultaneously? And 2850 ft diameter is enough for gravitational orbit of the moonlet? What if the satellite also had explosive charge? JHUAPL We are not alone. JHUAPL what s the kilomatair here

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JHUAPL Pick me pick me pick me!! JHUAPL divation JHUAPL Cosmic billiards, I love it. What a brilliant way to test the effectiveness of impactor technology. Using a binary pair of asteroids and measuring the slight change in orbital velocity after impact. JHUAPL You did this already and the high energy plasma reaction completely wiped out your instrumentation and ALL your particle physics theories in an instant Ya science

JHUAPL hugolisoir MLisoir c'est un job pour vous ça ! JHUAPL Yeah, call Bruce Willis he has some experience with that he could give you some advise. JHUAPL Erdayastronaut JHUAPL This non-hazardous asteroid will then change course and impact a really big one which will now become hazardous. But carry on - cause its not like this needs to be a democratic decision. Only cry when the Chinese start doing this!

JHUAPL After thate, there are changes in outer space fiftyminus2 JHUAPL The engineer in me would love to witness this, however, I'm no astronomy geek, someone else will be much more appropriate for this wonder opportunity.

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JHUAPL please help me to understand how the computers of cybercriminals are networked through my brain mass without physical contacts. Thanks JHUAPL 👍🚀😇 JHUAPL owenlove60 JHUAPL Limit the knowledge to a nation …. hindououmar, one of our SDGAdvocates, explains the importance of living in harmony with nature to tackle global stupidity UN

JHUAPL erdajazzfan JHUAPL Re mil same amiga🏕 JHUAPL Hi NASA. My name is Catarina, from Brasil. Wow!! wow!! congratulations. JHUAPL Pick me pick me pick me!! JHUAPL How fast is the asteroid rotating? Is it rock or metal? JHUAPL What are the relative masses & how fast will it hit?

Could Belarus join Putin's troops in Ukraine?Two years on from the Belarusian election Alexander Lukashenko said he won, there are concerns he might take a more direct role against Ukraine. And get their back kicked by Ukraine?

JHUAPL DJSnM JHUAPL planet4589 JHUAPL drbecky_ JHUAPL 15th August Independence Day Of India🇮🇳 JHUAPL 🏠JAYSONL7HATTON33°3SSKOO AM2️⃣4️⃣3️⃣🎩6️⃣5️⃣🌽♎️ARB!i! B D E T A L7V E B M E YOURPYOUL7 O R T H Y T !i!🔴🧬🔵HS ANT P !i! 🔍📚🔎 CC° C A N T🟠🟢K U B P W E T H E G😈 D E BMNSS L7 UM 🌎L7 AUD🤫💈😇GR!i!EEH J Y R W R S H !i! P S M⚫️🌜🐄🌛⚪️ C M O N C A L7 W !i! T H TT A N Y S

JHUAPL Have you checked first to see that there are no alien life forms on the asteroid before you arranged the collision (Not all life forms appear as humans). UFOChronicles JHUAPL Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the movie Dont Look Up DJSnM JHUAPL Step 2, drill 800 feet JHUAPL I would name my firstborn John Hopkins to be allowed to hang out there for this mission...

JHUAPL Would love to bring my son to watch this but I'm no influencer I'm just an electrician studing engineering.

Denials Aside, Kremlin Plots 'Join-Russia' Votes in Occupied UkraineDenials Aside, Kremlin Plots 'Join-Russia' Votes in Occupied Ukraine The hand-picked administrators in Ukraine's occupied Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions are planning referendums to join Russia. UkraineRussianWar WarInUkraine russianwar Yes, because the world will trust a vote ran by a country that isn't even democratic itself.🙄

JHUAPL There are many extraterrestrial civilizations that visit Earth. NASA knows this. The Pentagon knows this. Bigelow knows this. Every intelligence organization of every country knows this. Soon everyone in the world will know this fact. Many will FREAKOUT! Lift the veil,apocalypse. JHUAPL asteroids' been there thousands of years, heavenly bodies know their path and earth still exists. it is our stupid interference to blow up asteroids that will create uncharted fragments that will eventually destroy this beautiful planet that existed before we discovered missiles.

JHUAPL In all seriousness, there's no risk here. The target asteroid is actually the *moon* of another asteroid. That's what will make it possible to measure the tiny change imparted by the impactor when the ESA probe eventually shows up a couple years later. JHUAPL Totes should be correllscience! NuclearAnthro JHUAPL Ha - it’s non hazardous now, but just wait til you poke it.

JHUAPL Waiting eagerly for the result JHUAPL Good we r preparing for Chicxulub 2 ..the earlier one millions of years ago wiped out 🦕s and most of the species..had a diameter of a few kilometers JHUAPL x JHUAPL x DeptofDefense ladies and gentlemen you are hereby authorized to use everything in our arsenal everything in our technology everything on the shelves, anything that makes common sense,brainstorming to the ufton degree w/global shares TheGlobalCommunity MUST!

JHUAPL Can you please bring the toilet over on your next flight to the Moon JHUAPL I know I can’t be the only one that sees the Naboo N-1 Starfighter…

Breyer, Gorsuch join to promote education about ConstitutionRecently retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has become the honorary co-chairman of a nonpartisan group devoted to education about the Constitution.

JHUAPL Fear mongering distractions Hide the money Pelosi JHUAPL I vote for Erdayastronaut JHUAPL Link4Universe ci puoi illuminare sul funzionamento? Potrebbe essere interessante per aprire una discussione sull'argomento JHUAPL Can you not do that JHUAPL El asteroide somos nosotros JHUAPL danten66 This is pretty cool!

JHUAPL Why do i get the feeling that we will do this to a big lad and it will change its course for us🤦‍♂️☄️ JHUAPL Is this in preparation for April 13 2029? JHUAPL Both elonmusk BillGates JHUAPL Salutations distinguées très chères et superbe travail de la vie de l'espace,merçi pour tout, Pouvais vous aller jusqu'à la constellation d'Orion et xenus? En bref, sa m'arrangerai 1peu!? Je retourne chez moi quand a (ChicagoCity2140)SoS Salutations distinguées,merçi!? Hervé

JHUAPL Are properly used expletives describing space explosions allowed when discussing said event? If so, I'm your %$&* guy!! JHUAPL Capt_Arsenio how does this work on a stationary plane? JHUAPL Awesome stuff. JHUAPL Now we just need a villain who wants to use it for their deeds JHUAPL Make good videos so more people can believe ur sh*t lol

JHUAPL No but I know some people that should hang out on the spaceship 😂 JHUAPL Eik41725820 JHUAPL elonmusk Erdayastronaut should def be there. JHUAPL hi JHUAPL AstronautAbby and/or stellerarts ?