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Johnson & Johnson says FDA has approved extended vaccine expiration date

Amid a slowdown in vaccine uptake, a number of state health officials had been sounding the alarm that hundreds of thousands of single-shot J&J doses could expire this month.

6/10/2021 8:09:00 PM

Amid a slowdown in vaccine uptake , a number of state health officials had been sounding the alarm that hundreds of thousands of single-shot J&J doses could expire this month.

Johnson & Johnson announced Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized an extension of its COVID vaccine's shelf life from three months to 4.5 months.Why it matters: Amid a slowdown in vaccine uptake , a number of state health officials had been sounding the alarm that hundreds of thousands of single-shot J&J doses could expire this month.Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.Prior to the FDA's extension, which the agency confirmed to

Eat This, Not That!Dr. Fauci Just Warned These States Are In DangerAs America gets closer to its July 4th goal of at least partially vaccinating 70 percent of Americans against COVID-19, some states are majorly lagging behind in terms of their vaccination rate. During the White House COVID-19 Response Team Briefing on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the President and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned that a few states are still in direct danger in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to

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45m agoTaiwan says AstraZeneca COVID shot production talks fell throughTaiwan discussed with AstraZeneca Plc producing its COVID-19 vaccine but the talks fell through as the government felt it could not produce the 300 million shots the company requested, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said on Thursday. Taiwan has been striving to speed up deliveries of 20 million vaccine doses it has ordered from overseas, including from AstraZeneca and Moderna Inc, as it battles a spike in domestic infections.

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Johnson & Johnson Doses At Risk Of Expiring As FDA Mulls ExtensionThe FDA's decision to pause distribution of the one-dose vaccine is credited with damaging its reputation among Americans. ...well duh can we say well duh? Oh what a surprise! (Sarcasm) Well we should all get these vaccination shots because if not we’re going to be social Piranhas and be cast from society

FDA Approval of New Alzheimer’s Drug May Boost Prospects of Other TreatmentsThe Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Biogen's Aduhelm on Monday may have boosted the prospects of other experimental Alzheimer’s disease drugs that target the disease in a similar way While we try to figure out why proteins misfold in Alzheimers, we're injecting ourselves with synthetic protein inducing transfection agents...sounds just peachy. More drugs that showed no functional impact. This will set AD research back years Fahaddurraniii A new breakthrough drug in Alzheimer’s after 2003, but efficacy yet to be established in phase 4 trials. Bhai billion dollars business hai Pharma.

Two doctors have resigned from a prestigious panel after FDA approved a controversial Alzheimer's drugBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

Two members of U.S. FDA advisory panel resign over Alzheimer's drug approvalTwo members of a panel of outside advisors to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have resigned in protest at the agency's decision to approve Biogen Inc's (BIIB.O) Aduhelm for treatment of Alzheimer's disease despite the committee’s recommendation against doing so. newborn NotaryServices SpainNATO Navy_JAG AF JAG

Moderna asks FDA to clear Covid vaccine for adolescents 12 to 17If approved, it would likely dramatically expand the number of Covid vaccine shots available to middle and high school students ahead of the next school year.

Moderna Asks FDA For Emergency Approval Of Its Covid-19 Vaccine In Teens Aged 12-17Moderna announced that it has filed a request with the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of its Covid-19 vaccine in teens aged 12-17