'John Wick 5' in the Works, Lionsgate to Shoot Two Installments Back-to-Back

The #JohnWick universe continues to expand

8/7/2020 12:48:00 AM

The JohnWick universe continues to expand

Studio CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts about the next two movies in the long-running franchise starring Keanu Reeves, with the first three movies generating over $579 million in worldwide box office.

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This makes me so happy 😊 constantine part 2 Back to back, does this thing (back to back shooting) has a good track record? I am not sure but I am on board for John Wick 4 for sure, 5? Don't know yet Foddman BenBufton1 ToxicxxZero !!! Uhwww I do like the Johnwick, but only because i know my Seat is bigger.

DivineDeedz crazy! I’ll defo watch it. First 2 were 🔥 3rd hardly had any plot & we're having nother 2 more😏😂 This franchise is still going? I thought JW3 was enough vipulwagh31 This ... 'Best true crime book in years!' How are they gonna top JW3? 👊🏻 More Keanu is always a good idea 😍 I'm listening. MonaKinkCurlz A great series of movies.

I'm cumming in my pants. not that awful movie 👏👏👏👏👏💪 The novelty’s worn off. Terrific move. JohnWick5 🌟 Nice I like John Wick, but May 2022 is about this dude right here...🤔 Finally some good news!! Scary violent but I could watch it 🎥 from home with my 👀 closed! ♥️ John Wick! He really ♥️ that dog!!!

Very unpopular opinion The franchise just needs to end. Sure, they may deliver amazing action sequences, but at the end of the day, the story will decline. Chapter 3 definitely had amazing action, but the story kinda felt a little ridiculous at times. It can only get worse. I just hope they bring a conclusion when the story ends as opposed to just generating til the sales dry up

😀 I’m all the way here for it! i mean....i love the movies but do they need to drag it out so much? I'm fully on board! If we have unlimited Fast & Furious movies we can have endless John Wick Good news but the writers did say it would inevitably have a bad might pass on the last one. I hate watching a series of films to feel like I watched all that killing for nothing. On the other hand, I do look forward to the spinoff they talked about: 'The Ballerina'.

And KeanuReeves bank account will expand more. But it’s Keanu so, everything good going his way is fine by me. Wonderful Keanu. ♥️ 23Ash_19 This news makes me extremely happy. I think it is a good mover I hope it dont get in a rut. Be mr. Reeves is a great actor am he working hard ! bro, what is else is there for him to survive? john wick 3 started to get a little ridiculous, so i can't imagine what they would do with a 4 or 5.

I hate Hollywood Love this series of movies. Cannot wait to see them both JohnWickMovie LittleMissLizz The fight scenes in 'Parabellum' were so awkward and listless it made me feel tired from watching it. I didn't get the adrenaline kick I got from the first and some of the second. Ι mean, I like the movies, but isn't this getting a bit too dragged?

Hey, I'm down, if they can do 50-leven Mission Impossible films, hell yeah they can do the same for John Wick...and I dont know man... i hope it doesnt become fast & furious at this point. Expanded universe is just a posh way of saying Hollywood is milking it until we get bored In part 4, he kills a lot of people and in part 5, he kills a lot of people. If Wick gets killed in 4, there is no 5, and if he gets killed in 5, there is no 6.

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‘John Wick 5’ Confirmed By Lionsgate; Sequel Will Be Shot Back To Back With Fourth InstallmentKeanu Reeves is back in the back-to-back sequels game with John Wick 4 and 5 aiming to film consecutively next year. On today’s Lionsgate earnings call, the studio’s CEO John Feltheimer… Lionsgate Makes sense. Lionsgate gcb9222 Lionsgate Hopefully Halle Berry comes back

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Chad Stahelski To Produce ‘Man From Nowhere’ Remake At New Line, Reuniting With ‘John Wick’ Scribe Derek KolstadEXCLUSIVE: The partnership between the team behind the John Wick franchise continues as we are hearing Chad Stahelski is coming on to produce New Line’s remake of the 2010 South Korean Pic Th…

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