John Prine: 25 Essential Songs

In his humble, hilarious way, John Prine was one of America’s greatest songwriters. Here are 25 of his essential songs

John Prine

4/8/2020 4:45:00 AM

In his humble, hilarious way, John Prine was one of America’s greatest songwriters. Here are 25 of his essential songs

In his humble, hilarious way, Prine was one of America’s greatest songwriters. Here are 25 of his best – heartfelt love songs, midwestern mind-trips, and offhandedly brilliant reflectio…

“When I Get to Heaven” (2018)Prine couldn’t have written a better epitaph than this, the final song on his final album. In spoken-word verses influenced by Hank Williams’ alter-ego Luke the Drifter, Prine lays out what he will do when he reaches the pearly gates: “When I get to heaven/I’m gonna shake God’s hand/Thank him for more blessings/Than one man can stand,” Prine sings, before laying out all he’s been grateful for: his parents, who encouraged his musical career, his departed aunts and brother Doug, and even his critics (“those syphilitic parasitics,” he says). Prine pledges to open up a nightclub called the Tree of Forgiveness in the afterlife. Over a joyous kazoo-filled chorus, he sings about making a handsome Johnny (his famous favorite drink: vodka and ginger ale) and “smoke a cigarette that’s nine miles long.” Prine had found rich subject matter in mortality for as long as he’d been recording. When he sang about his own, it was full of just as much dark humor and lyrical precision: “When I get to heaven, I’m gonna take that wristwatch off my arm,” he sang. “What are you gonna do with time/After you’ve bought the farm?”

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Jimi_Jammin Half an enchilada.... Jimi_Jammin ❤️ ❤️ Classic thank you John. Beth_Guay Gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine miles long RIP John Prine. You hold a special place in my heart. Sam Stone is my favorite song of John Prine. R.I.P. He will surely be missed! 🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️ _KennyRogers 'Even that young age, Prine could channel humor & heartbreak 💔 just like his heroes HankWilliams & RogerMiller'

John Prine Dead at 73 From CoronavirusRIP John Prine : The Americana legend has died at age 73 due to coronavirus complications May he rest in peace ☹️ I’m so heartbroken over this. 💔

I thought Covid-19 was a Democrat hoax. Great list. And thanks for adding Lake Marie. Listen daily to Prine. Met him one time in Hollywood. A GREAT down-to-earth guy. One of the best days ever. There were spaces between donald and whatever he said. Strangers had forced him to live in his head. He envisioned the details of romantic scenes After midnight in the stillness of the barracks latrine ☺️

R🌸I🌸P🌸 Out of all his great songs, this is the one I like the best today. A songwriter epitomizing the brilliance of a generation; RIP John Prine. RIP John Prine. Thank you for sharing your talent, words and songs with the world and for being such a beautiful soul and human being. Can’t find “Far From Me”. Am I missing a page?

Angel from Montgomery and Speed of the Sound of Loneliness. ❤️❤️❤️

John Prine, revered singer-songwriter, dies of COVID-19 complications at 73 John Prine , who survived cancer and heart issues, died from COVID-19 complications. The Grammy winner was known for his keen observations and mordant humor. Very sad😟 Very sad. 🙏 A huge loss!

Now the question we have to take his song 'please dont bury me' literally? Donald trump killed JohnPrine Man who died before his time Man whose word shed such light Is gone now into the night Donald Trump killed John Prine Seems time we should draw the line Before Donald trump gets get yours and mine DonaldTrump killed johnprine JohnPrineRIP

This is a good list, and yet there are so many great tunes it omits. A true 'Best of' list would be over 50 songs at least. RIPJohnPrine Angel of Montgomery was always my fave! RobertWoelfel75 GlastoWatch tsamere le coiffeur pendant le confinement,c est compliqué... In Spite of Ourselves 💗 Tom_Godell Paradise was a real place in Western Kentucky (not Eastern - Kentucky has coal on both ends). If you do a google map search for Paradise, KY you can zoom in and see the power plant. That power plant can burn a rail car full of coal in 4 seconds.

His cover of Clay Pigeons is so damn good it hurts

John Prine, Singer-Songwriter Known for Wit and Warmth, Dies at 73 John Prine , a country-folk music icon whose witty and heartfelt songs of love, protest and social commentary helped shape a generation of songwriters, has died from complications related to the novel coronavirus at age 73. Oh no . Omg no 🥺 💔 This is heartbreaking! Such an amazing talent and generous soul.

jimallthetime Exactly, I loved that he didn't take himself so seriously...he found the joy in his life and lyrics. That said, I'll have to check your list ;) fuckthisvirus John Prine's eponymous whole first album with Sam Stone, etc, etc, etc Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore Big Old Goofy World is another great one from later on

💔JohnnyMarsDJ TXmusicTV They didn't list 'Linda Goes to Mars'🤨🤨🤨🤨 'Well it's a doggone shame...and it's an awful mess...I wish you love...I wish you happiness' Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven any more 🇺🇸 John's songs speak of wisdom, humor, kindness, love and with his big old goofy heart he shared this with the world. The world needs to listen. johnprine

RIP-say Hello In There!❤❤🙏 Hey Paradise is in Muhlenberg County Kentucky which is in Western Kentucky. Could you please correct this? Thank you.

John Prine, Legendary Folk Singer, Dies at 73 John Prine , who established himself as one of America’s deftest and most affecting singer-songwriters over the course of a nearly 50-year career, died Tuesday of complications of coronavirus. He wa… 😢RIP thank you for the music 🎶 I'm weeping. Devastated. I’m so incredibly sad about this. 💔

MichaelEMann Why is this written in the past tense? 101theFoxKC I’m just crushed. 💔 Paradise is in western kentucky, not eastern kentucky. Fix the article Angel From Montgomery is one of my favorite songs ever.I just listened to it again 😥😥😥😥😥😥 Oh no - I thought he was going to make it.😢 JohnPrine

*was America’s greatest songwriter. Not even a competition.

John Prine, Revered Singer-Songwriter, Dies From Coronavirus Complications at 73The two-time Grammy-winning artist was well-known for his story songs with vivid imagery and countless artists covered his songs, including Johnny Cash (“Sam Stone”), Bette Midler (“Hello in There”) and Bonnie Raitt (“Angel From Montgomery”) and Zac Brown Band (“All the Best”). No!!! Fckn awful. Rest well in the big sky, John. 😞 Devastating loss