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John Oliver takes a deep dive into police drug raids and why they need to stop

'Drug raids just have to stop.'

3/1/2021 2:52:00 PM

John Oliver takes a deep dive into police drug raids: 'Drug raids just have to stop.'

'Drug raids just have to stop.'

by a flash-bang grenade)."Officers are rarely criminally charged and even more rarely convicted," says Oliver."Botched raids usually aren't even investigated unless someone is killed, the media gets involved, or there's a lawsuit — and even when they happen, police officers are protected from civil liability by the doctrine of qualified immunity. As for their departments, they aren't even responsible for paying to repair a broken front door or compensating residents for any other losses or damages even when they raid the wrong residence — which is just absurd."

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MBS paid Jeffrey Epstein millions for secret information on Jamal Khashoggi. Epstein was involved in planning Khashoggi's brutal murder. My new book Controversy: Sex, Lies, Dirty Money details how MBS and Epstein were in cahoots you do the crime, you do the time. Better idea---people who need drugs we allow to leave via a 1 way ticket to an island we buy/supply with medical personnel, tent cities, food & all the drugs they want. We buy from 1 cartel to keep it supplied. What was that Lennon tune - Imagine. No cartels, dopers, gang bangs.

Grow up. Far more lives are lost with drugs, stupid idea. No knock raids, in particular, are wildly overused and dangerous (both to suspects and law enforcement). I am recently in your country, looking for new friends