John Oliver Sharpens Vaccine Attack On Tucker Carlson And It's Beautiful

A segment on vaccine hesitancy blasted the 'gaped-mouth, bad faith wonderings' of the Fox News 'fear baboon.'

5/4/2021 5:35:00 AM

A segment on vaccine hesitancy blasted the 'gaped-mouth, bad faith wonderings' of the Fox News 'fear baboon.'

The 'Last Week Tonight' segment on vaccine hesitancy blasted the 'gaped-mouth, bad faith wonderings' of the Fox News 'fear baboon.'

The “Last Week Tonight” host showed a montage of theFox Newspersonality fearmongering about the shots in the form of questions that actually have verifiable, reassuring answers.“It is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a supposed news network, and ending every sentence with a question mark,” Oliver said. “Especially when answers to most of those questions are out there for anyone who cares to know.”

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Oliver then focused on a clip from Carlson’s show in which he expressed skepticism over Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indoor mask guidelines for people who are vaccinated. “So maybe it doesn’t work and they’re simply not telling us,” Carlson said in a conspiracy-mongering tone.

Oliver sniped back.“The CDC is being cautious, and wants to be sure it’s not spreading bullshit around during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner duke with a TV show,” he snapped. “Anyway, I hope that answers at least one of your gape-mouthed, bad-faith wonderings, Tucker, you scrunch-faced fear baboon.”

Oliver cited statistics showing that the U.S. is falling short of vaccinating enough people to reach herd immunity, and that reluctant groups like Republicans need to get the vaccine at a greater rate.“The problem is, when people like Tucker raise questions without bothering to answer them, there is a lot of misinformation out there for people to then stumble on,” Oliver said. “Anti-vaccine groups have been waiting for a moment like this to spread doubt.”

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How is FoxNews ok with letting their opinion TV hosts give controversial national medical advice? People need to start calling their cable companies now, not just the sponsors. GetSpectrum comcast Xfinity ATT Verizon WeWouldStillHavePolio Ever wonder if SpeakerPelosi knows that the vaccine to end this pandemic is in her back yard? vaxart is producing an efficient vaccine that can easily be distributed because it’s in pill form. India needs Vaxart now. Where is the US funding for this life changing technology?

Damn porn is getting creative. Oliver sucks. It was an excellent episode and he explained EVERYTHING very clearly, even an ignorant GQPCult could understand. Independents are vaccine hesitant to because they don't watch bullshit networks like MSNBC and CNN. Does John Oliver believe the world is overpopulated?

When the people who ask questions are called fools by those that blindly accept things on faith, being a fool suddenly seems like a good idea. May is ALS Awareness Month. Help share the voices of the voiceless. endALS I think they people on fox should disclose if they had the shot before they talk shit.

I have a strong feeling that the vaccine hesitant don’t watch this guy’s show John Oliver is awesome