John Oliver, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

John Oliver Questions Decision to Proceed With Tokyo Summer Olympics

John Oliver Questions Decision to Proceed With Tokyo Summer Olympics

6/21/2021 7:09:00 AM

John Oliver Questions Decision to Proceed With Tokyo Summer Olympics

John Oliver questioned the decision to go forward with the Summer Olympic Games on Sunday’s edition of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. “Despite the fact that the pandemic is very still…

Oliver said organizers seem to be basing their decision in large part on financial considerations, with Japan having already spent $15.4 billion on the Games, though government audits imply that it’s actually twice that much.Yet, according to a CBS News report, Tokyo has no authority to cancel the Games — only the International Olympic Committee has the actual power to make such a decision.

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Oliver noted that several guidelines have been put into place, though he noted that condoms are still being handed out to the athletes in Olympic Village, though they will be encouraged to wait until they get home to use them. As he noted, the condom industry in Japan has been hoping to use the Games as a publicity tool to show off their high-tech prophylactics.

“Hosting the Olympics is never a good idea for a city. And it’s not like Japan needs the Olympics to boost tourism,” Oliver said.He continued: “While I truly hope for everyone’s benefit that this works out, you can’t help feeling that the main motivator in this even taking place is money. So, will it be worth it?”

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“You can’t help feeling that the main motivator in this […] is money.” If you would think for one second that the motivation is anything BUT money, you’re completely delusional. Nobody should care what this guy has to say. Just another shill spewing out the same homogenous talking points.

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