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John Oliver Gets Local Car Dealer To Produce 'Unhinged' Ad And It's... Um... Wow

The auto dealer had to agree to produce the ad without reading the script first.

10/18/2021 9:49:00 AM

The auto dealer had to agree to produce the ad without reading the script first.

The auto dealer had to agree to produce the ad without reading the script first.

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Jack Harlow on How Reading Harry Potter Made Him the Competitive Rapper He Is Today

While accepting his award for Variety’s Hitmaker of Tomorrow, Jack Harlow gifted the audience with a story from his childhood, revealing how a reading program stoked his competitive side, and…

'The number ta call is BR-549.' A strange request, did anyone accept? thanks

John Dean Convinced Trump Deeply Linked To Insurrection, And Steve Bannon Can Bare All'Indications are that Trump is much more involved in this whole thing than we think he was,” said Dean, who knows all about problematic presidents. good If you've read the thread below & more importantly, watched the NoOneUnscripted episodes, you aren’t at all surprised by this seditious chaos. But in case you haven't, here it is. Just saying. Do people really think he wasn’t deeply involved in all of this JohnWDean ?

'Peacemaker': See First Trailer for John Cena's 'The Suicide Squad' Spinoff Series‘Peacemaker’: See the first trailer for John Cena’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ spinoff series RestoreTheSnyderVerse No sepinwall Que mal ha envejecido Jimmy McNulty

The Imperfect Comparison Of Kyrsten Sinema To John McCainFormer McCain staffers weigh in on the the late senator’s legacy. John McCain was a true leader with a backbone & integrity. SenatorSinema is the antithesis of Senator McCain. And his shoes she'll never adequately fill. Why even bother with a comparison. John McCain was an idealist, kyrstensinema is a self-serving joke. John McCain would never have considered aligning with policies that benefitted an opposing party that just tried to violently nullify the election results and literally STOP the will of the voters. That needs reporting too maggieNYT & THAT’S why you and your ilk are failing us.

Farmers and John Deere suppliers worry about strike's impactMore than 10,000 Deere employees went on strike last week at 14 Deere factories in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Georgia after the United Auto Workers... good luck

Surprise! Olivia Newton-John to Appear on Dancing With the Stars' Grease Night - E! OnlineGrease is the word yet again for Olivia Newton-John, who will return to Dancing With the Stars for a special themed episode featuring two of her past co-stars. 'You're the One That I Want...' fantastic 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✨💕

Sunday Conversation: Duran Duran’s John Taylor On The Band’s ‘Very Personal’ New Album, Early Fame And MoreDuran Duran have a superb new album, 'Future Past,' out this Friday. I spoke with bassist John Taylor about the band's 40-year evolution, from MTV stars to iconic career artists,