Lastweektonight, John Oliver

Lastweektonight, John Oliver

John Oliver Explains the Stupidity of the Filibuster on ‘Last Week Tonight’

“It’s like trying to drink coffee like a cat,” host says


“It’s like trying to drink coffee like a cat.' John Oliver explains the stupidity of the filibuster on LastWeekTonight

“It’s like trying to drink coffee like a cat,” host says

Oliver explained that, despite our popular portrayal of the filibuster as an act of endurance on the Senate floor – think Jimmy Stewart in

Most crucially, says Oliver, the filibusters do not encourage bipartisanship, as they were initially designed to do. Rather, they prevent key bills with bipartisan support, like gun control bills and the public option on Obamacare, from passing the Senate. And while there’s certainly a risk in getting rid of the 60-vote majority for Democrats – a similar rollback allowed Brett Kavanaugh to voted onto the Supreme Court – it may allow the Senate to actually get things done.

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Now watch us explain the stupidity of John Oliver. I need to listen to this. I have no idea what it is When I grow up I want to be a Filibuster!!!! Don't get rid of our system of checks and balances!! I think it's dangerous to get rid of the filibuster and not for nothing, has everyone forgotten that just last year it was the Republicans that wanted to get rid of it and the Dems wanted to keep it. Now they act like it was the other way around all along.

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