John Mayer Critiques Taylor Swift's Lyrics & Fans Are Mad

Well, some aren't delighted by his commentary...


Well, some aren't delighted by his commentary...

John Mayer has some thoughts on Taylor Swift's lyrics and honestly, same.

month. If Swift really wanted to get into the rebellious spirit here, she probably should have said February — it’s even the same syllables.

Swifties weren’t totally delighted by Mayer’s criticism, given his connection to the artist. Some even came for Mendes for"laughing" at Mayer's (pretty light!) criticism.

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John Mayer Is Right About Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’It brings us absolutely no pleasure to admit that he’s correct John Mayer said that too? I take it as she means keep them up alllll year long, til January 😉😘 So, for an entire year, until January 1st lol JohnMayer Lover I clicked for john mayer, but how is this an article worthy content? lol

Hear John Mayer Put His On Spin on Taylor's Swift's LoverJohn Mayer remixed Taylor Swift's Lover for Shawn Mendes during his Instagram Live talk show Current Mood on Sunday night. Listen to it here.

Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Dragging Shawn Mendes for Laughing When John Mayer Joked About Her “Lover” LyricsTaylor Swift's Fans Are Dragging Shawn Mendes for Laughing When John Mayer Joked About Her 'Lover' Lyrics

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