John Legend Says Don't Get Mad Felicity Huffman Got Light Sentence

John Legend Says Don't Get Mad Felicity Huffman Got Light Sentence

9/14/2019 7:44:00 PM

John Legend Says Don't Get Mad Felicity Huffman Got Light Sentence

John Legend weighed in on the college admissions scandal sentencing.

's 14-day sentence in her college bribery scandal case ... people are angry at the wrong thing.John just said,"I get why everyone gets mad when rich person X gets a short sentence and poor person of color Y gets a long one. The answer isn't for X to get more; it's for both of them to get less (or even none!!!). We should level down not up."

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Okay ... time for a few opinions. First, John's right, especially when you're talking about equivalent crimes. But, in some cases, long sentences are appropriate. They need to be handed down fairly, with equality for all. Read more: TMZ »

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Are we not working on prison reform? Light sentence because she’s a celebrity. John Legend became an attorney? Who care what the asshole says She should have to pay for several kids to complete a college education. If this were the average hard working mom, there wouldn't be so much leniency. Lori better get years, she isn't taking responsibility nor is she sorry.

The student loan crisis is so real and then you read this....Raise your hand if you are willing to pay for my daughters student loans and pay my tuition for my MBA We shouldn’t be seeking longer jail sentences for anyone - we should be pressing for decarceration for all, and a system that pursues other forms of justice.

Well When you only produce one song every 7 yrs Can't burn bridges and say stupid shit or only job you will get will be on new years eve Um wait. Nevermind You have something that might bite you in the ass John? Another case of rich privilege. As told what to say by chrissyteigen We all know John Legend is your typical social elite. Say good or do good? John Legend just talks things up but doesn't do anything.

Don’t care what u think, John So john is a judge now. Please stick to what you do best. Playing piano. Leave judge things to judges. Well, Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty too. And acknowledge she committed a crime. Lori Loughlin didn’t, hopefully she gets more than 14 says Why, is she paving the way for him to do that?

Oh... ok then.... if John Legend says. 🤔🤐 She sure did Yall kill me with these headlines. Y’all know damn well that’s not what he said All I know a light sentence is like a slap on the wrist.. their is alot of kids who work their asses off to get into college so sick of these people who has alot money who does dirty shit like this it's just bologna

Why do you and your wife think that y’all need to keep telling people what to think and feel? Stay in your lane both of u She’s one of them that’s why They Dont Have To Reform Justice When U White. 😫⚰🍆💦 breaking godblessthemotherland yijaaaaaa Non-violent crime so her sentence is 14 days too much right libtard johnlegend? Cc: chrissyteigen StephenCurry30

Is he a the spoke person of Hollywood or something?! Wtf is wrong with this guy jumping on every topic! No one cares about this disgusting irrelevant man opinion 🐍 I am mad at the judge on this one ,she could've went and got more time .Or that's the standard now Lighter sentences for crimes.....hmmm sure that will deter people......

What does John have to do with this?! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Disagree with johnlegend!Felicity needed greater punishment because of the ramifications of her acts.Judges should consider who is impacted by the act not just what was done:Many ppl missed out on college.This type of scandal will continue. No one was deterred by her sentence.

So we should give her a pass when others served five yrs for the same thing None of y’all actually read the article & it shows. Luckily johnlegend only speaks for johnlegend What makes her special? Money? Watch, something happens to him or his family - do they deserve a nice light punishment? I hardly doubt it! Him and his wife would be wanting life in prison if a person hurt their family! HYPOCRITE! Sick of him and his wife! 🙄

I would have been fine with a month in jail for her. You have to send some type of message this cannot be tolerated. Lori Loughlin is in trouble. Hers won't be so light. Wait are you saying only poor folks of color get more time and fines? Hmm am I reading it right 😏 Who cares what Legend and his goofy wife think ?

Im surprised he didn’t blame trump for this whats his problem We're mad that the system is unfair, we're mad that she gets two weeks and Tanya McDowell did 5 years John is an idiot ,you never gave Rosanna a chance ,seems that way. Certain people get away with things others don't on both sides. She cheated and she should have got more time.

No not mad just unfair,14 days for her,5yrs for mother registering son in a better district? You called this justice? Exactly. It's a reflection of our criminal justice system.... not about Felicity. She's just one notable name out of HUNDREDS of people implicated in the scam. Get angry at the system and demand change. VOTE. More importantly, learn about the person you are giving your vote too.

Is he kidding? Blah blah blah Black blah blah blah. He's even about to perform in an Elvis Presley special, while it's know that man was a proud pedophile. He boned Priscilla from the tender age of 14. Damn hypocrite. Can't stand this traitor. Not to forget he's pals with Harvey Weinstein. He has no morals.

Here’s the full title. 🙄 A slap on the risk for a cheating the system. The system is set the benefit one class of people the rest of us have to suffer and work twice has hard to earn a degree and then we still have work harder to get our foot in the door, which may never happen only if you’re liked. Did people read the article?

Actually what he said makes sense. That’s how I know y’all don’t read. He said everyone should have got less if they’re going to give anyone anything at all..... the black lady should have got 14 days if they just HAD to give time (even tho we all knew it was bullshit racism). nobody gives a shit what he says

Nobody cares what chrissyteigen husband thinks! John da hypocrite Legend can officially return his BlackCard Why would anyone care about what John Legend says? I agree I'm not mad I'm surprised she got anything at all Why does John Legend seem to think that he is the voice of reason and wisdom for everyone to follow? He should just shut the fuck up already and let everyone think for themselves

This clown is always staunchly defending white criminals. I agree! She didn’t sentence herself!! Oh hot damn I smell a minor celebrity feud a brewing John, I'm not mad brother that she got a light sentence. I'm mad that black women have received harsher sentencing for doing the same thing Who cares what legend says

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