Media, John King Discloses He İs İmmunocompromised - Cnn

Media, John King Discloses He İs İmmunocompromised - Cnn

John King discloses he is immunocompromised

'CNN anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King told viewers on Tuesday that he has multiple sclerosis and is immunocompromised.'

10/19/2021 10:15:00 PM

CNN anchor John King tells viewers he has multiple sclerosis to make a point about the importance of Covid-19 vaccinations to immunocompromised people

'CNN anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King told viewers on Tuesday that he has multiple sclerosis and is immunocompromised.'

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Kemi_VB JohnKingCNN You never know what someone is dealing with. TFS John. I know you didn't want to. And yes, it's ridiculous for people on TV to rail against COVID19Vaccine but got their shots months ago. JohnKingCNN Yup, cause you called it for Trump, then amazingly out of know where Biden pulls in the win. Wait 2016 you sucked as well wouldn’t tell the truth on states till you had no choice.

jaketapper JohnKingCNN From one Dorchester kid to another my prayers are with you John 🙏🏻 jaketapper JohnKingCNN Stress is a major factor in the level of symptoms. Getting treatment quickly is essential. We get busy and let things go and MS uses that open door. So was Powell. Double vaxxxed, with comorbidities. Requiescat in Pace.

I’’m so happy you shared your story I have MS since 1994 so I’m asking people around me to get vaccinated ty again take care my MS warrior Thank you but there are no studies that show people with MS suffer more with a COVID diagnosis. Been watching you for years and love your journalism. I pray for you as you navigate MS. Thank you for sharing❤️

C’on! Having MS is not like having a STD!!!! Why keeping this ‘a secret’? For all of us MS champions….please, please, own it!!!! Having MS is just a challenge…..I am so glad you talked about being immunocompromised!!!!! This is the type of person we must get the vaccine to protect. They can’t! All the blessings to you and family.

Carole King/James Taylor Documentary Directed by Frank Marshall Set for CNN and HBO MaxA documentary about the creative pairing of Carole King and James Taylor has been commissioned by CNN and HBO Max, with Frank Marshall set as director and producer, the two companies announced Frid… Is it your birthday or something? :) When?

JonLemire Oh no . . . EVS 1O48SS 629SS 1589SS Topgast en een no-nonsens man. Hou ik van “Put up or shut up”. Thank you JohnkingCNN for the best way to put it that I have heard. You are one of the best journalists on tv. May you stay well and keep telling us the truth for many years to come. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know you are not asking for advice necessarily, but the Cleveland Clinic has been amazing for a friend of mine with MS. Healing thoughts and prayers!

Y.Y.. ASSASSINATE/S ASSASSINATE/S OR/S OR/S SAVE/ED/S SAVE/ED/S HAVE/S HAVE/S LEVI/S LEVI/S CHOSE/S CHOSE/S KNOW/S/KNEW/S (NOT NO) KNOWS/KNEW/S (NOT NO) Congratulations John King. Hope all is well. I'm 'immunocompromised' as well. [Boston-W/Roxbury] I have Dystonia a neurological movement disorder. EveryoneMustGetVaccinated EndThisPandemic

CNN’s John King Reveals On-Air He Has Multiple SclerosisThe CNN anchor called his MS diagnosis a “secret I’ve never spoken [about] before.”

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