John Hickenlooper To End Presidential Campaign Thursday, Sources Say - Cnnpolitics

John Hickenlooper To End Presidential Campaign Thursday, Sources Say - Cnnpolitics

John Hickenlooper to end presidential campaign Thursday, sources say

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to end his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, sources say


Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to end his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, sources say

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to end his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, three Democrats familiar with the matter tell CNN, as he continues to weigh a bid for the Senate.

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Awesome! Thank you sir. About to donate to his senate campaign. Hopefully others follow suit Sources say his supporters are most likely to flock to John Delaney, bringing his total support from 0% to 0% Another twenty or so idiots to go This is the one that got booed for a full minute because he hates M4A

With his .0000000001% of democratic primary voter support, folks will be working overtime to get his endorsement Adios Hickey! cool, now do biden next One down. 19 to go!! Now go run for Senate

John Hickenlooper Plans to End Campaign for 2020 Democratic Presidential NominationBreaking: Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to drop out of the 2020 presidential race on Thursday, according to a person familiar with his plans Who? The first of many. Then there were 19

HarlemMC Who? This whackadoooo took his mom to”DEEPTHROAT—THE MOVIE? Need I say more? Another one bites the dust! Trump 2020 SHOCKER That's a damn shame hickenpooper Best news I’ve heard all week. YAY Well now the democrats have lost the “watches porn with their mom” demographic of Americans

John Hickenlooper Considering Ending Presidential Bid to Run for Senate: ReportThough Hickenlooper said in February that he’s “not cut out to be a senator,” there may be a lane open for him: Polls show him ahead of both Democratic challengers and GOP incumbent Cory Gardner I hope it is true! Run, John, run for senate! Do the right thing! Hickenlooper Running for President and self-evaluates as not cut out to be a senator. Strong argument there, sir.

Who? Looking forward to his new cereal brand Hardly knew ya'. 64 left How can I buy say Donald Trump is not got no political experience when he has become a true politician he makes promises he just can't keep Now do Delaney next ebruenig Who?

John Hickenlooper Mulling Ending Presidential Bid to Run for SenateMr. Hickenlooper, who has remained near the bottom of the Democratic field, is in discussions to challenge Colorado’s Republican senator, Cory Gardner. Good idea! What is there to discuss?

K. Bye. Who Lol! What?! He seemed so strong. Who? He was running? That was a waste of time and money. Thank you. Nooooo don't drop out you're so sexy ahaha Ok, now maybe another 7-8 can follow suit.

John Mayer Gets Restraining Order Against ''Obsessed'' FanThings escalated when John Mayer's obsessed fan started making violent threats to his team. JamilaKhaleel janna😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wow that's scary. Is it Pornhub aria?

2 down a million to go Who? R.I.P, breakfast cereal man. Try Hickenloops! Now with 20 percent more fiber, and extra tasty fracking water! Good. Run for Senate Good try good effort To be honest 'His bid' never really started! Did he ever get more than 1% ? Could have been our first openly face blind president. SMDH.

👋 ebruenig *ding ding* it's a 538 draft win for geoffreyvs

Locarno: John Waters on a Career Inside and Outside of HollywoodIt’s 50 years since John Waters made his first feature film, “Mondo Trasho” — a scuzzy, Divine-starring underground ride that set the tone for a career of joyously offending delicate sensibil… Maryland legend. bonniegrrl This is probably the most profound thing I have ever heard.

ebruenig Could Beto do the same? Support FeelTheBern What should I do with my thousand Lickenhooper bumper stickers KamalaHarris CoryBooker TheDemocrats Looper has looked better than the better known democrats. But only because Biden, Harris, Booker, Bernie etc. have said nothing but complete and utter nonsense!

Good A wise decision!! Who? Another candidate drops out before Marianne Williamson.

Why John Mara Thinks The Giants Are Heading In The Right DirectionNo matter what NFL analysts think about the decisions made by Giants general manager Dave Gettleman, one person who is firmly in the 68-year-old general manager’s corner is team co-owner John Mara.

So sad Senator Hickenlooper sounds good.... For the Democratic Party it is Socialism or bust. They should not have let this wing into the DNC. They should have forced them to run 3rd. Party. The DNC has become the Trump party. AOC, Talib, and Omar we will see how that works out. The party has been set back at least 19yrs

Good for him PLEASE Drop out !!!! Focus on the candidate who's trying to solve the problems of the 21st century !! AndrewYang is literally trying to help every american DIRECTLY to impact their life directly!! Who can say no to the Freedom Dividend 🤔 Nooooooooooo!!!! Get a load of this grifter Please raise the voice of Kashmir .Indian RSS idiology trying to kill kashmiris


That's too bad. It is kinda fun to say Hickenlooper. It sounds like one of Big Bird's friends. Good bye Lickenpooper Good riddance Wow,such a 'tragic loss'! The 2020-campaign will never be t.same without him!😜 But the real tragedy here is that in comparison, considering his agenda &governing-experience, he actually has been one of the best and MOST REASONABLE candidates in that pathetic field of losers!😉

Who? 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 Donald Trump seems like the Democrat Party or crashing all by their self I'm missing that were a boy with the glasses. He had you this time he's got shot down in flames again congratulations I hope it's over this time everybody's getting sick of hearing about that Russian probe

Oh no Buh-bye.

GOOD No one saw this coming. True life in God Was he even running? Hope you will run for Senate, John. Crucial seat! Please exit stage right I love this song ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ

which one was he? Well, you gave it a try. Now go challenge Senator Gardner. Best of luck. hell yeah Hickenlooper showing true vision I thought you had to be running for president in order to be able to cancel a campaign. Did it even start? John Lickenpooper Why did he wait so long?!?! John who ? Look it’s just as well no someone has to tell Mayor Pete it’s time to quit and convince a few others to end their runs which will end before the primary ballots are made up. The Democrats must work together for America & global stability. You need House Senate & WH

What a shame Where does all the donated money go Should've ended it a while ago and let Gravel on the stage, at least Gravel stood for something. Was that the one that lied about being Native American WHAT? I can't hear that announcement over the white noise machine. Good Who cares i wasnt even aware he was running...

It ended the day after he entered. He just didn’t realize it.

Delaney needs to go! So does DeBlasio! They are not polling well and are wasting too much time, air and space. Make room for Joe, Liz, Kamala and Bernie. HardFactorNews damn Who? He was the only one who knew he was running. Hickenlooper run for the Senate. We need you there. It never started. This guy was way too sane for the Democratic Party.

What happens to the money?

Good Dude just no spark there! Do Great Things in Colorado!! I hope he runs for senate. He will make a good one, imo Sen ate! Sen ate! Sen ate! Run for senate. Didn’t know he was running... tragic Which one was he again? Do the country a real service and run for the Senate

And President Beto plans to address the Nation, on meth of course, that white collar junky don’t fool me.. Imagine Mr President Hickenlooper still think he would be an interesting choice as a VEEP depending on whom it is John who is this man? he had no chance anyway May God bless him for bringing out the voices of his constituents and also attempting to stand for POTUS2020

He just couldn't put together the Clinton level of $$$$ required to buy the nomination.

Not that anybody asked, but I'm ending mine as well. If he can't compete, well, who can? Who? What will we do without a voice for the fossil fuel industry Republicans in the DNC Who? Well that didn’t take long. I thought he was in it to win it? I thought he had a plan to save America? I thought he was the savior that we needed? Oh well. Trump 2020

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