John Bolton Says U.S. Is 'Not Safer' Today Than It Was Before Trump Presidency

Former national security adviser John Bolton says President Trump's decision-making 'does not produce a coherent, effective, sustained policy.'

10/18/2020 4:40:00 AM

John Bolton, President Trump's national security adviser from 2018 to 2019, does not believe the United States is safer today than it was four years ago.

Former national security adviser John Bolton says President Trump's decision-making 'does not produce a coherent, effective, sustained policy.'

Sergei Gapon/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionSergei Gapon/AFP via Getty ImagesFormer national security adviser John Bolton, pictured in August 2019, says the U.S. is not safer than it was four years ago.Sergei Gapon/AFP via Getty ImagesAmbassador John Bolton, who worked as national security adviser to President Trump from 2018 to 2019, told NPR's

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All Things Consideredthat he does not believe the United States is safer today than it was four years ago."I think unfortunately it's not safer, which is not to say that there haven't been some important positive decisions made and some important accomplishments," he said, including withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and from a Cold War-era nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.

"The trouble is, there has been no overarching strategy in the Trump administration," Bolton told NPR on Friday."So that the series of decisions that have been made really have not followed a pattern that leads us over a sustained period of time to a stronger position internationally. And I think that is a fundamental failing in the administration's approach that contributes to the general conclusion, netted out across all the different issue areas, that we're not in a stronger position today than we were when the administration took office."

Bolton's book about his time in the White House,The Room Where It Happened Read more: NPR »

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if John could predict President actions, they he should be the President 😂 what a foul Mr Know-it-all expressing his ideas about national security, of which he knows nothing If you vote for realDonaldTrump, that means you’re ok with: 1. Racism KKK 2. Proud Boys 3. Police Brutality 4. Corruption 5. Uncontrollable Pandemic & Massive Deaths 6. Declining Womens Rights 7. Voter Suppression 8. Inequality ETC What does that say about you? SERIOUSLY!!!

Get lost. GOPComplicitTraitors Not with you..... I can't believe you got the nerve to say anything at all mr. Bolton after all you were in this guy's corner from the very beginning you had a golden opportunity to speak up during the impeachment hearings you don't get any of my respect. You're the Great American coward.

STOP 👏 PLATFORMING 👏 WAR 👏 CRIMINALS 👏 EndlessWar is Bolton’s only idea of coherent, effective, sustained policy. From the guy who’s idea of an “effective, sustained policy” is “bomb them. Bomb them some more. Then bomb them again. Repeat” brettvogelmusic Well, he's the Commander in Chief and he doesn't have to agree or do everything Bolton wanted to do. Bolton was an advisor, not a decision maker. Sounds like the War Monger didn't get his way.

I don't want to hear from 'write in a name' Bolton. NPR is incspable of interviews that contain follow-up questions that hold politicians accountable to answer questions. Their softball style reveals a fear of being labelled biased, and this weakens their integrity. The fact that Bolton has stated that he will not vote for the only Trump opponent who can realistically beat him tells you that Bolton’s national security warning cannot be taken very seriously.

Please find news that matters. Thanks. A horrible person can sometimes still give good advice. You mean like 20+ years in Afghanistan for nothing? We get it John, once a Warhawk always a Warhawk...Trump is trying to get us out of conflicts and the generals are trying to keep us in. They’re [generals] setting them selves up for post military enrichment with defense Co.

Why is John Bolton still in the news? He’s a Warhawk that’s profited substantially from the nation building regime he’s been central in creating I’ve the last 3 decades. His shtick against Trump is his means of remaining in the news media to promote his self-aggrandized agenda. John Bolton favors large-scale U.S. military interventions all around the world, especially in the Middle East. One advantage of America's current disunity is that we are unlikely to ever again achieve the kind of political consensus required to engage in such adventurism.

Stop trying to clear your conscious there Johnny. You’re just as much a part of this shit show as his children! Complicit is as complicit does. AmbJohnBolton who really cares about this guy? John Bolton was never successful in foreign policy. He is not an expert. His opinion is irrelevant. Code for sometimes he didn't do as I said.

Too late. ratsleavingaship Love that all the progressivepropagandaoutfits are all hanging on all the neocons observations. realDonaldTrump is bringing troops home and has not started new wars . This is the opposition of bolton , matis , mcmaster and all other neocons A coherent, effective, sustained policy crafted by John Bolton would be 500,000 US troops on the ground in the Middle East, full blown US imperialism.

Isn’t it interesting the guy who was supposed to help keep us safe now have the nerve to say we’re less safe now smh Go away John Bolton. Go home and spend that book money. Said so clearly......AFTER THE FACT. C'MON MAN! AmbJohnBolton, you had a chance to be a real truth teller, you failed. Thanks. you do know that Bolton is a 'WAR HAWK'? Reporting from this media site is getting bad. Should just hire Hunter Biden, I heard he has the inside scoop on everything.

A coherent, sustain foreign policy is what foreign state adversaries and allies have used since 1990 to expand their influence around the world to the detriment of US interests. The US has to engage our adversaries (and deal with our allies) with a fresh, unconventional approach Funny, given how successful Trump has been both domestically and in Foreign policy. Just cause it is not how Bolton would do it dies not make it bad or wrong

Not too long ago, Bolton was thought of as a war monger nut case. Now the left is talking about him as if he has some deep foreign policy insight. Please make up you mind You had your chance to speak during the impeachment but here we are Bolton. Translation: 'We need to be in every other country's business and meddle in their internal affairs (as much as we can). We can't simply mind our own business and act like a country of free people.'

uh usa safe 60 million abortions wars stacked on top of ...... bolton there is great news it is not the cia eternal life Jesus roll the dice Why the fuck are people still giving John Bolton the time of day? Thank you captain Obvious FakeNews TrumpDerangementSyndrome And yet he didn't care enough about the Country to testify. Getting his book out and all the resulting interviews talking about how incompetent he knew Trump was what mattered $$$. He is a disgrace

Isn't it a little too late for the clowns to break with the ringleader? He's Mr. Potato Head. He's wrestling w/ demons in his own mind. A coward through & through. Didn't have the guts to speak up when it mattered for the American people. And I care what Bolton thinks? I think not. quit interviewing him. he's a pos. move on already.

Well golly I surely am glad that we have John 'Buy My Book' Bolton to tell us that cuz we would never know it otherwise. 😂 the man wants to keep his that’s a politician 'Not coherent and effective' - says guy who tried this kind of horse shit a year ago. This man needs to retire into a old folks home he’s so useless.

Everyone no longer trust us around the world. We brag about the weapons, but we came crying home from Afghanistan. John Bolton’s safety concept = launching a war So, we are not safe or safer than 4 years ago😅😅😅 Maybe we could just not talk to Bolton ? You don’t say!! Bolton tap danced around the 'was Rudy Giuliani a Russian asset' question. Sorry Bolton. Too little, too late.

But then he's never been part of the solution. Why does anyone reprint Bolton’s BS? While Bolton is right, he is responsible for contributing to Trump’s reign of terror. No absolution for him on this... Bolton a Jealous turd. He is out of the loop He has no access to intelligence. That's it. 😂 you’re now tapping Bolton for his hot takes? Surely you’re not this fucking desperate?

The Fraternal Order of Police endorsed President Trump’s reelection on Friday, saying he has the “full and enthusiastic support” of its more than 355,000 members. Peace between Arab nations and Israel, Kosovo/Serbia, and Korea. Isis caliphate dismantled. Ending Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the 5 other nations Obama/Biden started wars. If America isn't safer, we NEVER will be. F the military industrialist like Bolton/Biden.

tbh the only defense of trump which one could reasonably make is that ghouls like bolton think hes bad Coherent, effective and sustained are not part of tRump’s 200 word vocabulary. John Bolton when it comes to making America safe, he did very little and will do even less moving forward. So not invading any Middle Eastern countries is random. Ok great.

Most believe they are better of under Trump than under Obama. No surprise there. He wouldn’t think the US is safe until every other nation on earth was bombed out of existence. Will all the people who still care what John Bolton has to say please raise your hands. Safe? What the hell has US to be scared of compared to other countries (who may not feel safe with US which spends more on military than EU Russia China combined)

Does anyone? John Bolton is having war withdrawals. He breaks out into cold sweats when America isn't at war. Translation: 'The sun even shines on a dog's ass once in a while.' Why are all this Reps opening their mouth now when they should have spoken up when it counts? Is this asshole ever not touching his glasses?

Biden and crack head Hunter going to jail - RICO He's right. 4 years ago we didn't have domestic terrorists attacking and killing people in our streets while being ignored (sanctioned?) by the media and Democrats. Your hands are dirty in this mess. That’s true and one of the reasons is because of John Bolton and all the other Republican enablers.

Safer because Trump sold out to our enemy. Loves Putin and his lackey. Love North Korea Kim his only friend. He’s the guy that’s CaptainObvious in those commercials, right? BoltonIsComplicit Bolton should sit down, and shut up - he has not once done the right thing for the country. Who's fault is that AmbJohnBolton

Dear Jesus, .AmbJohnBolton is almost incompetent as Trump. His hair is a lot of colors '...enemy of my enemy', NPR? NPROmbudsmenNeeded RebootNPR And he contributed to the destruction of our security. Well a lot safer without Bolton that’s for sure 😂 Stop giving this fool airtime. Pretty sure that a vicious maniac's conception of a coherent, effective, sustained policy would actually also be bad, though?

Since when does npr care about what John Bolton thinks? Oh right, if he disagrees with Trump or has something vaguely critical to say about him. And instead you agree with Biden’s more—a person who Robert Gates said was wrong on every major decision he ever made in the last 40 years? This is the only way to approach John Bolton.

AmbJohnBolton’s righteous indignation is just feelings that don’t help the situation. He missed productive actions at least three times so far. Could we possibly allow this caterpillar face fall back into obscurity where he belongs? Was he fired ? Why are you treating Bolton like a serious person to be taken seriously?

Bolton had a chance to speak out when it mattered. Now he's irrelevant. : We’re quoting John Bolton with approbation because he’s referring to Donald Trump with opprobrium. Who cares what he thinks? He’s not willing to stand for anything. Neither do I. Things have gotten a lot worse in the last 4 years. Riden with Biden

Shorter John Bolton: Trump is crazy. This is the most menecing dork mug shoot off face for a splash screen of any character that reads WHO IS THIS GUY? That’s why Bolton has been such a miserable failure. He is all about war because he never fights in them. I do believe him, because Trump cooperated wit Putin Russia.

No, no no really- Im relevant- buy my book. Despite this, let’s not prop up John Bolton as a good guy. Cause he ain’t. It’s only Bolton to whom Trump’s decisions are random because Bolton fails to understand the transactionional, narcissistic, and plain dumb worldview that drives Trump to reach decisions. Also Bolton needs to ditch his stupid ‘stash

No one gives a shit. Ahem, f*ck John Bolton. Why are we still having John Bolton shoved down our throats? who cares what john bolton says? Bolton is nothing more than another grifter Why is he always touching the rim of his glasses? Zayday1998 There is ZERO terrorist attack in US under President Trump! Same in Afghanistan, Iraqi and Israel.

Look Captain Crunch, you had a chance to testify in front of Congress and tell what you know and saw. Instead you declined and are now pushing your book. Well it's too late. I doubt any major revelation will come from the book. kluckey But yet the POS will throw his only vote away by writing someone else in, who’s not even on the ballot, vicariously giving a vote to the man he knows is a threat to our country.

Bolton is an opportunistic coward. He just happens to be right. The amount of unwarranted oxygen Bolton keeps getting via the media could be much better suited for any random COVID-19 patient. Noone cares what John Bolton has to say 'Who? Never heard of him,' said future history books. Eh...duh? Just shut up - where were you during impeachment

Ya think? bolton is a war monger. so is biden. realDonaldTrump is the MOST anti-war president EVER. prove me wrong. paradigm shifting perspective But won't commit to voting for Biden. Shameful. Who's your next interview? The Chinese official in charge of reeducating Uighur Muslims? Lol Bolton wasted everybody's time

John Bolton is a spineless coward bekindhavehope And we're still not buying your book Bolton. Nice try though, nice try. 🙄 Bolton's just another pathetic warmonger whose pissed because Trump hasn't already invaded Venezuela and Iran. (Thank God)!!! Ya think? Please sit down and stop talking, Mr. Bolton. Your window of opportunity has closed.

John Bolton was one of the architects of the Iraq War. Why does anyone take this buffoon seriously anymore? He made matters worse. He owns part of this so he could sell a book. News flash! Bolton 🗑 trashes Trump. NPR scoop. NPR No thanks to Bolton. For the love of God stop reporting anything that this man says.

Stop reporting on this opportunistic psycho. He is irrelevant. No shit. Bolton wants to bomb EVERYONE He should have put the country first and spoken up earlier! Coward says what? HotlineJosh Lolz. Lying liberals said he was a war monger when he was hired by Trump. Now he’s the voice of reason. Lolz He's just mad he didn't get to start any wars.

I keep thinking any article like this should preface Bolton like 'Widely Regarded Giant Piece of Shit John Bolton' like 'even Widely Regarded Giant Piece of Shit John Bolton does not believe the United States is safer today than it was four years ago.' No thanks to you scared sissy Duh. HotlineJosh In large part because he refused to testify before Congress. Too late Bolton.

You don’t say ' the United States is safer today than it was four years ago' Because Trump makes America people to divide and hates. Did he also admit to contributing to that lack of safety? If not, I’d rather hear it from someone else. Thanks to you . ann_neels And part of the responsibility for this is his.

Wonder if his book is on the clearance shelf yet. Duh. Screw bolton He used subordinates as human shields He's an opportunistic coward He's ben sasse He's GOPpifer 5.1, Stormtrumper, Evangelical Grifter zombiepresident eating everyone’s flesh A Man with many Secrets... Dear john, and who’s fault Is that? While you had your agenda, everything was fine. You still haven’t spoken out, you pusillanimous hypocrite.

Well d'uh? Stop giving neo con war hawks free press. Its typical for disgruntled & fired ex-employees to say negative things about their previous employer. Bolton is a traitor. The USA is diminished in every way. Stop 👏 Giving 👏 Him 👏 Coverage 👏 BoltonIsCulpable QUlNT0N Fascist propaganda ghoul says to NPR- “Can you f**king believe anyone still listens to us? I mean c’mon! We’re f**king horrible monsters 🤣😂🤣😂!”

Bolton also claimed that Iraq was hiding WMD's and we all know how that ended. Well maybe we don't because its still going. Says AmbJohnBolton who wants to go to war with everyone. The left 💕 warmongers Yet he’s gonna write in a candidate rather than vote for Biden.. Zero respect for the man.. Yet he’s voting 3rd party independent which is basically a vote for Trump. He can take several seats.

A man with zero integrity Is this the only friggin picture you have of this guy Always with the hand grasping the glasses... It sure is safer than when you were anywhere near the trigger. And yet he will still vote for Trump. What are you doing about it, dummy? He is pissed we did not invade Iraq. But he won’t vote for Biden. He’ll write in Reagan who died in 2004. Makes perfect sense, Bolton.

Obvio OMG who cares what he says He not the only one, I feel like we are less safe. Who cares what Bolton, a man who was 'on the inaide' but refused to testify or inform the public, has to say? I also have feelings on the state of the country compared to 4 years ago. want to interview me? Ive also never been the center of a national scandal!

VoteGold2020 jojorgensen2020 usvotershavemorechoices EndTheDuopoly debates LetHerSpeak libertariansrising VoteForHer Breaking up corruption has cost Well duh. As national security adviser - it was his job to make the US safer. No administration that he has served has made the US safer. Classic thought from the most hawkish of men. He’s done.

Of course it isn't. Used to be I could eat in a restaurant, get on a plane, not worry quite so much my synagogue would be torched.... Mr. bomb everything back to the Stone Age is now preacher of peace and sanity? akeyak Duh. He should know. A damning comment on Trump's policies. War mongers never think America is safe.

So? Just...go... You think!!!!!!! Trump doesn't start a new war and the establishment isn't happy about it. Anyone would tell you that we have been put in a very tenuous position by Trump and his ineptitude. That's his fault too. Can we stop giving him a platform, please? Bolton is detestable for a lot of reasons, but he is not stupid

“Only the best people “ 🙄 john bolton sucks and is a warmonger. Good grief. Of course it's not. In no small part thanks to John Bolton. VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica2020 Well duh. I just live here and I could’ve told you that. We’re definitely SAFER now than Neocon WARMONGER AmbJohnBolton is no longer in the realDonaldTrump Adm. trying to stir up Wars w/ EVERYONE! Remember him SABOTAGING N. Korea Talks? Next time POTUS wisely sent him to Mongolia to get lost!

John Bolton, welcome to teh resistance You still haven’t reported about how the state of Oklahoma took control over tribal land, but you are reporting about the viewpoints of this asshole? Arsonist complains that fires are out of control. He is right, we are allowing folks to burn down our cities and blaming the government and citizens speaking out against as racist. Russia and China must be overjoyed.

No shit The words of a man who would not speak to Congress so that he could sell his book carry no weight with me. He sold out this country for a few dollars. May he rot in hell. ISIS is hiding on his mustache And yet, he does nothing. Well of course not. Bolton is a big war hawk that will never feel safe until Merica is the last nation standing.

fuck him. he had a choice and he made it. HotlineJosh Liberal media giving credence to warmongering neocons. I never thought I’d see the day. DUH! Welcome to the Club ASSHOLE! Well duh!

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