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John Bolton Fired as National Security Adviser

Breaking News: President Trump fired John R. Bolton, his third national security adviser, over differing approaches on Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.


Breaking News: President Trump fired John R. Bolton, his third national security adviser, over differing approaches on Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

President Trump had complained privately in recent months that Mr. Bolton was too hawkish, a tension made worse in recent weeks over Iran and North Korea.

The divergence between the two men was on display in May during the president’s first trip this year to Japan. After Mr. Bolton told reporters then that “

“My people think it could have been a violation, as you know,” the president told reporters. “I view it differently.”

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Good. CLEAN HOUSE TRUMP! Fire all TRAITORS! did he use his shitty line on him behind closed doors YOUR FIRED. Advisor with an 'o' BIG mistake Mr. Trump. HUGE!!!!! Question. What did Donald Trump & John Bolton agree on. These are the three countries on the Negev on the Potomac Cabal's current target. What useful advice can a war criminal like John Bolton provide? Three National Security Advisers in less than 3 years?

Very good that he was fired! Typical of Trump. Surround yourself with Yes Sir staff, and if they say no, they're gone. Trump is a major loser. John Bolton: Thank you and goodbye. realDonaldTrump RepKendraHorn SenatorLankford Bring in Condi Rice! Good, Bolton is a maniac anyway. برکناری بولتون یک اشتباه بود چون او دشمن دیکتاتورها بود


Trump fires National Security Adviser John BoltonBREAKING: Pres. Trump says he fired national security adviser John Bolton : 'I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.' Pres. Trump: 'I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.” Which ones? Because Bolton knew what the hell he was doing....realDonaldTrump has absolutely no clue...

let's celebrate 911.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Good for President Trump his right to have a team he wants without NYT or liberal objections Even idiots can take good decision Don't know which is better? Impeaching Trump for his poor leadership and management skills in running the worst administration the American people have ever seen or sacking ultra hawks like John Bolton. Amazing how he got in in the first place

👍 What government? 🤣 He will elect one of the Taliban leaders as National Security Adviser. TalibanTraitorTrump It's really a great news. Bolton may be out as national security advisor, but he is part of a more systemic problem in Washington when it comes to thinking about Iran. tparsi Good for him....Run! As fast as you can!✌🏼

What Henry Kissinger Can Teach John Bolton About Keeping the President HappyRichard Nixon, like Donald Trump, soured on his national security adviser. But repairing the relationship was costly. No Longer Required ! GovBillWeld will Save US to just openly do war crimes until liberals have brainsnaps and start worshiping you? Killing as many people as possible

Thank God He’s GONE Who is next? However briefly. Rotating staff at the White House is a national joke. When are you going to fire yourself, Mr. President? Trump fired 👍👍👍 Isn’t Sean Hannity the natural replacement? After Flynn is pardoned, he can take Sean’s spot on Fox News! Another deliberate news distraction.

Who cares? He’s the Boss. Period. realDonaldTrump The world can sleep slightly easier from tonight....he was absolutely the most warmongering official out of Washington's chickenhawks crowd

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Why do Americans prefer to see Bolton dismissed? John reputation for cowboy diplomacy was well known prior to this appointment, who's next? Is their any tried n true out there? Or will more holes be left. Like the Clinton State Department holes, a real set up for Bush or Gore however 2000 would have turned out.

This is exactly why CNN is the enemy of the people! Lies YoureFired Speak Up Mr. Bolton. PLEASE!! We will never forget 9/11 ILLHAN OMAR OR YOIR WORDS Lol phcouillard ASimardL pattibacchus impishchimp theJagmeetSingh TorontoStar MorganeOgerBC ezralevant nationalpost JTansey90 BrentSpiner VancouverSun carrie_kollias AndrewScheer jfrobergeQc francoislegault JustinTrudeau

That is the President’s right. 😕😕😕 I will be appointing Pladimir Vutin to the newly vacant National Security Advisor position

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen beg Melania Trump to give Donald some attentionThe showbiz couple got involved bizarre spat with the President in his wife over Twitter pussyassbitch

From most of the comments i would assume realDonaldTrump made the right decision as far as the libs are concerned. Nero was an amateur...Hold my beer. Give me that fiddle 😂 Geppetto is out lol Cool bring on the next moron, who's it going to be Jared! Take his Securities Clearance also !!! Trump is a NUT.

shouldn’t they have talked before he got hired in the first place? Planet earth is safer today as JohnBolton exits

Trump targets John Legend and ‘his filthy mouthed wife’ Chrissy Teigen in late-night tweetstormPresident Trump was up late on Sunday night, lashing out at the celebrity couple for not giving him enough credit on the bipartisan criminal justice bill he signed last year. Go Chrissy! Tweet Trump? I have to agree with Trump. Chrissy & John are terrible. Both are very vulgar and they carry a lot of hate in the hearts. So, they’re just typical progressive liberals.

Hurray!!! 🏆🎉 The War Monger is gone! So Trump. What a putts ! This administration has more turnover than a McDonald’s 🍔 🍟 🥤 realDonaldTrump tRump's new appointee The Mr. that fired him, need to remove him self. So..... who will be the acting National Security Advisor? Mick Mulvaney or Steven Miller? Nobody else wanted o work for Trump.

You know that at 6:30 tomorrow morning, The Donald is going to tweet that Bolton begged him to stay for another month, or that he had little intelligence. “Never liked him. Only hired him because he was begging for a job. Stupid mustache” Just wait. Expert Exposes China’s ‘Horrific’ Organ Harvesting: ‘The Victim is Still Alive and Breathing’ May 29, 2019


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Donnie loves TERRORIST ! Where can we get the facts CBCKatie In other words , everything. Bolton RESIGNED.! Hire a daily wage earner now. So much for NatSec. But, then nothing is impossible with POTUS Trump around. In fact, with this rate of sacking, many would love to see Jared as the next NSA. Bolton USA

The Assad curse always strikes on his birthday! Let's get this straight, Putin fired Bolton. Get Connie Rice back🙏 Toodles

One of the few things that Trump admitted he made a mistake then dismissed Bolton. Wow what a move Mr T I think Trump is the end of USA, now I believe that he is the agent of Russia. When John Bolton isn’t crazy enough to fit in... davidtavarez Such a public dismissal. Who is the next to fit on the post.

I’m no fan if Bolton’s, but he’s right that we shouldn’t negotiate with terrorist groups who have no interest in peace. Trump is dangerous and needs to be removed from office. tRUMP didn’t fire Bolton, Bolton came to his senses and resigned, but of course tRUMP is taking credit and say he fired Bolton seems like a lot of his staff are coming to their senses and leaving a dictator

Bolton was useful force in Trumps propaganda: he served as the Dark Force in opposition to the kinder and gentler Mike Pompeo. Iran and N. Korea had to always worry which path the crazy fast moving no examination no detail President would follow hourly and media was quiet when Obama fired his generals

😌 Hey stevenmnuchin1, is there turmoil in Trump's administration? No NSA leader no DNI leader. What the shit is going on? This is a good thing, Bolton is a war hawk for the military industrial complex. MAGA He should have never received this position in the first place, he was not correctly qualified to be a security adviser.

Good! I ask not a fan of AmbJohnBolton but I bet JohnBolton was right and Trump was wrrrroooonnnng again nhpolitics Fucking amazing CowardInChief fires another National Sec Advisor. SoWrongAgain If we have to do we legislate that Twitter is NOT a tool of governmental policy?!

😪😪😪😪 Bolton wants war. Trump wants peace. He likes to fire people. It reality tv to him. Failed approaches..all of them. Nothing has been achieved except America looks weak and is an int'l laughing stock. Strong work, magats...who you gonna vote for next time...Chuck Woolery? 😂 I see consultant to the Taliban in his future.

This is great news for the world peace. AT LEAST YAH GOT THAT STORY RITE 'MONKEYS IN JOURNALISM' Something is fishy. No surprise to me... I was amazed he hired him in the first place! At least Bolton wasn't just another sycophantic toady but that's about the best thing you can say about him.

Good job Bolton is a colossal eejit. Um, Bolton resigned. That’s the real focus. Bolton like to make wars and trump likes our troops back home safe with their families period . We're more scared now about our country our world and our elections not being legitimate and NO ONE CAN OR IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT because it's being controlled by Republicans - so many corrupt republicans at that! WHEN did it get THIS bad? The day trump won!!!!!!

500 stories around the world and that’s all you can talk about ? The stache got stiffed. Happy to see Bolton go, next Trump. VoteTrumpOut So WE NOW DON’T HAVE A SECURITY ADVISOR Damn this bastard Yay! No more war mongering

Every time I see that guy, I can’t help but think he is the humanized version of Ned Flanders Liberal Democrats always hated John Bolton. They call Bolton evil, Nazi and loved starting wars. 17 months is a long time to serve as adviser in the White House. Now DEMOCRATS love John Bolton because President Trump fired him for not knowing when to shut up with bad ideas..

3rd one? I see trump as the problem! John Bolton served less time with President Bush than he did with President Trump. But you fake news liberal, socialist Democrats don't want to talk about facts do you. Everytime you lie about President Trump you gain him thousands of new voters.. PRESIDENTTRUMPLANDSLIDE2020

That old, warmonger & his monster 'tache have been booted out, into the political wilderness. 😁 Good riddance to bad rubbish! 👍 Viejo inutil, el propio Anticristo. What we do with The NY Times in Brazil 🤣 HIGH TURNNOVER RATE at any company is INDICATIVE OF POOR LEADERSHIP THANK GOD!!!!🤣🤣SEND THE GLOBALIST🌐🌐🌐🌐 BITCHE PACKING✌👍

Bolton to be replaced by an unclaimed fart in an elevator. BoltonsReplacement I think lot of Americans disagree with realDonaldTrump ... they must fire him. AmbJohnBolton is in the list of those Americans now. johnbolton must have been too tame for Trump Requirements for national security advisor: None (But lapdog attitude will help)

Oops, digging even more graves... It boils down to who does one believe. With Trump track record, I think Bolton resigned. Because he wants a sheep who will do whatever he says. He forgets this isn't a dictatorship. MoronInChief If trump fires them like he changes immigrant wives, the next ones a keeper !!

Bolton quit! I trust John Bolton

As long as Kelly Ann and Rudy still there, we’re good. I couldn’t understand why 2 fighter jets are flying over Northern NJ, but it suddenly makes sense. I’m staying home tomorrow 😱 While Bolton will be leaving the White House immediately his mustache will continue to act in the role until a replacement is appointed.

You can collude with Russia, sexually assault women, imprison children, support racist but, if you speak out against the Taliban, your fired. PABUS Most people have to do what the boss says. John seems to be happy with his severance package... Trump2020 🇺🇸 He can't run with the big dogs… You're fired! Never stop winning! Thank God for President Trump!

Good riddance to this facist maniac. Should now look at possible legal action against him for promotion of terror and criminal activities including crimes against humanity UNHumanRights 🤦‍♀️ WorstPresidentEver

I was surprised that Mr POTUS hired Mr Bolton since he was quite hawkish. We need PEACE but not at just any price. May JESUS the Prince of PEACE be at the center of all Peace Deals...not convenience. For a little while at least, the World is a safer place today. I'd imagine the Doomsday Clock probably went back a couple of minutes at the news. The War Hawk has had his wings clipped. Hurrah!🥳🕊

The mustache is dead, long live the mustache. My way or Highway! You need to be a 'yes sir' person to stay on board. Another war hawk out! Like him or not he at least was part of our system of government and provided qualified perspectives for Trump who has never been part of the system. Another qualified person gone.

Oh yeah because realDonaldTrump is the smartest guy in the room right? Stupid MF wants to bring the Taliban here and Bolton says don’t do it and gets fired for sound advice. Trump will give away America. Taliban in America is treasonous behavior. TrumpTraitor to America Bolton is an avowed warmonger... Glad he is out.

How many people left in this regime? When it’s a resignation, it makes Trump look like his staff are leaving him. When it’s a firing, it makes things look like Trump is getting rid of staff that are not competent. The arrogance of Trump means that only he gets to choose. He crafted this resignation into a firing!

Send him to the Hague, i’ll chip in for the plane ticket😊 Doesn't it prove something? Dead man walking, Survivor Whitehouse. Seriousness needs some times 😀😀😀 THANK GOD SenSanders So now what's your move? Look out Melina......he maybe going for 4 wife soon Old rooster slaughtered by evangelical king. Sorry for this news, unfortunately Mr.Trump with this action made IslamicTerrorist Criminal Murder Liar & Corrupt regime in Iran Happy.Zarif get Happy all Terrorist got happy. Mr. John Bolton was the BEST. We needed him for IslamicTerrorist Mullahs regime.

It seems that national security advisors occupy the same space in Trump’s brain than wives. So who will be the next sychophant? Dude I bet money this how it went down 🤣🤣🤣 Anyone who’s fired by Trumpy should get a gold star! Because if they’ve done something the clown disagrees with, the rest of us probably agree with them!

You know it's bad when John Bolton isn't crazy enough for Trump. Next thing you know, he'll fire Stephen Miller for being too empathetic. If you’re so smart, highest IQ ever, why don’t you vet your appointees better? Lots of firings, dismissals and resignations on your watch. Makes little sense with my mere above average IQ. (Maybe 120-125 range) Just saying. realDonaldTrump

good riddance to very bad rubbish I guess war with Iran will continue to be his white whale... TammanyHallTrump is losing more rats. President Trump fired John R. Bolton because he’s bat shit crazy. Even for Trump.

krauspaulusa Good! He wanted the war to continue on. The unstable idot, continues to cause instability in our Government. He said he hires the best people and yet causes more personnel turnover than any administration ever I would laugh if it was’nt so sad Distraction i am BERNICE i need real love with kind heart a honest and loyal man who i never play games with my mind i will like to know more about anyone who is interested in me you can text me on +1 6614806609 or email me on so we can know more about each other

The beast continues to eat itself. lol Not Mongerish enough?

Thanks God. Glad that he was sent packing his utterances ate very undiplomatic Sean Hannity will take his place since Trump seems to go to him for advice Any day without John Bolton in government is a better safer day for the rest of the world. Likely replaced by Ramsay Bolton But of course not Russia. National Security Advisor been sacked again. It's all to do with this Taliban meeting going wrong the other day when they were going to meet up but cancelled because of a bomb went off. Also the Oil Tanker situation with Iran & N.Korea wants to restart nuclear negotiations.

Americans right now. Another bright shiny object ref to Bolton, to divert the attention of all the important corruption that has been the talk this week. Don’t keep falling for it. CNN MSNBC ABCPolitics CBSNews nprpolitics AP Good riddance!

One crazy person firing another, God help us. The Trump Principle: When you fire almost everybody you hire, you really, really suck at hiring. Appoints Wilford Brimley to Post; Hopes We Won’t Notice The cleanse of non-agreement continues. Has he shouted 'Off with his head' yet? Just like the demagogue he is Trump will not allow any differences in opinions he expects nothing but loyalty praise and admiration, just like the Narcissist he is.

I never liked Bolton but his approach to N Korea was the more strategically correct one than Trump’s crazy love affair with BRUTAL DICTATOR Kim Jong Eun. Trump’s National Security policy is NONEXISTENT. This country is being run by a completely insane and stupid person. So essentially anyone who disagrees with Trump gets axed?! Isn’t this what Kings did to their advisors - only literally? He wants a bunch of kiss-ass sycophants and court jesters around him stroking his ‘yuge’ ego.

Probably stayed at the wrong hotel Did get fired for advising Trump that the Meeting with the Taliban was absurd?

Why? Was Bolton not in agreement with the agenda? Taliban play date at Camp David catered by Ronald McDonald and party bags stuffed with AK15’s! What was the 130 briefing about Let’s not forget that that’s three NSAs in less than three years. I wonder who Putin will get to take his place. Apparently John Bolton begs to differ with POUTS's account of events. Given that POUTS's track record proves that he lies 70% of the time, I'm going with Bolton's version. He resigned. POUTS never got the chance to fire him. TrumpLies ImpeachTrumpNow

shitshow Limeylizzie Ah, diplomats and megalomaniacs, a heady brew... I heard he’s really pissed at everyone at FoxNews for not telling him all about Bolton. Thank You seanhannity. Good riddance!

Take that handlebar mustache and ride it off into the sunset Johnny Blaze! Trump wins again! NotTiredOfWinning NoRINOS2020 Trump2020Landslide Big Mistake!! trisha9876 I hate John Bolton but now what? We the people fire trump! And was Mr. Bolton fired or did he resign, problematic. reminds me of the joke about the guy against traffic in a major hwy calling poilce to tell them that there are 1000’s of cars going against traffic.

Sarah Palin is available for the national security adviser job, she sees Russia every morning from her backyard, and she's newly single. Bolton's exit interview expected to be held realtime via Thread Reader Good riddance to a very unstable war monger. The differences were whether the entity under his nose is alive or not

When Yosemite Sam makes more sense than the PABPOTUS, we are screwed 😂😂

1.) Why is the termination of the highest profile security advisor being made to be a Circus, as opposed to strategically and appropraitely relayed to the nation, for his safety and ours? 2.) What is the focus of the nation being diverted from? Good ridden Hopefully due to age he’s out for good. Really one of the worst characters in American history.

Bolton! Never order Panera for the taliban! ChikFilA The best and only positive action was carried out by Trump. FINALLY❗️👏👏 How about this Bolton? He haaaad to be secure to keep rocking this mane well past its Best Before date. johnbolton michaelBolton Where to now, Sharpie? You say that like it's a bad thing

Trump always hire the best people - at doing the worst job. The worst administration in the history of the USA

Delicious infighting! How amazing would it be if Tulsi replaced Bolton BoltonFiredTulsiHired He just can’t keep employees. You know what that says about the employer. Amazing! Trump did something right. Bolton is Mr. Crazy Pants. Funny how cabinet members act like the Judas goat and then shocked that they’re slaughtered too

Bugger me Another one bites the dust! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 He should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. This has to be the worst White House administration in the history of America including a financial thief from Goldman sacs as 1 on our security panel.

Can we discuss the vulnerability that this creates to our national security and that he is no longer on the apprentice!!!! Evoke the 25th before more damage is done. First, he CLAIMED to have fired him, but Bolton says he resignes.Also, 'Differing Approaches' is a funny way of putting it. It makes Trump seem like WAY too much of an adult. I'm certainly not a Bolton fan, but I'm just being real. Don't let Trump trick you into being nice to him

This administration is like the longest version of the Sesame Street song “one of these things just doesn’t belong here” ...and it won’t end til the last one is gone. Ok He goes through National Security Advisors like underwears Cue media making John Bolton out to be a really good guy that shouldn't have been fired to Resist Trump

It’s time for realDonaldTrump to just bring Putin in as his national security advisor. He was a BUSH’s guy, personally I felt like he was another anti trump snitch. Another One Bites the Dust ! Yeah , yeah , yeah ! Another one , yeah ! Another One , Yeah ! Another one .. Bites the dust ! trump johnbolton washingtonpost Trump2020 anotheronebitesthedust

Ok so he fired another person it’s no one else in the country he can now hire.

Great! Get rid of all War Mongering Neo-Cons- When you fire your advisers...for advising they are not advisors! Got it POTUS? good bye captain kangaroo “DIFFERING” !!!! Why can’t TalibanTrump keep people? Is he a bad manager? Is he a weak leader? Does he treat people poorly? Does he not give clear consise instructions? Does he constantly change his mind? Does he only care about looking good? The answers to these questions is an unequivocal YES

JulieCuninghame Incredibly, part of the reason he was sacked is that he was too gung ho crazy even for Trump, wanting to launch military action against Iran which Trump opposed. Guy was the ultimate neoliberal hawk. If they discovered life on Mars he'd want airstrikes against it. Trump is like marmite you either like him or dont personally I like the fact he knows how to devide opinion and still come out on top American politics has never been so exciting, he brings something new to the table and stands up for his own first, he will be re-elected.

realDonaldTrump is President and he gets to determine policies not AmbJohnBolton. Awesome Good

They never learn because they keep signing up to serve him CHURNING THE SWAMP! Bolton disagrees. Says he was resigning Another one bites the dust. PABPOTUS Not surprising. realDonaldTrump fires anyone he can who voices opposition to his fantastical ideas of governing the US. His support is at an all-time low right now.

Next up Trump appoints Scott Baio! 🚨 To anyone looking for a job: You can probably post your resume in crayons to LinkedIn to become the new National Security Advisor. While having someone with experience in the office was nice, I sure won't be crying for this guy. The MadTwitKing strikes again. Who cares about dog eat dog.

Only to be replaced by another POS. Will he get a job at CNN ? Damn hypocrites What an utterly despicable demon John Bolton is. TrumpLies is incompetent It’s time. Good riddance. Is this position really necessary? How many advisors does a president need? Another One Bites The Dust.. Thank God! Bolton is a warmonger

Wait. There’s an approach? A turnover rate higher than McDonalds and yet like McDonald's the clown still remains! Lol

BreakingNews That’s Breaking the News; • Bolton out so tRUMP can fill his spot with a deep cover Russian Asset just like Putin wants (to take over America . And the Maga-tards / KAGA-tards are ok with that. PABPOTUS ! God help america 'differing approaches'? Lol Everyone hired at the WH probably feels it’s a Temp job. And we all know what great jobs we do when it’s temporary.😬

Bolton seeking refuge on Fox. Bith you should have never slept on it😂😂 Trump is getting his purges ready for protest assaults. Pacific, Nile every thing. YOU'RE FIRED 😱😢🤣😂🤥😘🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸ADIÓS terrytoldya Bolton's personality, my way or the highway, works well with weak Presidents, however, no so with President Trump, once the President makes a decision you either salute and execute or go home to momma, Bolton has finally met his match, now, for him, it's the HIGHWAY.

What an absolute failure of a president.

Pres Sharpie, fixed another one... Good we don’t have to worry about war for a while To help homeless vets once they get back ..please help It's just so sad Bolton didn't get to bomb anyone or start ww3!😥 Didn’t we all see this coming? His boo Putin is the only security advisor FatNixon takes advice from. PS YosimiteSam... GOOD RIDDANCE! johnbolton

He should play few times golf in Trump's resort, why not learn from VP Pence. Disagree, Bolton failed to deliver the biggest oil theft in history which would keep the Petro/Dollar scam in play to delay the Electric Vehicle revolution CIA JayInslee MikeBloomberg TheOliverStone Schwarzenegger Whew, that good news! POTUS fired Bolton and not the top people at NOAA for disagreeing with him.😉😀

First time in history we have a president that’s not a coward and a businessman if you’re not doing your job for the American people “You’re Fired ! “ Trump jr will be his next adviser

Great news! Now, let us get AmbJohnBolton where he truly belongs... LEAVENWORTH or THE HAGUE. Best news in years HIRING: National Security Advisor for realDonaldTrump Administration. Position one year tenure only. Applicant serves Toddler-in-Chief as a chief pacifier to, deters running with scissors, thwarts playing with nuclear buttons, provides Nat’l Sec options, pray they’re followed.

Why president has chosen these guys at the first place is something I really don't understand. What a dumpster fire this administration is A merry-go-round gone out of control and crashing. WOW I AM SHOCKED AT THIS ONE Seriously, does anyone care anymore? There has been more people fired or resigned from this administration than any I can remember since I was born.

Pompeo is next..If president does that and withdraw his support for Jovenel Moise, I will be a Trump supporter again..I will tweet for him again.. Thank you Jesus. Is John Bolton a republican, and will he run for president in 2020? Or will he be a powerful force or unbeatable challenge? I suggest the 'make America great again' should get to work and fight to make this impossible. Hi all, am just thinking?

OK, betting is open on who he appoints as a replacement: 3:1 Kanye 4:1 Steven Segal 2:1 Ivanka 3:1 Alex Jones 2:1 Jack Ryan (yes, a fictional character) 100:1 A competent person 100,000:1 A minority or female 1,000,000,000:1 Me

Ya but he was going to resign and Trump said wait let’s talk, only because he wanted to be the big guy and fire him. What a huge dick!! His ego even takes over in firing people. What is this the 50th? Unbelievable! Because he advised him on the Taliban. Unfuckingbelivable! Secy of Defense , Mike Pompeo, JUST SAID CIA was wrong, aligning self with Trump! When you contradict CIA, an Agency with scruples, you JUST LOST INTEGRITY FOR A JOB! God Bless America!

VERY SWEET FIRE 🔥 ON BOLTON FOX IT WAS GOOD FIRED BOLTON 🦊 NOW ITS POMPEO'S FOX 🦊 TIME POMPEO FOX 🦊 WILL BE FIRED SOON GAME OVER FOR TRUMP AND HIS FOXES 🦊 Good riddence .... or let’s say it ....he can go to hell Good. He was a neocon warhawk. Their time running geopolitics is finally at an end. Today the world is much more peaceful with him being fired. I wonder if this power play has anything to do with eggstein? This is the surface waves of a much bigger shift in world power

Trump has agendas to meet, you guys were worried Trump was a war monger. Not so. Why was Liz Chaney quiet when the Mexicans put up atheir own flag on our government but, Trump wants peace and she yells. We are allowed to end the wars. Can a narcissist fire himself for his own good. when will people learn not to go to work for trump? he can't be told no about anything. when will his daughter/wife do something about his mental illness?

Unemployment dropping since the Obama era. But, in the realDonaldTrump administration the unemployment rate continues to go up. Welcome John. Invested in US 🇺🇸 and did help Firefighters pension fund, but I myself don't receive any money or my Greencard and Trump knows LostTrumpHistory

You know the frightening thing to this? I actually approve of the firing. However, it was for all the wrong reasons. Bolton, like all of Trump's advisors was trying to control him. But this basically a big jerk firing a little jerk! Wow! When johnbolton isn’t a big enough warmonger!🤦‍♀️ GREAT DAY and maybe your best decision yet realDonaldTrump ! JB Wanted to kill 100s of thousands MORE than he already urged America to do, to destroy yet another nation ..not to benefit Americans but mostly on behalf of Israel.

Almost though. I suspect that despite Bolton's war fetish and bloodlust, he did not share Trump's fawning admiration for foreign dictators President Trump campaigned to end sanctions and endless wars. Then, he appointed chickenhawk John Bolton, the national disgrace who supports the Iranian Communist MEK terrorists. Bolton avoided fighting communists in Vietnam.

Hey, you guys with bingo cards. Who is up next? And another member of the donaldjtrump administration bites the dust. Anyone surprised? Not me. CODEPINK will host a celebration to commemorate the firing of John Bolton from his previous position as National Security Advisor in front of the White House at 5 PM tonight. More details available here:

I didn't realize that all the 'best people' are supposed to get fired or quit. You'd think a very stable genius would be able to understand this distinction.

The White House Ejection Seat at work, Woosh there goes another one. Bolton bolted So Mr. President kicked out an “Americanist” or “the man who was driving the US towards war”? 😏 Praise Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT! 'Welcome aboard, Chachi.' Is this because Bolton wouldn't agree to use nukes on Dorian?

Goood!!!!!! Get rid of all the swamp puppets that have lied their way into the cabinet!!!

It is right to dismiss John Bolton, who is blocking President Trump's work. mayainthesky His last chance to get the war he so desperately wanted. Champagne in Tehran. Fired? Resigned? Who cares? Bolton was a disaster to begin with. realDonaldTrump is not interested in governing. That is way above his pay grade. He just wants to have a herd of sycophants who keep telling the mighty leader how smart he is.

Could the timing of this Bolton Firing be to overshadow the Hurricane Map and Bahamas which was used to overshadowed the “secret” Taliban Meeting which was used to overshadow, well, you get it. Breaking News Nigel_Farage Oh no! The Bolt-On has been fired! Could it be the end of the greatest ever trade deal?

Wow...and he was one of the more evil ones but, Trump showed him who's boss. Now if only the American people can show Trump who's boss! Good riddance.

Was he not enough of a fascist for Donnie? Good riddance. And who is the cretin that hired him in the 1st place? AllResistNews Bolton was doomed from the start because Putin is DonTheCons National Security Adviser. Best thing to happen to this presidency. Time to go back to frying Kentucky chicken then 😆

Is this the part where the Left falls in love with Bolton? 😂 Dont disagree with donny.let the the Taliban come to camp david Only the best people When John Bolton became President Trump’s national security adviser, he was seen as an undiplomatic diplomat who would match the president’s confrontational approach to the world. Read our profile from March 2018.

Any job working for that creep trump is a poisoned chalice SecPompeo next please 🙄

jwhoopes2 ...too hawkish...that is like saying Pol Pot wasn't a 'people person' Let me fix the statement 'John R. Bolton was too hawkish for me to convince these suckers to re-elect me.' Glad he is gone, though. Trump needs to do every one a favor and step down.Maybe if he leave he will get that nobel prize he wants.

It was the stache that did him in! Again, you are talking about John Bolton instead of Russia, Trump, Putin and spies. Falling for the usual Trump distraction... ianabailey Ahhhh NYT, regurgitating a lying presidents bs press release/tweet. Without digging further Was never a fan of Bolton, but Trump hell-bent for a Nobel and will trample on anything he perceives as an obstacle - even his country.

Trump will ask Lavrov to do his national security. Or 'advisor.' Currency365 Time for America to lift their hands from Iran The further John Bolton is from the Oval the further the US is from starting another imperial war which is a good start. The closer he and other architects of the Iraq war are to prison, the closer the US will be to ending our empire which is a good finish.

🤣 Bolton, Bush, Cheney, trump.. no difference except trump is completely incompetent, completely corrupt, completely racist, completely evil, but Cheney does rank a hair close. To use the Term 'Adviser' in regards to Any of Trumps Cabinate is Moot. Trump requires Absolute Authority & Obedience from All. Anyone who truly attempts to Advise is disloyal in the presidents mind & thus Out. I shudder to think who will replace Bolton

Not is all well in Trumps Zoo Thank you Trump , you know he have to go And next is the round guy Bolton is a warmonger and it's good he's gone, but what sort of creep or crook will Trump appoint next? I think John Bolton was going to resign before tttttrump fired him. Pretty sure that he quit. And congratulations on him. Nobody in the world is safe around the Potass

Good. It's called draining the swamp. verywisedecision

santafeez No doubt arguing over which one to obliterate first See ya WenWillRun Nope...trump lied. Still dropping like flies. Neexxxxtt! The never ending chaos of the trump regime continues. But not Venezuela? Good riddance! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻NEO👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻CONS say it with me! Bolton wanted to go to war everywhere,HongKong ,Afghanistan,Iran,North Korea

That’s not true, he was not fired. He gave his resonation. Big difference ! Why can you people tell the truth about anything?. He will throw anyone under the bus. ANYONE!! Yet the fools will continue coming out of the clown car to work for this traitor. Trump wants to bed down with our adversaries Bolton wanted to bury them.

aurelienbrd Are you sad? SEEKINGTHETRU17 Made my day... So you can't have a different opinion (however bad, however wrong) than ttrump? Bolton awful, but a 'don't step on my toes president' is what - a despot-in-the-making? 'YOU WANNA BE MY NEXT NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR?' Trump Bolton NSA JohnBolton

So presidentSnowflake fired another one all because he can’t handle someone having a different opinion than him. Fired Bolton via tweet. Of course 45* did. He's a coward and has NEVER fired anyone face-to-face. Why? It's obvious. potus is a PussyAssBitch

Almost 3 years later, Trump STILL hasn't filled his administration! He wants a 2nd term? He can't get this term right! RIP loser I was sick of looking at his stache. Good riddance. One down... Basically, ...criminals disagreeing on how a heist should go down. Yeah his approaches were endless war in all cases.

And then one day it was just the Trumps and Pence in the White House.. Nice work Trump, hire then obliterate. Cofefe. Bye Felicia 👋👋👋👋 And the announcement from FauxNews that he is their new on-air analyst for security issues in 3...2...1...

Trump demanded that Bolton buy him some knee pads and Bolton said no Another one bites the dust... Well ya, if you don’t agree with somebody just fire them. I mean, that’s what a dictator does, right? SEEKINGTHETRU17 One evil POS down... This is insanity. I mean I'm glad he's gone, but what is it that even John Bolton doesn't want to do, that Trumps handlers are pushing for?

Finally some good news. But God only knows what kind of flattery master he’ll come up with next. Because Bolton told him he couldn't invite the Taliban. Ruined his Nobel prize. Trump will now get someone who will let him nuke stuff and snuggle with terrorists and dictators. Happy Tuesday! Obviously to be replaced with an 'adult in the room...' snarfs coffee over desk I almost got a full sentence into the tweet with a straight face!

Yep 👍🏻 has to bee done. Corner shopping for my big bag isn’t a wizzzze and very CLOWNY LIKE CHOICE. Our president is NOT a Clown

Can’t wait until his book comes out introducing acting National Security Advisor Mick Mulvaney. larsloving Any chance that Bolton will rage tweet about the incompetence of the Fascist-in-Charge, about he was fascist enough? Typo, peterbakernyt -- a sign that he was *not on board: Mr. Bolton’s staff said he was only following through on his schedule by going to Mongolia, but right or wrong, it was taken as a sign that he was fully on board with the president’s diplomatic overture to North Korea.

If you’re not loyal you need to go simply as that So John Bolton is out .. the Trump administration is a disaster, and it all starts at the top TrumpMustGo realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse VP TeamTrump GOP Good. surely Trump should just single handedly run white house cant take advice

Bolton’s position on Russia the only thing at odds here. But how’s he gonna find anyone worse than Bolton? He was probably tired of being told he’s wrong! He never got Trump his war. One step back from the brink? Or will he be replaced with someone even more dangerous?

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