John Bolton, Vol 55 Issue 20, Politics

John Bolton, Vol 55 Issue 20

John Bolton: ‘An Attack On Two Saudi Oil Tankers Is An Attack On All Americans’

All the latest politics coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.


John Bolton : ‘An Attack On Two Saudi Oil Tankers Is An Attack On All Americans’

All the latest politics coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.

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Jaccal68 Oh when did they move Tonkin Bay to the middle east.🤔 This is the dia-beetus guy ConnorSouthard So now the onion is just posting direct quotes? sregora_ EmceeGoCry I don't think your tax payers would think like that AmbJohnBolton Isn't this supposed to be satirical? PROPAGANDA John Bolton ( pictured here ) was signing a picture tonthis young man when he had what onlookers called ‘ A violent brain Synapse ) and started beating the kid to a pulp . He stood up and proclaimed he was jesus, kicked the kid in the ribs, and left under protective cover .

Rep. Omar: 'We must be united in our diversity''It's not only an attack on myself but it becomes an attack on all Muslims, and it becomes an attack on women of color, and it becomes an attack on immigrants and refugees.' — Rep. Omar on President Trump's tweet about her speech Help! I'm a victim! Gaslighting Today in 'both can be true:' 1. Trump was wrong to attack Omar, and his doing so plays to a hateful base. 2. Omar doesn't necessarily represent all Muslims and people of color.

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I saw the photos, it didn’t look like a bomb, it looked like they ran aground. Wasn’t he in that movie Cocoon? Damn.. this sounded real... its not good when satire seems real... smh You’re god damn right it is You guys are really walking a fine line now. Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds' GIK Yellowcake anyone?

'They drew first blood, or oil, which is the blood of the American Greatness Machine; livelihoods are at stake!' PresidentBolton is so serious. It’s like we committed Khasoggi ‘s murder.

Religious freedom is America’s greatest export—and it’s under attackFew things would better safeguard religious freedom than if American Evangelicals regained their leadership position on religious freedom. 'god' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Humans formed cities and talked philosophy. There were first many Gods representing everything in life from war, to love, to rain, etc. That evolved to one God for everything. Each society having its own God. The next evolution is accepting nobody knows what happens when you die. Which Religious ?only crime permoter.assulter Soon truth is coming every where. Every crime sheet with proof will be in Hands. .

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Was that before or after 19 Saudi nationals flew our commercial passenger planes into New Yorks’s Twin Towers, Shanksville Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon? Evil Jim Gordon Huawei did it? 👀👂🐷 Sad but true. And one attack on the USA by 18 saudis is an attack from the entire Muslim world. where's the satire?

God, look at that disgusting fuck. John Bolton is that drunk uncle that all families have. You don't really want to invite him for Thanksgiving dinner cause you know he will ruin it by his drinking. ah-hem, this has been done before....sink the Maine! This person caused a lot of damage to the middle east!

Whodathunk we'd all have even fit on two oil tankers? Not me! Heck, I don't even remember being on any Saudi oil tankers, but tequila does strange and mysterious things...

Trump’s trade approach under attack as China readies retaliation; markets poised for big sell-offLmao.. food for China ? Yep. The BillionDollarLoser will bankrupt the country, just like he did his businesses. What a fraud!! Trump stuffs up again! China playing him like a fiddle!

I thought this was a real article for a sec. This isn't too implausible sadly. The Mustache of Death has spoken! When the sounds like the toned down, more reasonable version of the Republican Party. Eat shit John Bolton looks like a villain's side kick who no one really likes No it’s not. Clever. Thanks. Much depth in few words and delivered with a smile at the underhanded utter absurdity and revelatory hidden connection and agenda..

backinyourcavewarmonger Since when?

Saudi Arabia Says Oil Tankers Damaged in 'Sabotage Attack' as Middle East Tensions RiseSaudi Arabia says oil tankers damaged in 'sabotage attack' as Middle East tensions rise

Somewhere deep in Iran is a woman who broke Johnny Boltons heart. Now he wants to kill all of them to get to her! USA showed those Saudi Terrorists we don’t mess around, lmao! don't report his feelings please lol exactly. Bolton is the itchiest trigger finger in Washington whitehouse and we all know the GOP GOP would love to get some our soldiers killed so that they can try to win an election

5 things to know for May 13: China, Saudi tankers, pilot arrest, machete attack, CO25 things for Monday: - US and China - Oil tanker attacks - Pilot arrested - Appalachian Trail machete attack - Climate change Is whole US China fued is a hoax these two countries have business deals together personally that's what this is all about if Trump gets the Trump business deal that he wants he'll layoff on the trade war! Shouldn’t climate change be on this list every day? I’ve all ready emptied my 401k and plan on living large for our last 12 years!! Plus, I’m not having kids so I don’t have to worry about the college fund I had going! Keep me posted I feel heads need to be put together and......REWRITE THE CONSTITUTION!!!

Massachusetts man charged in connection with deadly attack on Appalachian Trail hikers in VirginiaA man was killed, and a woman suffered stab wounds in the weekend assault. TAlWAN President Tsai Ing-Wen Go hike in the woods and camp with no one around except other nuts. Seems safe. Oh look, another angry white guy.

Report: Doors unlocked before tiger attack at Kansas zooTOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A state report says that safety doors in a Sumatran tiger's enclosure at a Kansas zoo were left unlocked before the animal attacked and injured a veteran zookeeper. Uh oh. This can't be good. Happy Mother's Day 💗

Gunmen Attack Pakistan Hotel Used by Chinese and Vow Further ViolenceHeavily armed gunmen attacked a luxury hotel in southwestern Pakistan on Saturday, in an assault in which a Pakistani separatist group claimed to be targeting Chinese interests and warned of further violence MAGA armed gunmenful attacked a luxuryful hotelful in pakistanful on saturdayful, in an assaultful in which a pakista…ful They all chant death to America So sickening

Hospital Allegedly Leaks Woman's Personal Info To Her Abuser, Leading To Second AttackIn her lawsuit, she says the man harassed her with graphic language for months after a hospital staff member told him that she had named him as an abuser. That's really messed up. Who does that!! This garbage makes me sick,I hope she will sue the crap out of them! Always letting the perpetrator off the hook and damaging the victim!

Perspective | ‘I felt like I was dying’: The sheer terror of a panic attackChest pains, massive feelings of dread are common symptoms. But the out-of-the-blue attacks aren’t life-threatening and there are ways to fight them. Oh oh, now you did it. Vitamin B6 will help.

A malware attack against accounting software giant Wolters Kluwer is causing a 'quiet panic'Wolters Kluwer, a tax accounting software company, was victim of a malware attack that begin shutting down access to vast databases of tax return information Monday morning, with downtime stretching into Wednesday. Why is Mueller still a DOJ Employee? His report is finished. He’s wealthy and doesn’t need the paycheck. Is he complicit with Barr?

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