John Boehner Tells Ted Cruz To 'Go F**k Yourself' In Rogue Audiobook Aside

'You can blame the wine for the expletives,' the former House speaker tweeted.

2/26/2021 3:28:00 PM

'You can blame the wine for the expletives,' the former House speaker tweeted.

'You can blame the wine for the expletives,' the former House speaker tweeted.

Boehner’s off-the-cuff diss shouldn’t come as a surprise. He once called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.”“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” he said of the Texas lawmaker.

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AP/GettyTed Cruz and John Boehner: No love lost here.Boehner also appears occasionally partial to the phrase “go fuck yourself.” He onceto former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid outside the Oval Office. Read more: HuffPost »

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That’s the best thing you can tell Ted Cruz!!! Well after all, it is Ted Fucking Cruz What can Trump blame,being so incoherent,seeing as he’s teetotal . Hmmm -- where's that 'Tombstone' Doc Holiday 'In vino veritas' GIF when I really need it? It was not until John Boehner met the Pope that he changed dramatically within his own heart, mind, and soul. Until that amazing encounter he was evil. With the change in his heart and spirit he speaks truths when he wholeheartedly says: “Oh, and Ted Cruz, go fuck yourself.'

...and since Boner is ALWAYS drunk, you STILL cant believe him, ever. He just mistakenly got it right about Cruz.... like a broken clock. ⚰️ If he said this about Cruz, I wonder what he said about Obama? As the days go by the uglier Cruz gets, the man is as sick as he is ugly. Makes you wonder what else he does when he’s drunk?

Most Republikans have been on a wine trip for years. Did he cry when he said it It should say: John Boehner joins the majority of Americans who have told Ted Cruz to go Fck himself. When all fails.. Doesn’t he own a few legal weed companies now. Maybe dipping into his own stash. My personal fave of the ex Speaker has to be “Lucifer in the flesh.” Sometimes...the truth hurts! CruzIsADisgrace

Go Boehner! You and Rep. Cheney are in a class of your own... I just moved to your city, who wouldn't mind showing me interesting places? Was he crying while telling Ted Cruz where to go. Who knew I would learn to like John Boehner?! Next round on me John! 🍷 It’s better to blame the wine than your daughters for your mistakes

Does anyone in America like Ted Cruz? Who among us hasn’t blamed ‘the wine’... 😂🍇🍷 how did John read my mind? Amazing. I don’t think he should have to apologize…Would love to publicly tell cruise to go fuck himself And here we are.. agreeing with bohener. Yeah, nothing is going to repair Boehner’s obstructionist reputation. He helped create this GOP. Boehner can GFH as well.