Joe: Trump taking the words of Putin over his own intel chiefs

.@JoeNBC says Pres. Trump is “taking Vladimir Putin’s words over the words of his own intel chiefs.”

6/30/2020 3:43:00 PM

.JoeNBC says Pres. Trump is “taking Vladimir Putin’s words over the words of his own intel chiefs.”

New reports now detail that Trump was briefed on intelligence that Russia was offering bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan in early 2019. Joe Scarborough reacts to the president's denial he was briefed.

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JoeNBC TraitorTrump JoeNBC Not the 1st Time JoeNBC realDonaldTrump is PutinsPuppet JoeNBC JoeNBC Trump is positively GLOWING in that picture. It's terrifying and pathetic! JoeNBC Well his intel chiefs are all corrupt so I can’t blame him JoeNBC Putin’s really got his pup on a choke chain. JoeNBC I have no words he’s an idiot

JoeNBC Because he thinks more about being a puppet dictator than a loyal American JoeNBC Fake news JoeNBC How is this not TREASON JoeNBC Again. JoeNBC 100% accurate--85% accurate will keep you war 2 info was not 100% but the job was done trump and his people are lying..soldiers died..there is a word for this,,TREASON

JoeNBC Chicken joe Biden isnt going to hold any rallies. What's next for the senile coward Joe, no debates. What a joke JoeNBC Once again 🤬🤬🤬 JoeNBC realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Trump is more interested in protecting himself and his cozy relationship with Putin than he is protecting the safety of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan -- Trump won't admonish or scold Putin because he's afraid of Putin ...

JoeNBC Do you know that for sure Joe? .... Or is it a guess like people guessing that you killed your intern. JoeNBC Russian Trump is the Mussolini of America. Nikki Haley for President JoeNBC He's grinning like some ten year old that just met his sports idol. JoeNBC Always has. Always will. T-RUmp believes Putin can do more for T-RUmp than US intel. That's how it works with T-RUmps.

JoeNBC Taking the word of Russia disinformation, corrupt media and a partisan Democrat party over the truth is despicable JoeNBC So. He's still better than Hillary! susanasimons1 JoeNBC Tell us something we don’t already know please JoeNBC You have no story. You have no named sources ,like the NYTs. It's POOP!

JoeNBC Also trump...I spoke to putin, he told me as strongly and powerfully as I have ever heard him that it's not true....and I believe putin.🤡 JoeNBC Putin is Trump's employer. Employees listen to their employers JoeNBC Trump is a TRAITOR.... LockHimUp LockHimUp JoeNBC Deja vu JoeNBC Trump taking the word of Putin over our intelligence experts is nothing new. He's been doing that the last 4 years.

JoeNBC How’s that intern JoeNBC JoeNBC Ok, like you know this is nothing new right? JoeNBC Again. The word “again” was left out of your headline. How is he still president? The GOP are now conspirators in all of this. They had their chance to do the right thing and we’re complicit, at the very least. They saw what was happening and defended this maniac.

JoeNBC JoeNBC You All have to Realize there's No Us Moving Forward Until I recover All My Recognition's, All My Owed Wealth from All Your Thefts as Inventor,Creator,Founder,Master Owner, Master CEO,Master Chairman. Hell or Heaven is about to Happen! THE WRATH OF ALL MIGHTY GOD IS UPON YOU! JoeNBC Hell you say. I told y'all that when he was campaigning. It wasn't that hard to figure out.

JoeNBC This is no longer about Trump. This is about his Republican enablers. JoeNBC let's see those tax returns! Hope SCOTUS delivers for the goof of country and Constitution. JoeNBC Joe Scarborough also has for phlegm and mucus than anyone in the Free World. And he shares it with all of us, from 3 to 6 a.m. every weekday. Come on, . Send the guy to an otolaryngologist. STAT

JoeNBC As he did before. JoeNBC Trust them not to put missiles in Cuba again. How dumb are you ? JoeNBC Well...yeah. It’s not the first time. JoeNBC Remember Helsinki? It's not the first time that Trump has chosen to believe America's enemy over America's Intelligence. TrumpRussia TrumpTraitor JoeNBC The story seems like another hoax. Putin doesn't need to pay Taliban to kill Americans. Putin is smart enough to know if this was exposed he would look bad. He also has no upside. Try critical thinking people!

JoeNBC We knew that already JoeNBC How has not got anything right in 20 years so there is that to consider as well. JoeNBC FAKENEWS JoeNBC JoeNBC What’s new? JoeNBC Not the first time. JoeNBC Joe you can do better. Like all Marxists, Biden can’t repeat a short phrase given very slowly thru his earphone by his speach writer. You think he can reason as to whether & why all should wear a mask? How’s he lecture anyone. The rest are stupid as he, but you Joe aren’t. Awake

JoeNBC Joe, realDonaldTrump likes his men strong and powerful JoeNBC Where have I heard that before ?oh yeah , during-the Russian collusion hoax .how did that turn out for you ?Have you apologized to President Trump and the American people yet? I won’t hold my breath . 🤢 JoeNBC Again? TreasonousTrump

Tim_Matheson JoeNBC Of course he is. JoeNBC ....anyone surprised ? JoeNBC TRAITOR JoeNBC Deja vu JoeNBC Welcome back to 2017 JoeNBC Pres. Trump is Putin's B-I-T-C-H, so is anyone the least bit surprised? JoeNBC JoeNBC This is not new. We've had 3.5 years of this. JoeNBC Why is anyone surprised? Trump has been Putnin's puppet even before inauguration day. I guess when your a failure in businedd, can't get a loan from a respectable bank, consumed all of daddy's money, tired of filing bankruptcies, Russian money will work.

JoeNBC NBC protects rapists, can't be trusted. JoeNBC I wouldn’t trust US intell agencies either after all the in-house corruption. JoeNBC He knows him better? JoeNBC Americans are endangered by his leadership. The virus and bounties on service members. Trump and his GOP cronies are a clear and present danger to our democracy and lives. Vote 2020. Survival of Americans is essential and necessary.

JoeNBC Does this really surprise you? I want to laugh, but I can't. This is no longer funny. JoeNBC Again. JoeNBC How do guys come up with this shit? JoeNBC As a Vietnam Veteran I can't imagine a President worth his salt would ever turn his back on the killing of our troops. If one Veteran out there votes for this man they should be ashamed to call himself or herself a Veteran. We as Veterans stand as one

JoeNBC oh? and then there was, IS this from 2010.... before Obama secretly sent billions in the dead of night on multiple airlines without getting a single approval from Congress to do it.. What was all that money REALLY FOR? JoeNBC JoeNBC Are we really surprised?! Come on! JoeNBC Russia hoax 2 has been debunked, give it a rest

JoeNBC Again?! Hard to believe that Trump would kowtow to Putin again. Or is it? Would means wouldn't, right? JoeNBC JoeNBC has got Trump envy. We don't listen to Banjo Joe. JoeNBC JoeNBC is a tool, and PMSNBC is FAKENEWS! JoeNBC Vote Trump out of office ‼️ JoeNBC I hope you don’t think this is a scoop

JoeNBC JoeNBC Well joe doesn't like Trump. Just because he doesn't like him he so willingly spreads fake news. JoeNBC JoeNBC Again JoeNBC Putin: It's good to be the Boss! tRump: yes sir! JoeNBC Part II JoeNBC How many died in Afghanistan in 2017 - 2020 How many the 14 years before? If the story is true, what did SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi BarackObama , Bush and the Clinton's know? We have been in Afghanistan for over 17 years realDonaldTrump DNI_Ratcliffe WhiteHouse

JoeNBC Buahahahaha Fake News Desperatemode JoeNBC We have SEEN him do this since he was installed by Putin! We need to get over being NUMBED by Trump's treason and arrest him! Putin knows exactly how to manipulate Trump and the whole damn GOP! JoeNBC Like the dog listens to its masters voice. JoeNBC And he has been since Day 1 in office. Where have you been?

JoeNBC JoeNBC Putin's bunker-puppy. JoeNBC JoeNBC JoeNBC 😂Such bs JoeNBC What a dork the (R) s& GOP have for such an outmust important position: entire Nation’s responsibilities with such incompetence figure! JoeNBC What the....... JoeNBC JoeNBC Nice moron demonstration, Joe. JoeNBC Moscow Special.

JoeNBC So sick of this clown show, HE.KNEW.AND.DID.NOTHING. HE.MUST.RESIGN. NOW!!! JoeNBC Again... JoeNBC Like you news mesia outlets side with communist china, antifa and mob mentality and defund the police mentality Your stand is much more dangerous! JoeNBC GOP VP SenateGOP Jim_Jordan senatemajldr JohnCornyn You fake media 4 yrs accused our President Trump was agent of Russia why does Russia want to hurt our troops if Trump is agent of Russia. You see lying to American will come back&hunt you Joe so badly.

JoeNBC Again. JoeNBC TRE45ON JoeNBC If you’re not up to do the job as president - he should resign effective immediately - as commander in chief you let your own people get hunted down and killed and have the nerve to wanna run for another term. JoeNBC What does Joe know . JoeNBC Oops, [he] did it again [He] played with your heart, got lost in the game Oh baby, baby Oops, you think [he’s] in love That [he’s] sent from above [He’s] not that innocent

JoeNBC Don’t make stuff up. JoeNBC ....AGAIN JoeNBC TraitorTrump POTUS realDonaldTrump PutinsPuppet BIGLY period JoeNBC Putin is Trumps Sugar daddy. JoeNBC How is he still in office? Potus is a threat to our entire country. JoeNBC Truth! Putin instructs realDonaldTrump on real issues that pertain to our country. Remember the day he came out with 'DOMINATE?' He had just gotten off the phone with Vlad. America is not stupid. We see what's happening. Donald Trump is the most corrupt president EVER! GOP

JoeNBC .Fake News and their ghost for verification of information. JoeNBC TheMandarinCandidate Orange you glad it's an election year? FOUR MORE MONTHS! FOUR MORE MONTHS! FOUR MORE MONTHS! It's time for Trump to go! JoeNBC Concerning very concerning! JoeNBC Deja Vu........ again!! How many times does he get to pull this shit?

JoeNBC Well, I mean if Joe said it JoeNBC An American president working as a Russian operative...the pay scale must be better being a traitor than being president. JoeNBC TrumpTraitor JoeNBC tRump is playing his cards just like Putin wants him to. IMPOTUS is a Russian agent working to destroy our country! Must go!

JoeNBC Putin owns Trump. This has been obvious for years.

New reports raise urgent question: Is there any line Trump won't allow Putin to cross?As a game of who knew what when plays out concerning US intelligence that Russia was allegedly paying Taliban proxies to kill US and British troops in Afghanistan, we can't lose sight of the big picture: Putin feels increasingly empowered under this President and that's a dangerous outlook for US national security, writes Samantha Vinograd sam_vinograd Opinion What’s the logic? sam_vinograd Opinion Maybe, just maybe had you not assisted in perpetuating the biggest political hoax in history anyone but far Left nut jobs would believe this story. sam_vinograd Opinion Lying cnn

'Betrayal': U.S. army intel officer slams 'disloyal' Trump for being 'obedient' to PutinLieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer and author. He joins MSNBC’s Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss reports Russia offered a bounty to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and the potential new scandal about what President Trump knew about this, and when. Peters saying “there’s no question in my mind that Putin has something on Trump” and that Trump “desperately” wants Russia’s help with 2020. Keyword: retired Irrellevant.

Carl Bernstein: Trump Was ‘Delusional’ And Outmatched In Calls With Putin And ErdoganOne source described the nature of the calls between Trump and Putin as sounding like “two guys in a steam bath.” Huffpost is democratic propaganda. Ask yourself, why does huffpost never post about the biggest story of this decade: Jeffrey Epstein. Yikes. That's really not how you want that conversation described. At least there was no talk of golden showers

Anti-Trump Republican group's new ad slams President over coronavirus deaths hitting the 'Greatest Generation'A group formed by anti-Trump Republicans will air a new ad that slams President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic Sounds cute... EITA Isn’t that group CNN

Chuck D reflects on new anti-Trump anthem and why today's civil rights movement is uniquePublic Enemy released an anti-Trump anthem, calling for the resignation of President Trump even before the 2020 election. “The mountains burn and you got to put out the fire,” Chuck D told ABC News. Chuck D you need to talk to the other trump loving brothers . The voice of the one calling out in the wilderness prepare the anointed way of the Messiah in your hearts is currently speaking to the church. Tune in here

Trump Administration Secures New Supplies of Remdesivir for the United StatesDescription: On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced an agreement to secure large supplies of the drug remdesivir for the United States from Gilead Sciences through September, allowing American hospitals to purchase the drug in amounts allocated by HHS and state health departments. So y'all are just going to support their blatant attempts to use a National Disaster to enrich themselves? SecAzar Where’s the Hydroxychloroquine? SecAzar As a taxpayer, how much did we pay for Remdesivir? I think its a question that requires an answer.