Joe pleads with Democrats: Have the courage to count to 50. Break the filibuster.

.@joenbc: 'Will the Democratic Party have the courage to count to 50 to stop these schemes for stealing elections and destroying American democracy?'

9/27/2021 5:33:00 PM

.joenbc: 'Will the Democratic Party have the courage to count to 50 to stop these schemes for stealing elections and destroying American democracy?'

Ahead of a wild week on Capitol Hilll, Joe Scarborough and Jonathan Lemire discuss the coming legislation on voting rights, infrastructure, government funding and the debt ceiling.

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JoeNBC This whole vote restrictions movement has been brought to you by winners of participation trophies. JoeNBC Evergreen image. JoeNBC Not only is the GOP stealing Democracy, but they are stealing America; they must be stopped!🇵🇷 JoeNBC This can't be said enough 👇🤔 JoeNBC I plead too, Joe. And I pray for them to have courage. Please.

JoeNBC How hypocritical for someone who voted to impeach Bill Clinton to talk about courage. JoeNBC “Will the Democratic Party have the idiocy to count to 50 and strip away procedures they used to ‘defend democracy’ in the past?” JoeNBC Why show a pic of Speaker Pelosi when talking about the Senate?

John Oliver Tells Joe Biden to 'Stop F-king Around and Fix' Voter SuppressionOliver broke down the attacks on voter’s rights through new, restrictive laws passed in over a dozen states I have to agree with him! Im worried! We aren’t dealing with normal sane people here, we are dealing with insidious GOP BS! Could someone please explain to Mr. Oliver how the American government, like it or not, works? The president is limited in what he can 'fix' on his own. Elections are the province of Congress and state legislatures.

Stacey Solomon's tribute to Joe Swash saying his late father would be 'so proud'Joe Swash sadly lost his father suddenly when he was just just 11-years-old. The former EastEnders actor had been the one to call 999 when dad Ricky was found unconscious in their family home

Joe Biden, welcome to the thunderdomeWith his economic and domestic policy agenda on the line, Biden needs a big win from his fellow Democrats, whose early unity around his presidency has been strained in recent months come on man!😆 'Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land, than passing laws that are not enforced.' -- Albert Einstein The AMC and GameStop Situation Explained Garbage take. This is just how politics works and Biden is well aware of this.

Will Progressives Really Sink Joe Biden’s Agenda?'Yet for all the chaos, backbiting, and distrust, there was still the sense among Democrats that something would get done,' reports bencjacobs Bencjacobs Biden is sinking his own agenda he doesn’t need help Bencjacobs What ? Will progressives? No they are all in to the total package. Will other democrats sink it ? Bencjacobs *clears throat *puts bullhorn to mouth *inhales deep NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Here's How Joe Manchin's State Stands To Benefit From The Legislation He's BlockingWest Virginia struggles with the exact problems that Biden's spending bill aims to fix. Minchin needs to show some backbone. DINO if there ever was one Manchin will not sign off unless he gets a substantial bribe.

Stacey Solomon practices birthing techniques with 'panicky' Joe SwashStacey Solomon has been calming Joe Swash's nerves ahead of the birth of their baby daughter, as he panicked so much about all the blood during her birth with Rex Yeah. Your daily completely pointless article, about these people 🙄 😒 What a completely pointless story. Is this the only person, ever to give me birth? Yeah. Your daily completely pointless article, about the only person. EVER to have given birth 🙄🙄