Joe: GOP still refuses to protect U.S. from Russian interference

.@JoeNBC: 'We also have a Republican Party that...[is] refusing to protect America from what Donald Trump's own hand-selected intel agency heads told America and told Congress.'


.JoeNBC: 'We also have a Republican Party that...[is] refusing to protect America from what Donald Trump's own hand-selected intel agency heads told America and told Congress.'

The Ukrainian natural gas company that prompted President Trump to seek investigations from Ukraine's president over its hiring of Hunter Biden was hacked by Russian spies. The panel discusses.

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JoeNBC 👍‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸 JoeNBC JoeNBC Remember when he said he'd hardly ever leave the WH? Remember when he said he'd rarely have time to golf? Remember when he said he'd gladly release his tax returns? Remember when he said he didn't pay off Stormy Daniels? ... impotus

Russians hacked company key to Ukraine scandal: researchersA U.S. cybersecurity company says Russian military agents successfully hacked the Ukrainian gas company at the center of the controversy involving President Trump's efforts to tarnish Democratic rival Joe Biden. Live *The Bears are Back in Town*

Iraq is in talks to buy a Russian missile system as the U.S. refuses to discuss withdrawingIraq is considering buying Russia's S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system as the U.S.-Iran rivalry creates new unrest and a need for new defenses. So we are occupiers now. Protestants USArmy Baptists USAirForce Evangelists USNavy Mormons USMC trump the IMPEACHED meanwhile,.. realdonaldtrump IraqWar has pushed Iraq to buy Russian Missile System, not American. Maddow Lawrence. TheWarMonitor Iran has been buying Russian Missiles for the last 30 years

Russians Hacked Ukrainian Gas Company at Center of ImpeachmentThe timing and scale of the attacks suggest the Russians may be looking for the same kind of damaging information on Joe Biden that President Trump wanted from Ukraine, security experts say. This is so sick he needs to resign worst president ever Wow who could have guessed?

Ukrainian gas firm Burisma hacked by Russians in all-too-familiar phishing scheme, cybersecurity company findsRussian government hackers successfully penetrated the internal systems of Burisma, the Ukrainian-based oil and gas firm that once employed Vice President Joe Biden’s son 'RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!' *The Bears are Back in Town*

Russian hackers targeted Burisma amid impeachment inquiry, cyber firm saysThe Russian military hackers began an attack in November on the firm, where Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden's son Hunter had served on the board. Attempting to plant fake evidence to place blame on Ukraine for 2016 election interference? wuerker Helsinki,2018:”Putin proposes a joint cybersecurity group with the US to investigate Russian election meddling” I'm not surprised at all. The Russians are trying to protect their most valuable asset, Donald J Trump.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Michelle Carter's Appeal of Conviction in Suicide Texting CaseMichelle Carter still will be released early from her 15-month sentence for involuntary manslaughter for 'good time' served in jail Good!!! Keep that Bitch in jail !!! excellent.

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