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Joe Biden Tries Convincing a Skeptical World That the United States Is Back

In his first U.N. speech, the president focused on “our collective future”—and tried to sell his message amid tensions with France and China, and an ongoing pandemic.

9/25/2021 2:06:00 AM

In his first U.N. speech, the president focused on “our collective future”—and tried to sell his message amid tensions with France and China , and an ongoing pandemic.

In his first U.N. speech, the president focused on “our collective future”—and tried to sell his message amid tensions with France and China , and an ongoing pandemic.

Jean-Yves Le Driansuggested the tactic was in line with Trump-era antics. “We thought that this [kind] of unilateralism and unpredictability, the brutality of the announcement, of the lack of respect for a partner, we thought these belonged to the past,” Le Drian said Monday, underscoring the extent to which Biden’s “America is back” message could be a hard sell to a global audience. China, too, reacted to the Aukus deal with

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, with foreign ministry spokespersonZhao Lijiancalling on the three countries to “abandon the obsolete cold war zero-sum mentality” or risk “hurting their own interests.”Notably, Biden didn’t mention the tiff on Tuesday, but he did endeavor to dismiss some of the criticism—albeit without naming any names. “I’ll say it again, we are not seeking a new cold war or a world divided into rigid blocs,” Biden said. America has rejoined the Paris climate agreement and the World Health Organization—a reversal of

Donald Trump’s decisions—and is “running to retake a seat in the Human Rights Council next year at the U.N.,” Biden noted, among the evidence he used to argue that America is “back at the table in international forums, especially the United Nations, to focus attention and to spur global action on shared challenges.”

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