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Joe Biden's most realistic election path to 270

Joe Biden's most realistic election path to 270

10/20/2020 2:32:00 PM

Joe Biden 's most realistic election path to 270

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is tipped to forge a path to Electoral College victory—but he must avoid defeats in states where his predecessor failed.

in terms of which way the election could go, with its 20 Electoral College votes making it a focus of each campaign.According to tracking of state polling from Real Clear Politics, Biden is up by 4.4 points there on average.Survey Monkey polling, conducted online among 8,360 likely voters September 19 to October 17, gave Biden a seven point lead; 53 percent compared to 46 percent for Trump.

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AThe Hill/Harris X poll conducted among 992 likely voters October 12 to 15, put Biden ahead by five points; 51 percent to 46 percent.Trump won Pennsylvania last time out by around 44,000 votes, roughly 0.7 of those cast, according to numbers collated by

The New York Times.The state had gone for the Democratic candidate at every election since 1992 prior to Trump's win.While polling puts Biden in the lead, it is still the closest out of the trio of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, according to survey results.

MichiganMichigan, with 16 Electoral College votes, is another state Biden will look to reclaim after a slim defeat for Clinton there in 2016.Trump won last time out by just more than 10,000 votes, or around 0.3 percent of those cast, according to figures from

The New York Times.According to Real Clear Politics, Biden is up by 7.2 points on average, looking at state polling.A recent poll fromThe Hill/Harris X put him up 11 points, with 54 percent of 1,289 likely voters asked October 12 to 15 going for Biden, compared to 43 percent for Trump.

WisconsinIn Wisconsin, Biden is up 6.1 points on average, according to Real Clear Politics.Survey Monkey's latest results, from 4,571 likely voters asked September 20 to October 17, put Biden up 12 points, with 55 percent of the support compared to 43 percent for Trump.

YouGov/CBS News polling of 1,124 registered voters asked October 13 to 16 put Biden up by five points, with 51 percent compared to Trump's 46 percent. The polling had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.Trump won the state by around 22,700 votes in 2016, around 0.7 percent of those cast, according to figures from

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The New York Times.As Florida Begins Early Voting, Polls Give Biden Slight Edge Over TrumpRead moreFlorida would be the major coup in terms of winnable battlegroundsfor Biden, with the joint third-highest number of Electoral College votes at 29.Trump won the state in 2016, though it has regularly flipped in recent elections. The state has gone for the victor in nearly every presidential election since 1964, with 1992 the only exception to that run.

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Trump mocks Biden for trusting scientists while Biden slams Trump for Covid-19 'lie'President Trump mocked Joe Biden on Sunday for trusting scientists about Covid-19 shortly after Biden lambasted the president for continuing to 'lie' about the state of the pandemic. The scientists, the CDC, the WHO, even Fauci have all flip flopped and changed position on covid 19 half a dozen times or more regarding masks, lock downs and therapeutics and those are the folks Biden trusts? Trump will go to jail after he loses! NYC and FBI for fraud and tax evasion and also a dozen women for sexual harassment/abuse law suits. Maybe he’ll figure out how to pardon himself and his kids? Too sad for history but he did it to himself.

Trump to press Biden on Hunter Biden email stories if debate moderator doesn't, adviser saysTrump campaign adviser Jason Miller said on Monday that the president in Thursday's debate will bring up allegations that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden met with a Ukrainian business associate of his son, Hunter, as reported by the New York Post last week in emails allegedly coming from the hard drive of a laptop that once purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

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A New Virtual TikTok House Of Young Influencers Is Trying To Rally Votes For Joe BidenUnlike other TikTok houses, the 'House of US' will be virtual and is dedicated to driving progressive Gen Z voters to the polls.

One Guess Why These Voters 'Identify' With Joe Biden But Find Hillary Clinton UntrustworthyI hesitate to open this can of worms again, but since we’re all already here, shall we? On Sunday, the New York Times published a piece about a group of voters that plan to support Joe Biden in next month’s election after rejecting Hillary Clinton in her race against Trump four years ago. he a dude sophington 🍆