Joe Biden is proving progressives wrong. And they're loving it.

President Biden is proving progressives wrong. And they're loving it.

4/30/2021 5:09:00 PM

President Biden is proving progressives wrong. And they're loving it.

'Biden has been incredibly responsive to the progressive movement,' said Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a first-term Democrat from the New York City area.

. They like his $2.25 trillion infrastructure and jobs proposal. They're pleasantly surprised with his personnel decisions, particularly the hiring of Klain and the shunning of moderate Democratic White House veterans like Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel.

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"I don't think they would have been better if Bernie Sanders was the president," Larry Cohen, a former union leader who chairs the Sanders-aligned group Our Revolution, said of Biden's staffing decisions."The question will be the tenacity," he said."These are the best proposals you could ever expect, but the question will be fighting for those things."

Biden's first 100 days have mostly been praised by a movement that was skeptical to outright antagonistic about his candidacy, according to more than 20 progressive lawmakers, strategists and activists who spoke to NBC News about the key relationship poised to define his presidency.

For some, the bar was low, so clearing it wasn't hard.April 29, 202103:40And criticisms remain, including reservations about issues like immigration and creating a $15-an-hour minimum wage, which progressives say Biden hasn't pushed hard enough on.

Some say his opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana and his stance on eliminating student debt, which he has resisted doing unilaterally, are wrong.But progressives admit that their biggest fears haven't been borne out and that Biden, a 78-year-old institutionalist, sees them as an ally and is willing to listen to them in a way Barack Obama and Bill Clinton didn't.

"What's clear is that we have a negotiating partner in the White House," said Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn."It's also clear that there are areas where the administration is going to need outside pressure to do the right thing."Lessons learned

Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who was Biden's progressive rival in the Democratic primaries, praised Biden for having"recognized the enormous crises facing this country and the degree to which people have been suffering as a result of a pandemic."

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"He has bold ideas, I think, for infrastructure, for climate change," Sanders said in an interview."And he understands also that at a time when so many people have lost faith in government and we're seeing a rise in authoritarianism that it is absolutely imperative that we develop policies where people see that government can work for them. I think he understands that, and that's pretty big."

The White House and progressive activists agree that the"unity task force" Biden and Sanders set up to hammer out policy goals after Biden won the presidential nomination last year was essential."We have the most narrow margins anybody could possibly have in the House or the Senate, but we have a much more cohesive party than in 2009," said Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Biden who held a senior role in the Obama White House.

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The Big Biden Policy Idea Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is DiscussingIt could mean health insurance for 4 million low-income Americans, but somebody needs to demand that it happen. and then we all need to pay I demand it! In fact, I insist upon it. I thought we already had it? What was the AFC all about? What a joke.

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The Big Biden Policy Idea Nobody (Not Even Joe Biden) Is DiscussingIt could mean health insurance for 4 million low-income Americans, but somebody needs to demand that it happen. . Researchers at Columbia University compared the Trump administration response to COVID-19 to the response of other nations and estimated that the ineffective strategy in the United States resulted in 130,000 to 210,000 needless deaths over less than a year.

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Rep. McCarthy on Biden speech: This could've been an emailReacting to Pres. Biden's speech to Congress on Wednesday - which included Biden saying he's open to cooperation from Republicans - the top Republican in the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy used Twitter to dismiss the speech entirely. A.B. Stoddard joins to discuss. On one hand, he's mostly right. On the other hand, that's what ALL of these speeches are like and have been like since their inception. If he doesn't like the speeches now then he shouldn't have liked them before or after. They're all in this format. WOW...THIS CLOWNS AROGANCE AMAZES ME...I WOULD HATE TO BE ONE OF HIS SPAWN....

Katy Tur talks paid family leave with Rep. Delauro ahead of Biden speechRep. DeLauro discusses President Biden's plan to include paid family leave in the American Families Plan: 'We are one of the only industrialized countries without it and we will work to make sure that we will have that 12 weeks of paid leave for families.' Biden really should emphasize that the deteriorating middle class and working class work hard and deserve better. We are a rich country which has lost sight of the fact that better social mobility and better income distribution is better for everybody. More investment in people sad where is your pro life movement now.. you people are not pro life..

Donald Trump Jr. Comes For Rep. Liz Cheney After She Fist-Bumps President BidenHe can't imagine people with disagreements being civil to each other. why why why are we still listening and reporting on these awful people clickbait I have several friends I disagree with politically. We can still have discussions and agree to disagree. Sometimes we learn from each other. More in Washington should try it.