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Olivia Rodrigo, Joe Biden

Joe Biden Gave Olivia Rodrigo a Very Old-School Gift

Interesting 🤔

10/28/2021 7:50:00 PM

Interesting 🤔

Who even has one of these lying around?

recounted of her visit. “I walked in there, and there are all these plates that, like, George Washington used to eat his dinner on. And all of this crazy stuff. I was just so scared that I was going to sneeze and break a priceless artifact. It was crazy. But I walked out, didn't break anything. Thank god.”

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She didn’t break anything, but she did not leave empty-handed. Olivia told Jimmy that President Biden actually gifted her one of his trademark aviator sunglasses, with which they posed together for a pic — and a couple more things. “He gave me a few gifts. He gave me those [sunglasses]. He gave me some M&Ms, and he also gave me a shoehorn, which was strange,” Olivia explained. “It had like the Presidential emblem on it… it’s in my house.”

Aside from spilling all the details on the gifts she received from the president, Olivia. You can watch Olivia’s segment on Read more: Teen Vogue »

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Olivia Rodrigo Shares 'Strange' Gift That Biden Gave Her During White House VisitSpeaking to Jimmy Kimmel , the 'good 4 u' singer revealed the, um, vintage souvenir she received following her July meeting with the president. I thought it was going to be a bottle Joe's favorite shampoo. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the 'good 4 u' singer revealed the, um, vintage souvenir she received following her July meeting with the president. How come Jimmy did not ask her if the president also sniffed her hair? Can we get a TL;DR to save a click?

Olivia Rodrigo reveals curious gift President Biden gave her during White House visit Olivia Rodrigo explained to Jimmy Kimmel how President Biden gave her a shoehorn when she visited the White House to urge people to get vaccinated. JULIE_FX_TRADER you are a trader with so much ambitious goals towards your clients, a woman with love for others. You're honest when it comes to investment, Thanks for changing my life financially. i will be greedy if I don’t share this. Contact👇 JULIE_FX_TRADER It was a popcorn bucket full of popcorn, sitting on his lap with a 'surprise' if she reaches down to the bottom of the bucket. Saved ya a click. a sniff?

Olivia Rodrigo Was Gifted a Shoehorn by Joe Biden During Her White House VisitThe 'good 4 u' singer spoke about her visit to the White House this summer to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. Joe Biden might be the only person who still uses a shoehorn. Sleepy Joe likes them young I’d like to have shoehorn hands

Olivia Rodrigo Shares the 'Strange' Gift She Received From President Biden Olivia Rodrigo appeared on ' Jimmy Kimmel Live!', where she discussed her history with writing songs and geeked out about her White House visit. 🌻🎶🎵

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