Joe Biden Earns Enough Delegates for Democratic Nomination

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Joe Biden has officially earned enough Democratic Party delegates to win the presidential nomination. Here's why that matters.

Joe Biden has officially earned enough Democratic Party delegates to win the nomination at the August convention in Milwaukee.

The milestone is largely symbolic, given that all of Mr. Biden’s competitors in the Democratic primary have dropped out of the race. The former vice president for months has operated as the presumptive nominee.


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Thank goodnic

where the primarys recently

Bernie Sanders is irrelevant.

Bernie is shut out, that’s what it means

BREAKING: Bejing says that China plans on putting more tariffs on $20 billion worth of US goods in response to US actions against China.

To get behind Biden. I say this as a long time Bernie supporter.

Let Biden get briefings (national happenings) so he can stop Donald from doing more harm to this country.

Biden can move on now and develop his platform and VP pick. Sanders is out in the cold. Loser.

Losing to trump in Nov

Poor Bernie supporters. Our hearts are with you all. 🥺 Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Why did china spread the corona virus all over the world ,?

Democrats propping Joe up like weekend at Bernies, promoting him like he is mentally capable is as fake as his teeth and hair plugs BidensCognitiveDecline

Joe Biden will definitely BEAT Joe Biden. Wait until the debate starts. realDonaldTrump will win in a landslide .

What's next? Voting for JoeBiden to rid us of the poisonous foul toad in the whitehouse.

The situation has evolved. ReplaceBiden ReplacePelosi

Betting on Joe pedophile? Hmmm

Joe will lose in a landslide

Vote no to joe November

Lol! Go ahead, throw him up there. He is your 21st century Dukakis. Poor Joe. We can see the puppet wire strings behind him.

Neck-sniffing Joe BIden is an incoherent buffoon who can't string two sentences together on his own. Wait until he has to speak without his handlers. Ahh, umm, what, uhh, what, umm, ahh. What a clown. He's also a criminal. His time is running out.

He stole it he didn't earn it. Just like they stole it from Bernie.

Here's why that doesnt matter: Trump will beat Biden

JoeBiden is a patsy candidate for the DNC. He is declining fast with dementia, so a female Vice President means that the White House will withdraw him medically in his first term to install a female President. FoxNews should be all over this!

Here’s why condescension matters ...

It matters because if he wins he’s VP choice will be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

biden will lose !

Dementia is a horrible thing.

Joe Biden wins because everyone else was forced to drop out.

It doesn't

billpeduto Are you cheering on Joe Biden, friend to segregationists,author of the Crime Bill, mass incarceration, the Constitution shredding Patriot Act, welfare gutting, and proponent of the Iraq war? No wonder you endorsed Hillary over Bernie!

billpeduto Biden is awful! We now have a “choice” between two purveyors of neoliberalism and racism! Funny isn’t it how The God of Irony always rules in a society of hypocrites. Vote Third Party! End the faux Dem/Thirdway/Clintonite DINO’s!

Hope he’s genuine!

billpeduto Biden2020 CountryOverParty yoverparty 46 VoteBlue2020

Can he add 2 + 2 ?

Fantastic!! Worst Dem candidate in history!! Can not win!!!

Congratulations JBIDEN. Time to mop up the nonsense and set America on its truly great path

He won’t win, and the dems doesn’t want to win this election. They lack a leader, and won’t waste it on Joe. If this guy becomes president they’ll destroy their reputation for decades and democrats won’t take that chance. Trump will be out of office in 4 years, anyways.

Ol Gropey Joe........ Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

It doesn't

Have fun while it lasts, about 150 more days. 3timeloser

The verb ‘earn’ should be replaced with ‘con’.

Look, the next Senator of the United States, Jack! *sniiiifffff*

Can he even fog a mirror at this point?

He may not die during the presidency if he's elected. But I'm afraid he might lose his mind more times than Trump. LOL

Because he won’t remember.

We’re coming for ya, Mr Trump

He's seventy-seven. Is he in good health?

'Earned' ... Hahaha The CabalMob stole the primaries ... Again !!!


Who would vote for this creepy charlatan?

Fantastic bring it on lol DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Who gives a shit. He’s done absolutely nothing in his lifetime as a politician. He’s a terrible candidate. Bernie got hosed.

'earned' LoL, ha ha

Biden talking about “rebuilding our economy” is a damn joke. Yes if Democratic governors (Newsom, Cuomo) keep states closed we will need to rebuild our economies. Seriously Joe, run on something else if you want to win

Хорош кандидат, сонный Джо :)))))

did anyone even vote in the DNC primary? Sounds rigged like when they rigged the primary for Hillary.

VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteBlueNoMatterWho

This poor man is toast. Elder abuse! For gods sake he’s senile!

Oh brother

It’s time to schedule debates! They’ll be more socially distanced than current protestors & it will be awesome TV with lots of money to be made 🤑

and he earned 1.5 billion from China

Does he know that?

If joe wins by chance with the anti trump vote or corona chaos or black lives matter etc etc ,could be the weakest president of US 🙏🙏😇😇

Creepy perv

It has already been said, that Biden would not survive...

It doesn’t

Now we show up in record numbers for him and every election, for every position. FlipTheDamnSenateBLUE kickoutTrumpMitchLadyGLadyTC

Hooked on Fonics Werked Fer Mi.

Who honestly wants to marry this man? Stay a Bridesmaid Joe, Jesse is a better choice than you or Trump.

I so badly want to vote this year. My issue is, the top two ppl in the country are who? Seriously, we need a new vetting process. We need better options. 300 million Americans and these 2? Top 2 🤔 TermLimits for all elected officials

Gives my a Big Rubbery One.

Go down to the hell,the idiot Sleepy Joe Biden

Come on, man!

Who's joe biden?

Eh no teeth false teeth Biden ain’t winning nothing but polydent And fixodent for his dentures

I'll bet anyone $1 that Keisha Lance Bottoms, the Mayor of Atlanta, will be Biden's VP candidate.

Can some one write it down for him pls

needs braincells

Do they have to do a medical check on him before he officially becomes the nominee?

That is a sad situation... the absolute best they could do?


This is an historic day for black Americans everywhere.

Trump is done

Great!!! Next step for him is to form a complete sentence.

Does he know what planet he is on

A lot of dumb people

Lmao 😂. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

Does it really matter, though? We’ve all known this for months now.

Earned? I don’t think so. Joe is not going forward after the convention. It’s a set up . Where is Hunter?

Place holder 🤷‍♂️

Biden will get the votes based on the American people not wanting Trump in the WH. It could have been an iPhone vs Trump, it’s not that people want Biden, they don’t want Trump, that’s not an election. Yet, another terrible election. Me on Election Day

LOL, earned them! That's so cute!

Rigged even worse than 2016 for crooked Hillary. Did anyone vote in the primaries or did dnc just hand it to sleepy joe.

Bye Don!

He's proby packin up to move in. Thinks he won the election,bless his heart 😊

Joe Biden couldn’t run a raffle never mind are country 😂😂

“Insert something that matters for obvious reasons. Here’s why that matters.” Thanks guys

Joe Biden won’t change anything! He will keep the rich rich and poor poor!

realDonaldTrump congratulations

I see most tweets are trump supporters..personally I think trump is fucked but if I was a supporter I'd be happy its Biden..a pity its such a poor choice..always think how the world would be if Al Gore had won all those years ago.

If anybody needs to be woke, it’s Sleepy Joe.

It doesn't! He's a thief and he's the one who started to aggressively outsource our jobs and manufacturing to China, India, Philippines, increasing the wealth gap between executives and workers! NeverBiden

He is the biggest evil im America together with soros!

Байден, Сорос, Антифа, хорошая компания!

They handed it to him. Now I hope he doesn’t blow it.



YouKnowTheThing - Joe Biden trying time find the word for Corinavirus. 🤣

The Democratic Party selected a right candidate for USA. He has no potential to win when compete with Trump. That makes Trump great again and then US great further.

Cant wait to see at least 3-4 debates.

Go Joe.....

“Joe says, what did I win?” “I’ll you know, the thing Monday around Christmas, you ass faced horse whisperer, give us a kiss....”

Yay volatile nationalist vs deteriorating dementia patient

Joe Biden corruption

It means they're stuck with him!

Took him long enough, and he was not even facing any challengers. alzheimers dementia senile predator

Earning delegates? Not the same as earning respect/trust. Sleepy,Creepy,Gropey,Burisma Biden is a racist at heart. Stop with the phony, folksy talk, Joe. It hasn't won us over. Stop profiting from Floyd's death w/ fundraiser mailings using 'I can't breathe.' That is LOW! BLEXIT!!

Yas Uncle Joe!

In any case, better Biden than racist Trumpirus

ObamaGate JoeBidenLyingDogfacedPonySoldier AqualungJoe JimCrowJoe Come on man

The boomers are an anomaly. Youth are kind before they're cold. Middle age is hard work on filling that mattress. And retirement is telling everyone to stop touching your shit. Well, we've only had one of those opinions running for 40 years. And now America is a grumpy old man.

realDonaldTrump has achieved everything he has promised to date. No stopping, continue with Trump, America 🇺🇸 will say and 🇺🇸 will win. ANTIFAisYPG (Obama backed)


No it doesn't. You're just trying to create momentum for him. That's called activism, not journalism!

Someone will have to tell him in the morning. He’s already asleep. Almost 80 you know!

Now look for DNC leaking Biden is not well news and start floating Cuomo as replacement. There is no way Biden can hold a debate and DNC knows it.

It literally doesn't matter.

Doesn't that make it harder to give the nomination to someone else more competent later?

right now anyone but the one we have

Perfect. The dems for sure won’t win now. But he gets a few months to have fun endorsing himself. Oh the egos in that game.


Who gives a shit! Obama already picked someone else,mark my words! BarackObama is in the middle of all this shit happening right now! Shadow Government! Riots! Voter fraud! He runs it all! Crime family!

A single penny you dumb TYPEWRITER


Guess they get to prove how black they really are with a vote for him🤪🤪🤪

Has anyone gone down to his basement and let him know?

Get him, Joe!

Dont matter.. Trump on Nov. 3rd!

I cant wait to beat his butt in November. Vote cornpop2020

Low low energy....

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