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Joe Biden could face midterm wipeout as omens mount

In recent years, the party in the White House has struggled in the midterms. Signals indicate difficulty for Biden in just over a year's time.

10/28/2021 12:46:00 PM

In recent years, the party in the White House has struggled in the midterms. Signals indicate difficulty for Biden in just over a year's time.

In recent years, the party in the White House has struggled in the midterms. Signals indicate difficulty for Biden in just over a year's time.

more than a decade ago.Should Democrats reach an agreement on the spending bill soon, that could perhaps help to shift opinions of Congress. But any bounce persisting might depend on if the factions can remain aligned on other points, as 2022's votes near.

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Recent HistoryIt is common wisdom that the party in the White House struggles in the midterms, and this has been the case in recent times, statistics gathered by UC Santa Barbara's The American Presidency Project show.In 2018, the Republicans lost 40 seats in the House under then-President

, though gained two Senate seats.For former President, when Biden was vice president, 13 House seats were lost in 2014 along with nine Senate seats. In 2010, the Democrats lost 63 House seats and six in the Senate.With the aforementioned woes for Biden, such recent precedent also does little to rally optimism. headtopics.com

Thomas Gift, founding director of University College London's Centre on U.S. Politics, toldNewsweekrecent polling numbers were"inauspicious indicators for Democrats hoping to maintain control of Capitol Hill beyond 2022.""Even in the best of circumstances, the party in power often struggles to mobilize turnout in a midterm year. For Democrats, internal squabbles between moderates and progressives are scrambling the party's message to voters and undermining a coherent narrative about how they're working to solve big problems like climate change, healthcare, and inequality," Gift said.

"Add to that a botched Afghanistan withdrawal, a worsening crisis at the border, persistent COVID numbers, and increasing signs of economic inflation, and Democrats will have their work cut out for them next election."The inability to come together as a party behind Biden's signature legislative proposal—infrastructure—also undermines a key argument that Democrats have been making for years: that policy paralysis in Washington is entirely the result of Republican obstructionism.

"Democrats may well end up passing a diluted version of the infrastructure bill—but if they don't—it will further depress their chances of energizing voters in advance of 2022."Richard Johnson, lecturer in U.S. politics and policy at Queen Mary University of London, similarly suggested the Democrats may face a tough time in 2022—pointing to the tendency for the party in the White House to lose seats, and highlighting potential difficulties posed by redistricting.

"The Democrats could be in for quite a tricky midterm season," Johnson said."Not only does the party in the White House traditionally lose seats, but the House redistricting process after the 2020 Census has tended to favor Republicans. While many Democratic states have adopted neutral boundary commissions to draw legislative seats, the process remains in political hands in many important Republican states. Given how narrow the House and Senate are at the moment, it's quite likely Democrats will lose control of at least one, perhaps both, of the chambers." headtopics.com

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Democrats should look at the opportunities granted to them in the present moment to push forward with legislation, Johnson suggested—adding that while this may not boost them in elections in the near term, it could have longer-term benefits."The Democrats need to understand what a narrow window of opportunity they have to pass significant legislation and should seize it. Policy makes politics, and should they pass transformative social legislation, it is likely that they will help generate future political constituencies loyal to the Democratic Party," Johnson said.

"While the fruits of this may not be realized in the near-term, in another election cycle or two, such a strategy would pay off. We saw this with the Affordable Care Act in 2010, which initially was met by a huge backlash, but once the policy went into effect it has become one of the most important pieces of social policy passed by the Democrats in recent generations and was a major force in motivating turnout from groups of voters who had benefited from it."

While pushing forward is proving difficult in some aspects for Biden, at present the main thing holding him back is getting his own party united. While it is difficult to please all factions, he has more sway over Democratic figureheads than he does GOP leadership. And if power shifts to the Republicans in 2022 in either chamber, it is their strengthened blocking efforts he will have to face. The omens suggest harder battles for Biden loom.

Newsweekhas contacted the White House and the Democratic National Committee for comment.President Joe Biden gives a speech on his Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and Build Back Better Agenda at the NJ Transit Meadowlands Maintenance Complex on October 25, 2021 in Kearny, New Jersey. Omens are pointing towards his party struggling come the midterms in 2022. headtopics.com

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Well at least it will be a fair election this time...with all the new vote integrity laws on line, Republicans can toss out all the votes against them...legally! 🤪 The democrats should do spectacularly well in the 2021 midterms as they have control of ballot boxes nationwide. They'll say an election was proper and will dispel any idea of ballot fraud.

Biden became POTUS 12 years too late Another BULLSHIT opinion from Newsweak!

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