Joe Biden campaign seizes on opportunity to contrast Trump's 'law and order' message

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Joe Biden's campaign is betting on changing attitudes nationally about racism and policing, reflected by polls showing many Americans are sympathetic to the protests.

found a solid majority, 57% of Americans, believe the anger that led to the protests is justified. Fifty-seven percent also said police officers"are more likely to use excessive force" if a suspect is black, compared to one-third who said black and white suspects would be treated the same.

"There are some people in the middle who see some of that looting going on, but there's not a whole lot. He's got those people," Belt said. "If he wants to win reelection, he needs to expand beyond his base. This particular issue is not helping him to do that." The Trump campaign seized on the remarks. Biden, who already faced scrutiny from progressive black voters for helping pass the 1994 crime bill, quickly apologized.'I should not have been so cavalier': Joe Biden apologizes for suggesting black Trump voters 'ain't black'

As for energizing black voters to turn out for Biden in high numbers, Gillespie said"speaking at a church and having a photo op with some protesters is not enough." She added:"This has to be the start of a conversation and it shouldn't be the end of the conversation."Some African American protesters gathered at Lafayette Park near the White House this week said they want to see more from Biden, although they made clear they don't support Trump.


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Everyone was horrified at George Floyd’s death. That was very wrong. The officer will be prosecuted for his evil deed! Looting, destroying, stealing from businesses & burning the city down is wrong, wrong, wrong!

With a man killed in Minneapolis now calls for dismantling the police force. HongKong commie police thugs have killed tortured raped disappeared thousands since outbreak of Jun2019 DemocracyMovement w/ 0 consequence. ChinaCriminalParty sending tons 5cents web army spit lies here.

Shocking a politician trying to gain from others misery, how original.

That is a lie!!! Americans have more since to believe this


Say no to creepy Joe! CreepyJoe WalkAway WalkAwayFromDemocrats LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic

StevenHarp_ Biden wonders wtf am I gonna do


He will ride it to victory and never do a damn thing about it. He had eight years and only make the criminal system worse. Get woke yall BlackLivesMattters

After 40 years in government, Sleepy Joe know decides that change is needed. Go back to sleep Joe.

How is that possible when the democratic party is the party of oppression! blm

The guy who put a million black men in prison

WERE. The protestors got hijacked. I still feel bad for what happened to Mr. Floyd, but now I'm pissed about the additional killings, looting, destruction of property, both private and public.

7-2014 one man Eric Garner, 9-2014 Michael Brown. 4-2015 Fredie Gray, 13-8-2016 a man 23 yearly, all men were African Americans dead by police officers in Obama - Joe Biden's reign.

HOW dare Biden pretend to be in favor of equality under the law?

I think Trump is an aspiring dictator. Then again, I also just do not trust Biden. In the end, I’ll probably just hold my nose and vote for the least out-of-touch rich, old, white man. Eugh. Biden2020

(Pancha Chandra): American citizens will support Joe Biden in droves and reject Donald Trump in the November 2020 elections! Joe is more ethical than Donald; truth is his watch-word! He has real, pragmatic policies while Trump tells far too many lies in contrast!

Trump got elected because people were worried about their financial sustenance. Biden’s hope is that the pendulum has swung its peak & will begin back to compassion over daily bread. 🤔 What we need is both, but for that we need a leader; & that’s not on the 2020 ballot.🇺🇸

This protest is not about George Flyord, but a road map mapped by Democrats. African American was US president for eight yrs, many are senators, governors, Congress men and women, police chief, mayors, military generals, ambassadors etc. Where does racism fits in this situation?

He has been in Washington 40 years ! He had done nothing so far so leopards will not change their spots!


Bullshit. Riots and looting is wrong. Bunch of animals.

How? By calling anyone who doesn't vote for him not black? Stfu! 1994 crime bill? You fake news hacks

Yes, sympathetic to the protestors. Sick and tired of the rioters.

Boy he is betting wrong. Has made white folk really mad. Tired of giving hand outs and political correctness madness.

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Joe Biden had 8 years in office to do this but just wanted his to become a BILLIONAIRE

oh yeah?

JoeBiden for God's sake stay home old man and retire! The world neither trusts you neither realTrumpForce neither any of former American presidents!

Let's hope enough cities defund the police before the election so that Americans who are sympathetic to this insanity can experience the explosion of crime that will inevitably follow.

Translation: 'Joe Biden has figured out another way to fool blacks into voting democrat'


If you call out systematic racism you have acknowledge Biden as the embodiment of it.

No, Joe Biden's campaign is betting on people being to focused on what’s going on & forgetting that Dementia Joe doesn’t know what day it is, where he is, still can’t speak on his own, needs prepared speeches to sound coherent, he’s done.

What BS this is. He can't even remember his name in the mornings...😂🤣😂

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Do you know you can earn $10,000 US dollars in 24 hours with your smart phone?. DM to ask me how?

Poor old Joe, Just woke up from a 40 year political coma and is still groggy.

He doesn’t have a chance.

USA TODAY...another very liberal paper. Fake news is their specialty. No better than CNN.

He’s part of the problem with over 30yrs in office now it’s a big deal since he’s running for President what a joke thes just pandering which is why we need Term Limts for Congress or it will be the same old story

As long as he doesn’t speak and there are no debates, he’s gold

Yea, that Crime Bill was a doozy

Biden has over 40 years in politics... Take the Biden Challenge and name ONE THING Biden has done for the good of the country... Waiting

And what will he do different after 40 years?

Joe isn't Joe anymore.

This pic is when joe realized he was sitting on a folding chair and not the toilet, however the damage was already done. He had to change his pants a 3rd time that day.

JUST IN: 52% of Americans support deploying the U.S. military to intervene where there are violent protests, with 47% saying they disapprove, a new ABC News/Ipsos survey finds.

Today - June 5, 2020 Overall Likely Voter (LV) job approval of POTUS - 48% Indy Voter LV app - 45% Dem LV app of - 23% Black LV Strong app of - 25% Overall Black LV app of - 41% Other Non-White LV app - 43%

Well good luck with that!

Many Americans sympathetic to protests? Peaceful yes but check again when looting is underscor3d? Numbers go against uncle Joe.

Remember, GOP The children are watching You do nothing but divide Our USA. A great lesson 4 the future of the Republican Party and its end.

I'd vote for Biden if he were Donald Trump. J.

Didn't Joe Biden sponsorer the “Police Officers' Bill of Rights Act” in 1991?

Why is this even a conversation? Trump is crazy! Trump is an overlord... Trump deserves to be here alone for all eternity doing everything himself... He's a plantation master & America is his plantation. FuckTrump.

Joe Biden sponsored the “Police Officers' Bill of Rights Act” in 1991.

He walked from the door to the chair. He is plum worn out, and had to rest. good photo opt though.

All this crap started in a Democrat state!!!


All Trump has really is a slogan. And not even one the resonates. If Biden can just formulate a plan for reforming policing in America, it would be a huge win. The Trump campaign isn't really about ideas. It's all about feeling. Beat Trump with ideas.

He bailed ou rioters. Way to show sympathy..

Why, always so fast? Give him time.

What do the polls show about the sentiment towards rioting?

We need radical action on racism and reforms not empty words anymore

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