Joe Biden Calls For Trump To Be İmpeached - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden Calls For Trump To Be İmpeached - Cnnpolitics

Joe Biden calls for Trump's impeachment for first time

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday for the first time called for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

10/9/2019 11:05:00 PM

Former Vice President and Democratic 2020 candidate Joe Biden for the first time has called for President Trump's impeachment. 'To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached.'

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday for the first time called for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

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😂😂😂 wolf! Wolf!!!! Joe Biden should be in jail for his extortion if the Ukraine and for his sons fraud. This man is the real criminal. JoeBiden Trump betrayed the nation That good old boy network you enjoyed the last 50 years allowing you to believe you are a big guy on campus and have teflon skin is over. The road ahead is paved with many potholes.......

I believe it’s sleepy Joe that has indicted himself. Just go to the video tape. It’s no wonder that Barry won’t endorse him!!! Wow and Joe Biden didn’t? That was quid pro quo. You would like that wouldn't you Joe30330? Says the man who withheld U.S. money from Ukraine until a favor benefiting his son was granted. Can't be more hypocritical than that.

A scared old man Sleepy Joe needs to clear up all the dirt that’s against him before trying to call for anything. He’s way 2 deep in dirt at the moment and seems like he’s desperate to try and spin it. Poor fella smh 🤦‍♂️ Got enough flags back there fraud? I guess if you just say it enough times you’ll convince yourself it’s true

Because it has nothing to do with you right? Mums the word on the Democratic Criminals! Hypocrisy at it’s finest!!! Of course he says that, what would he say? Sleepy Joe woke up. Your only saying that because you know you would lose to Trump. If you were a man and had some balls you would say that you think everyone should wait till after the election

Easy Joe! Your troubles are just beginning. I'd want him out too if I had to run against him. No political preference here....just common sense. Biden blackmailed Ukraine to fire a prosecutor. How is that not illegal? USA Main Media is looking like shit to the world 😴 Trying to play catch-up with Liz. Next he will say that he was fired from a job for being pregnant.

Biden’s call for Trump’s impeachment is clearly election meddling. Biden should immediately withdraw from the race. Very Poised...presidential...pointed statement GOPSocialMediaWinning BarrInvestgation MuellerReport DeepState rushlimbaugh SeeIToldYouSo WhereIsBarackObama I doubt JoeBiden and his son moral lacking son Hunter are innocent in their actions in Ukraine. I am sickened by POTUS willingness to allow genocide in Syria.

Corrupt news network. Biden is trying to cya. He’s truly becoming Village Idiot. I actually liked him for a long time. He was much more of an independent thinker in those days. He showboated and grandstanded some but that was alright. jeffzeleny He’s got to do whatever cause he’s losing jeffzeleny The liberal media is covering it up. Obama, Joe and Hunter Biden are in BIG serious trouble.

jeffzeleny jeffzeleny Biden is an Ass-Wipe that enabled his son while screwing US taxpayers! Fact check that! jeffzeleny Of course he did. Signs of a desperate man. jeffzeleny Wonder why?😂😂 jeffzeleny Joes done, Durham is closing in on spying you and Barry did in 2016. Even Clapper admitted he was doing what Barry told him to.

jeffzeleny jeffzeleny Biden's loosing his energy...good thing Hunter is making all that money in Energy from the Ukraine that he was able to arrange for him. jeffzeleny Bc he is guilty jeffzeleny Pkk killed thousands of innocent people for years in Turkey. This ACTION/OPERATİON (No war) is the right of Turkey. For safety. Turkey is no racism in the local community, we have lived in peace for centuries. Pkk/Ypg can never represent innocent kurds.

Binden supports impeachment because he knows he can’t win....very sad!!! jeffzeleny US journalist John Solomon is lying that the US gov knew in February 2019 about the plans of the Ukrainian government to resume the investigation of Burisma,and this was still under Poroshenko. US governments and Solomon should have known: Burisma gas = Poroshenko glass factory.

jeffzeleny 🙏🏾 jeffzeleny The left is so desperate. And now Clinton is coming back. That’s how desperate they are. This isnt going to play well politically. He's better off avoiding the media. “Oh and to keep him from investigating Hunter and me.” So what. You want to know what obstruction of justice looks like This entire impeachment process is being used by the democrats to obstruct Trump and Barr.

Wow, Biden looks scared. What's good for the goose........... Only in the upside down world of the left is investigating extortion worse than committing extortion. Let me get this straight-so this moron gives a quid pro quo withholding a $Billion on camera, and has the audacity to say Trump should be impeached. And no, it hasn't been debunked and isn't a conspiracy no matter how bad MSM says so. They wanna protect Biden, of course.

Of course he's going to do that. He's shaken in his boots hoping that no one will actually look at his dealing with the Ukraine. We all know your corrupt Biden. How about it CNN, why don't you do some investigative reporting and take a good long look at sleepy Joe and his son. Joe's dropping like a rock and that Ukraine scandal is going to bite him in the ass. GO HOME JOE!!!!

No he should not be impeached!!! you should go home and stay there . apparently you don’t know what Gods Word says ! do not Judge or you will be Judged . well it’s happening ! Panicked old Biden, caught in the act of PROJECTION as his families corruption is exposed. Very scared dude, as all his party. The lack of real strategies from the left to win 2020 is overwheliming.

JoeBiden you need to call for Trump to resign. Impeachment is a slap on the wrist. 'To preserve my skin, my freedom and big fat checks from foriegners blah blah blah' csilvestre09 “To preserve my freedom and vast wealth gained from my son Hunters position at a Ukrainian gas company” Ermahgerd I'm so surprised

gohomejoe You cant be investigated but you can call for impeachment of a sitting president that you are running against. Seems logical Ho boy! This is hilarious! Joey B wants Trump impeached for supposedly a quid pro quo phone call (without a quid pro quo) when he is on video threatening Ukraine with withholding US aid over his cocaine addicted son! 😂.

JoeBiden it's not like he shipped BILLIONS to IRAN in the middle of the night, or is selling guns to Mexican cartels, or using the IRS to target conservative groups... where is the loss of integrity versus him asking for anti-corruption investigations... Donald Trump is the only national emergency in America. He must be brought to justice. ImpeachTrump

He sounds like a little boy who got caught with hand in the cookie jar trying to blame it on the dog growthefup “Because otherwise I cannot win, and will be prosecuted”

Dianne Feinstein officially backs Joe Biden for president over her fellow California senator, Kamala HarrisSen. Dianne Feinstein officially endorses Joe Biden for president over her fellow California senator, Kamala Harris. They’ve been friends since the civil war so it figures Get the cat fangs out. Sorry, but this is an endorsement that means nothing.

Joe Biden: Trump ‘Should Be Impeached’“Donald Trump has violated his oath of office.' Joe Biden said during an event in New Hampshire today that the president should be impeached And let the people know how dirty you and you son are so there’s that OG Bernie is the man! Joe don’t know. Impeachment is a waste of time, all it coming out of it is just liberal games and cost the tax payers 10-15 million for an hearing. Stop wasting our time congress and fix our country now and stop playing games.

Joe Biden calls for Trump's impeachment for the first timeBiden joined many of his rivals in the 2020 Democratic field in unequivocally saying Trump 'should be impeached.' DemocratCoup Little late to the game there, skippy. Joe Biden, is a corrupt DEM like most of his party above the law. SAD

China rejects Trump's request to investigate Joe Biden, report saysTrump said last week that China 'should start an investigation' into Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Oh they must not have known he was just 'joking'. Right RonJohnsonWI ? Finally some one isn't on the take Is this the punchline to Trump's joke?

Joe Biden has a serious college-voter problemCollege voters could decide the 2020 election, and Joe Biden is lagging behind rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to win over these voters. dcoxpolls AEI Yeah he doesn’t have enough money to pay them all off dcoxpolls AEI ewarren will win the primary, but will lose to realDonaldTrump. dcoxpolls AEI What they're really saying: democrats have a major problem because America wants Trump second term