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Joe Biden blasts Trump for pardoning U.S. service members linked to war crimes

Joe Biden blasts Trump for pardoning U.S. service members linked to war crimes


Joe Biden blasts Trump for pardoning U.S. service members linked to war crimes

Biden had already tweeted a photo of himself with former President Barack Obama with the comment, 'Two elections. Zero criminal convictions.'

The U.S. military justice system"helps ensure good order and discipline for our millions of uniformed military members and holds to account those who violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice," the release said.

"The president has again dishonored our armed services," Buttigieg said.

Biden's tweet attacking Trump came less than an hour after Trump appeared to defend Biden from a biting characterization from North Korea.

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Witness overheard US ambassador tell Trump that Ukraine would investigate BidenA US ambassador told President Donald Trump that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky 'loves your ass' and that Ukraine was going to move forward with the investigation Trump had asked Zelensky for a day earlier, according to new testimony from a US official in Kiev who overheard the phone conversation. RepSeanMaloney Waste RepSeanMaloney She’s not a witness. She’s spreading rumors. RepSeanMaloney Fake News CNN once again conjuring up drivel.

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