Unemployment Benefits: Jobless Americans Can Keep Collecting Benefits Even İf They Turn Down Work F

Unemployment Benefits: Jobless Americans Can Keep Collecting Benefits Even İf They Turn Down Work F

Jobless Americans can keep collecting unemployment benefits even if they turn down work for pandemic safety concerns

Laid-off workers will be allowed to turn down jobs they think are too risky because of Covid and continue to collect unemployment benefits, under guidance issued by the US Department of Labor

2/26/2021 3:03:00 AM

Laid-off workers will be allowed to turn down jobs they think are too risky because of Covid and continue to collect unemployment benefits, under guidance issued by the US Department of Labor

Laid-off workers will be allowed to turn down jobs they think are too risky because of Covid and continue to collect unemployment benefits, under guidance issued by the US Department of Labor Thursday.

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We all pay UI Tax. You collect, you can use up your fund. Your unemployment payment is based on your earned wages. No wages = no UI after this is over. Who's hired first after covid? Those with recent work history or those without? Who gets the best jobs? remember2009 WOW. All us essential workers should of walked out ill n the beginning. I've worked the whole time nobody feels bad for us

Bullcrap, wth I work at a gas station and they can get all this money to sit at home AprilDRyan CPAC nut wings worshipping the Golden Calf aka Donald John Trump!! Their God and Messiah now!! Thou shalt not worship any other God before me Exodus 20:3 the first 1 commandment!! Trump is their idol!!! The Golden statue(idol)

So we can defund OSHA now....POTUS SpeakerPelosi FIGHT!!!! YES!!! DESTROY EACH OTHER!!! Some people are getting more money to sit home in stead of finding a job I could care less but wow Hypocritical as usual. Can’t work cause of COVID fears but same people have no fear of traveling or going to bars! There are Kansans that have received no unemployment benefits since December! We are about to lose everything.

No Biden follower would ever do that CNN is a joke. I don’t agree with that at all. I’m a nurse a d I don’t get that option. We have to get vaccinated and get back to work. This is a crutch.😡 Current politics are making this country lazy. “Turn down jobs they think are too risky”... pbtttt. What job doesn’t come with risks, Covid or no-Covid. Youth of this nation is being taught how to be lazy, and then collect free money from the tax payers who do work.

This will be every job offering that involves actual work... Awesome FREE MONEY!!!! hahahaha Just the start to make u depend on the government for everything. Wake up people. District 11 baby. Ridiculous. Encouraging lazy unmotivated losers. This clearly encourages people to collect until they find their “dream job”. We are all unique snowflakes, and deserve our happiness. But not while others finance your couchsurfing ways.

I think this is good but it should have a set refusal limit Accept the job or lose unemployment.. losers get to sit at home all day collecting free government money . Tỳm bot, top tuổi từ 23 trở lên.... lm pạn nếu nc hợp thỳ tiến xa hơn.... mong đc làm qen zơi m.n . ~ can i retroactively turn down mine from when i was forced to return eight months ago… was infected as expected.✔️

What a joke! People should realize being on the dole after turning down work will make it very difficult to get work in the future. These handouts won’t last forever. Yeah fuck the essential workers. We haven’t had a choice the entire time. But you non-essentials can be choosy? Fuck that. Take what you can get or shut up.

Now this is ridiculous. Why would they want to work when they can get paid to do nothing. Way to go government smdh JustinTrudeau Election 🗳 your in for sure ... Nothing new here. What are you ding to fix things wow, just, wow. This is breaking hahahaha. You know your boy is dropping bombs in Syria .... right?

shongables 100/1001 That is a bunch of shit! Time to go to work. Its funny how people miraculously find a job when their unemployment runs out! And then you have people who say they are afraid so they can avoid work and collect. I wish this was better regulated. I know people are in dire need and others just working the system.

Một người bình thương nhưng không tầm thường , một nhân viên kế toán bình thường , một người phụ nữ bình thường , tìm kiếm một mái ấm gia đình bình thường,,,,, Our country is a joke Just give em more money while all us workers keep it all going with NO help! This can be abused has to be a clearer plan. But folks didn’t ask to be terminated from jobs now they should be forced to accept anything taking whatever job they may not be qualified for at whatever pay rate? 🤔

There should be more communication between the government and the private sector to help get people back to work. We saw what happened when people took advantage of the PPP loans. This may be a costly and regrettably mistake in the long run. Then essential workers, especially those working minimum wage like me, should receive federal hazard pay. I never stopped working. hazardpay essentialworkers

Lol. Damn. Only in America! All the comments from working ppl about their tax $ taking care of the unemployed. B4 Covid the unemployed worked & payed taxes and unemployment wages are taxed so how you figure your tax dollars are taking care of everyone? VanessaBritoMia FYI regarding PAU help will continue to many thank God that are suffering.

Are people who are on unemployment now required to look for jobs? This is a serious question. Any job that involves human interaction in reality is a risk. Fools. When this charade is over everyone will be bagged and tagged as human cattle by the elites. Wake up! Biden is happy to carry on his war on brown people in Syria tonight and let his 'moderate militias' rob syrian oil and sell it to criminals

So they can stay on unemployment?For a year I've gone to the same grocery store they wear mask I wear masks plastic is in place no one should be able to turn down a job with the right mitigation in place. Too many people would get used to unemployment and not want to work ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC Ignore Andrew Cuomo Sex Harassment Claim CNN are purposely manipulating sheeple Dems because they know they are too lazy to do any research.

Whatever happened to Biden sending out checks to people if they flipped the senate to dems? 영국의 세계법 4번째의 법-연좌에 관련법-을 참고하세요 영국이 등재를 하여야 정품 버젼이 되지요 현 번들식이니 도움은 될듯 What a difference a day makes. just an excuse for liberal takers to do what they do best and not work Good move. The last thing needed is people going to work and contracting Covid-19 in a few hours! Most of these people are so called 'Essential Workers' getting measly salaries. Essential needs to mean more than $7.25 an hour wage!!! And Conservatives these people are not Lazy!!!

They're all too risky, where's my stimulus check? Are you hacked? So americans are gunna do what they do best and sit on their fat asses and collect ei instead of going to work 🤬🤬🤬 you all should be ashamed of yourselves 🤦🏼‍♂️ But if you are a retail worker, shut up and get back to work. Piss off Relax and chill time folks LazyEboy

So tax payers will have to keep maintaining those that don’t want to work Most comments r related to 'abuse potential'. I've been laid-off 2 times. It's not fun and most would rather work then not work. A job gives you sense of purpose; being unemployed is extremely depressing. I'd wager that those shouting 'abuse' have never needed unemploy benefits.

ridiculous Wow, that right there is just idiocracy!! Trump çıldırıyor So what does this say about healthcAre workers who risk their lives every day