Brother Bear, Joaquin Phoenix

Brother Bear, Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Urges Florida Park to Transfer Bears Used for Disney’s ‘Brother Bear’ to Animal Sanctuary

After learning from PETA that the bears on the property worked on his 2003 film 'Brother Bear,' Phoenix drafted a letter to offer help in having them transferred in the hopes they can retire from show business.

7/31/2021 3:06:00 PM

“These bears deserve better than a life on the road, where they are robbed of everything that’s natural and important to them, and if you put yourself in their place, I’m sure you’d see that, too,” Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix wrote in a letter

After learning from PETA that the bears on the property worked on his 2003 film ' Brother Bear ,' Phoenix drafted a letter to offer help in having them transferred in the hopes they can retire from show business.

The website for Florida’s Bearadise Ranch describes the facility as home to the “famous Welde family bears.” Established in 1926, the ranch aims to “educate and generate public awareness for habitat preservation and conservation for all bear species,” while also offering its 13 bears for employment on movie and television projects and for traveling fairs and festivals at which they do tricks and shows.

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he could pay for them to retire in a nice place. writing a letter is cute but they never wanna dig deep. bears for me but not for thee. DisneyStudios how's it going? 👀 Ok King How long do they live? Brother bear was almost 20 years ago, or are they referring to a live show or something? he's not Joking. I literally just watched Brother Bear with my daughter, this morning

👏 Such a great man 💛

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Illinois woman criminally charged in Yellowstone bear encounterAn Illinois woman faces criminal charges after she was captured on video being bluff charged by a grizzly bear while she was taking photos in Yellowstone National Park. Next thing you know the bear gets shot and the cubs become orphans or put down. All because of one doofus. Good!!

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are u folks all nuts?/. When will they learn? All fo a photo op

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesExcellent. ES03784893 My fully vaccinated dtrs were there a few weeks ago & wore masks indoors & out. They said most every guest was coughing & many looked sick. Few masks in sight. We paid in full for trip when masks were mandatory, otherwise we would have canceled. Both came home mildly sick. Better if Disney shared the traditional antiviral actions. Ask your pharma trained doctor? Or your pharma funded press? They're easiest to find in times of widespread health. Clever if Amazon is disguising them, internally first. Ask your doctor?