Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Weirdest Moments Of MyPillow Guy’s Big Trump Rally

Mike Lindell's MAGA event didn't exactly go off as planned.

6/15/2021 9:26:00 AM

Mike Lindell's MAGA event didn't exactly go off as planned.

Mike Lindell's MAGA event didn't exactly go off as planned.

the 30,000 Lindell hoped would turn out.“Turns out, a bunch of pranksters reserved tickets and never showed up,” Kimmel said, noting that one person reserved 50 tickets under the name Jack Meoff.“I guess that didn’t send any red flags up,” Kimmel cracked in disbelief.

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And that wasn’t even the strangest moment. Kimmel said a military flyover arranged by Lindell “didn’t go exactly the way he might’ve hoped.” Read more: HuffPost »

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'My guess is sometime by September or October we will be giving booster shots to older individuals and certainly immunocompromised,' Dr. Scott Gottlieb said.


Mike Lindell invites Chinese Communist Party to 'gladiator' event proving it stole electionDuring a recent appearance on Real America's Voice, Lindell told Steve Bannon that he's planning on holding a 'cyber forensic election symposium,' to prove that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. Wow. He's nuttier than a fruitcake.

Fox News' Chris Wallace confronts Mike Pompeo on Trump admin not being tough on RussiaWallace asked Pompeo why his State Department failed to condemn the Alexei Navalny poisoning and why Russia was able to complete 90 percent Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Mike Pompeo knows trump has his emails and text messages… Mike Wallace Pompeo will never be president.

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NYTimes’ Mike Schmidt: FBI investigation on perceived adversaries was ‘exactly what Donald Trump wanted’'If this was a mistake, then you'd think that the Justice Dept. would've reached out to McGahn,' Mike Schmidt says. 'Instead, the McGahns learning of this through notification from their providers you would think this would've come across someone's desk.' It's time for an independent investigation b/c DOJ cannot investigate itself & Congress is vapor locked b/c of GOP corruption & partisanship. Sally Yates is the right person for the job b/c she understands the organizations mission the law & has the integrity needed to succeed.

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