Jimmy Kimmel Gets Real Scientists To Spell Out Exactly How 'F**ked' You Are

We're all really, really f**ked.

9/23/2021 9:36:00 AM

We're all really, really f**ked.

We're all really, really f**ked.

.In a scorching monologue, Kimmel took on climate deniers, right-wing politicians and corporate interests. But the most memorable part was when he brought back a group of scientists he first spoke to about climate change five years ago.“I hope you’ll listen carefully,” Kimmel said. “Because our lives literally depend on this.”

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The message wasn’t exactly a cheerful one.“The planet is exactly as fucked as we told you it would be,” said Chuck Taylor, an environmental analytical chemist.“You motherfuckers,” said polar ecologist Nina Karnovsky.Climate scientist Alex Hall even had a chart detailing just how fucked the planet is, and more specifically, how fucked all of us living on it are.

But they also presented a solution: “a great unfucking” that could help save the world. Read more: HuffPost »

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Was blessed growing up with someone who loves kids and science so much he wanted to make it easier to understand… so he did coffee table/children’s books. Was told for yrs by publishers they didn’t know how to market them🙄👊🏻so he did it himself💥🌏✨🌊🌪❄️ Always inspired 🧠 Cue the usual genuises that have spent their lives not giving a shit about anything.

Is this satire? Because it’s comical. thanks

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