Jim Jordan Says 'Real America' Is Done With COVID As Cases Rise In His Own State

The Republican congressman from Ohio is spouting nonsense that ignores data, experts and the reality of the newest coronavirus variant.

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12/2/2021 10:45:00 PM

The Republican congressman from Ohio is spouting nonsense that ignores data, experts and the reality of the newest coronavirus variant.

The Republican congressman from Ohio is spouting nonsense that ignores data, experts and the reality of the newest coronavirus variant.

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that is what he does best (spouting nonsense ) That's not how this works... that's not how any of this works.... it's a VIRUS!! No rules, no path it just goes... 'real america' no caps. Real America is done with covid, let’s get to the bottom of where it came from now. As republicans die, they lose their votes…. Ut ohhhhh

Sloth Real America 😆😆 Gym Jordan needs to be held accountable for the sexual assaults that he kept his mouth shut over. ThisIsTheRight nonsensical votesOVERlives GOP They should be careful of what they wish for. So stupid!

First U.S. case of omicron variant is found in CaliforniaThe omicron Covid variant has been detected in California, the first confirmed U.S. case. The omicron variant of the coronavirus was first discovered in southern Africa. Poordeplomacy;Blinken went Kenya to discuss about ETHIOPIA but Wang Yi is in ETHIOPIA--Knowledge, Yetemare yigdelegn, Timiro Wondering how they know the vaccination helped with only having mild symptoms. Its not like the same unvaccinated person came back with extreme symptoms. So there is no proof that the vaccination helped this person. And before you bash me america I am vaccinated, just sayin.

Why is anybody giving him a voice? He was part of the attempted overthrow of our government. Is he spouting that so far the new variant is no big deal? That would be spouting the same info as the South African Dr. Almost 800,000 Americans are done with Covid as well. Jim_Jordan ...isn't huff post ignoring data too? Vax deaths just from Pfizer over 1.2k, in first 2.5 months Pharma just has EVERYONE, politicians, doctors, news outlets in THEIR pockets. sad sad

South Africa so he can live with the Virus. All Jordan has ever done is spout nonsense and cover up sex offenses. Why should he change now? Do you know how small my phone is? If you won’t me to read the article quit hijacking my screen with ads. D see I when is he going to be subpoena? He needs to sit down and account for 1/6 convestations with Donny. Or is he going to get away with it? Like he did when he covered for a pedophile.

Real American is done with the extremes in both political parties.

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😔 this is disappointing His own real hairline is done with him, so... What about GavinNewsom nonsense? Report responsibly Pathetic man Real America shouldn’t get preferential treatment at overcrowded hospitals. They should have to wait until after unreal America is done using the hospital beds for their non-COVID medical needs.

anothermoron Why must this man frequently come across beyond crazy? When a house is on fire, burning to the ground, it doesn’t extinguish the fire because you’re done. You have to literally put the fire out. Then you’re done. We will be reading his obit from covid death, no doubt. That's how karma rolls! 😂


So what’s new. This is Republican politics. It’s what money is buying in Congress. The money elite have taken control. Real America is done with Gym Jordan He just keeps earning that presidential medal trump gave him. Real Americans are kooks. We get to just say “Done” with COVID, and magically no more tens of thousands of new infections every day, no more hundreds of deaths? Sign me up!!

Well real America are being weeded out by the 'harmless virus' Why would he listen to science? He wouldn't even listen to his own wrestlers at Ohio State when they told him the doc was abusing them.

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